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Slight change of plans

I'm not going to stick around untill I kill the metal slime, my alt profile is no my main, I'm not done getting everything ready yet though so this account isn't dead yet.

Starting over......

I'm going to be making a new GS account, to start over with a clean slate (I forgot the email and password for my other alt, and it was kinda obvious it was me:P). This account is just keeping me to busy. I'll only track my closet friends with my new account, and only accept friend requests from people who comment on my blog after tracking me. I won't compleatly stop using this account untill I both get everything ready for my new one, and untill I kill the metal slime:P To reduce random trackers I'm not giving out my alts user name, but lets just say that if you get tracked by a sith its probably me:P

Games and violence graph

WOW, three blogs in one day:shock: Any way I saw this on and had to post it.

take that thompson. lol

Not sure if this is 100% accurate, but if would pay good money to see good old Jack *chough* @$$* chough* Thompsons, reaction to it:lol:

Flatout head on demo + Fire fox, IE, MSN, AIM and Y!M on your PSP

First off, I downloaded another demo, (incase you havn't noticed I'm a demo holic :lol: ) Flatout head on. Its another great game. Deathmatch derby is realy satisfiying, as is carnage race:lol: stunt mode is kinda lame though, and is full or trial and error, after error, after error:| Also the soundtrack is good, but VERY limited, only like 3 songs in the game, and 2 on the menu:| Needless to say it gets annying:lol:


Also, I found 2 good DLs for the PSP, one gets you IE and Fire fox (Not that big of an improvment but its slightly faster) THe other gets MSN, AIM, and Y!M

And no, they don't require you to modify your PSP in any way:P

Just un zip them and follow the instrucions on the read me.

MTFC #4 + MELT already :evil:

#4 is

[spoiler] tevwalker13 [/spoiler]

*tries to remember were I met him.............* I'm terrible at remembering that:| Anyway, he's a Naruto fan like me, and, judging by his avi, Itachi is his favorite char (Itachi PWNS:D) He's begging as a GIMP designer and has already surpassed me in one catagory, he can do animated sigs. He regularly comments on my blogs and is all around a good friend:)


In other news, we nw have around 2 feet of snow in some places:cry::evil: *gets flamethrougher* :lol:

*Looks outside*....thats just wrong :cry::P +SW Republic Commando Impressions

We just got maybe a foot of snow, so now were snowed in, and worse, my Dad is stuck in an hour away (he went with his brothers to visit my grandmother [Being alone in a big house, with two daugther in laws who think that everything in the house is theres even though they havn't ever lived there and she has lived there for 25 years=Nervous wrek grandma])


And in gaming news, I'm really likeing the Republic Commando demo:D theres nothing like shoting a guys explosive backpack and then seeing him fly 500 (yes I just came up with a random number:P) feet into the air:lol: it never gets old.....I suck at tactics and stelth though:lol: Here is a very acurate description of what I do when I start the level.

*Team* "Be carfull, we don't now what kind of defenses they have, snipe them from a distance" [Or something like that]

*Me* Sees enemy...startd shooting with machine gun equivelint....grabs rocket lancher equivelnt and blast nearest enemys.



WOW that was a short break :|:P

I can't take GT anymore, the reviews are good, and I like the GTD system, but the comunity sucks cmpared to GS:cry:....S I guess I'm back:)


Oh, and I DLed another demo, Star Wars Republic Comando.....I'd buy it but A. I'm broke ATM:|:cry: and B. I'm saving up for a 360 elite.