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One week til MvC3 and new Power Rangers?

Hello everyone! I know it's been awhile since I poted one of these so I'll keep this short and sweet.

First ,as all of you may not know, yesterday was the world premire of Power Rangers Samurai! My thoughts are.. Why the f**k did they skip the first two episodes? >.> So far the only good thing I like about it is the return of Bulk! :P

Finally in one week we will finally see the release of Marvel Vs Capcom 3. I can not wait! and as all of you may have noticed my team is already chosen, if not here is the sig I made showing them:

Well that's all I hope everyone has a great rest of the week! :D

The bad day that went into a bad week..

This all happened on wednesday and the after effects carried in to this day still.. I'll start off with the small stuff considering it went in that order anyways.. I went in to work on wednesday and I had to wait there for 4 hours before I could get on the clock, then when I did get on I was assigned to be the one dealing with water out in the cold weather.. Then 2 hours before I clocked out my mom came by and told me that my dog that I've had for 16 years was just put to sleep.. That devasted me.. Then to top it all off my friend was sent to the hospital with the doctors thinking that he still has cancerous cells in his brain.. That's one of the reasons why I haven't been on much and why I may seem alot more agitated than usual.. I posted this so that all of you guys could understand why I was acting differently, but then I saw how I ws acting and decided to be an even better person than I ever was before..

Thanks for reading.

Good news everyone!

Actually I lied.. It's f**king great news!!!!! Trigun the complete series is gonna be released tommorrow!!!! :o

139.jpg trigun image by zaivier-chan1

If you don't know the series then GET OUT! Lol JK. But really it is one of my favorite animes when Adult Swim first came out. I love it and it wasn't until last year that I found out that Johnny Yong Bosch (Black Mighty Morphin Power Ranger) voices as the main character! For those of you who don't know the series it is about a man with a large bounty on his head but the twist is that he's a pacifists! :o Even though he is a pacifists people think that with his large bounty that he kills for no reason, so of course some people want to take his credit and ruin his name, but all he wants is just some donuts! But he also has a dark past and may break his Pacifists ways to get his vengence! The site is here! Another thing is that Funimation announced that they got the rights to the movie that came out in japan in April of this year and they plan to release it into theatre's! So die hard fans grab your cosplay because I'm going to the first screening! :P Also to Celebrate this I have a new theme!

Avi:Trigun-eating2.gif picture by roto41

Sig:Donut.jpg picture by roto41

That is all! See ya next time! :D

Monthly comic #1. Also a call for all Rangers!

Woo, it's time for a new issue of WTF?! (Working title :P) But before I move onto it I need to know how many fo you guys are Power Ranger fans, and it doesn't matter which season you like. A friend of mine (You know who you are :P)is planning on making a union, but doesn't want to until they know how many people will support it. So if you could please tell me and I'll add ya to the list :D Now onto the comic!

Now this one came out a little weird since there weren't enough images of what I was looking for.. But here it is anyways Chapter: 1!

chapter1.jpg picture by roto41

If some of you don't get the bear joke, then that just means that you are sane :P

Now I also always have a list on here so here it is the Top 5!!

This month will be Halo single player modes yeah some of them sucked but I needed to put them on here for a top 5. So here we go!

5. Halo 3

Halo_3_final_boxshot.jpg Halo 3 Box Art image by SpartanAlliance

Honestly I just didn't like it.. The end to a trilogy was disappointing the ending was blah aswell as the levels. Heck I got so bored of it I just switched the difficulty to legendary so I wouldn't have to play it a second time for achievements, which is why it is 5.

4. Halo 3: ODST

halo.jpg Halo 3 ODST Box image by garrison_ford

Yep, I liked this ne more than 3 because it had a better story and a btter way to tell it through finding random events in the city causing a flashback of what happened. Adding the whole ting at night made it really interesting too which is why it is 4.

3. Halo Reach

halo_reach_box_art.jpg halo reach i cant wait!! image by streetz_037

Yep, of course the new one is number 1. The whole deal I had with it was because it was supposed to be a very emotional storyline but I didn't feel anything for the characters.. It was just die and cue sad music and cross your fingers. Sorry Bungie, didn't work. But the ending was really good but the enemies are tougher now than ever before. Which makes no sense because this is a prequel. What did I extinct their most powerful aliens while I was on Reach? This is all why it is number 3.

2. Halo 2

box-l.jpg Halo 2 image by GreenCard911

Great game! All the levels are memorable (Espicially the level where you take down a giant Mecha by yourself) and of course the ending of this was amazing but didn't pass on to 3. That's what you get Bungie for only worring about graphics! Anyways this was really good the whole thing about switching over to becoming an alien was.. not my favorite levels, wich is why this is in number 2.

1. Halo

Halo.jpg Halo Box Art image by johnnyevilguy

Of course the first was the best! Because you were expecting aliens, but guess what else you got? Zombies! The flood were basically parasites that will reanimate the dead no matter what species. So that's why even though your teamates are dead you still have to protect their body. Also this had the best ending out of the whole series. Trying to drive off a ship in a certain amount of time before it blew up! Which is why this makes number 1.

Well that's about all, remember if you guys are interested in the union please tell me! Thanks for reading, see ya next time! ;)

The results are in: New Theme.

Okay so I had set up a poll for what my new theme will be. That theme will be... revealed when the new PR series comes out :P So until then I'm gonna use a Red vs Blue theme for the release of Halo Reach Here it is: CSig.jpg picture by roto41

That's about all, thanks for reading! :D

The power is back on!

Awhile back ago KJD told me that Saban bought back the rights to the Power Ranger series. For awhile I thought he was messing with me, but then I looked up some comic-con news and found it to be true! So now Saban (the original creator of the Power Rangers) has the rights back and they even said at comic con that they think that the series still has alot of untapped potential that won't be brought out if it stayed with Disney. The new season will be of the new Sentai Samurai series and will air on Nickelodean next year.

After hearing this news I made two new sigs and avatars, but I don't know which one to choose.,, So if you could please help me out by voting which one you like the best in the comments. I will then tally the votes and change my theme next Sunday.

1. Adam Park: Green Zeo Ranger

Avatar: adam-morphs.gif picture by roto41

Sig: JBSig.jpg

2. Mike Corbett: Magna Defender

Avatar: mike-morphs.gif

Sig: M2.jpg

Three way review of Scott Pilgrim!

Prepare for an epic of epic epicness! This is my reveiw of the Scott Pilgrim Manga, Movie and Game! So Since the Manga came out first I will begin with that! But first my new sig for the review!

SPSIG.jpg picture by roto41


Scott Pilgrim is about a 23 year old, in a rock band, who one day falls in love with Ramona Flowers, but if Scott wants to date Ramona he must first defeat her seven evil ex's! The whole series also throws in parodies into it like , for example, when Scott defeats an enemy they turn into coins everyone is surprised but heck Scott doesn't mind that just means that he gets paid to fight as well.There are also a ton of anime and videogame references to enjoy in this action/romantic comedy.


After I read the comic and saw the movie trailer and I thought to myself "Oh no not Micheal Cera!" But when I watched the movie it was like Cera was now another person not the same awkward guy he was in his last few movies in this movie Cera is going around busting heads and being the funny man in this movie! The rest of the cast were also amazing they all played their parts perfectly! Although the great thing about this movie isn't only the acting the action and the comedy, it's the music also. There are alot of songs in this movie, because Scott is in a rock band, yet again though I suspected that the music was gonna suck, but it didn't the songs are greatand they get stuck in your head for awhile in a good way though. Here is a song from the movie! Note: The video is a scene from the movie and also contains various other scenes from the movie!


With the release of the movie they also needed a game. This game is available online for both the PS3 and the Xbox 360. It's a great beat'em up game that reminds you of all the old school game you loved. While you play it you will notice refrences to Zelda, Mario, Sonic, and much more. An example is when you complete a area all the characters will do their own exit's Scott's exit it like Megamans when you complete a level, Stephen jumps into a green tube referencing mario and Kim jumps on a smiley faced star and flys off giving a refrence to Kirby. This game is also an RPG so there are different endings and some leveling up. Also this game is only $10 making this game even more awesome, and yet again the music is great!

So all in all everything gets a 5 out of 5 from me!

New monthly blog part 0 and a confession?!

Hello everyone! This is a prototype blog for a webcomic I just made and I'm gonna have a comic every month. Right now it's just copy andpasted images but maybe later I'll actually start drawing them to make it easier on me.

With that said here is Chapter 0: Bankai madness!

chapter0.jpg picture by roto41

Allright now it's time for my confession.. I did not like Avatar the movie -_-

This past month I started working out again so here is the top 5 songs that got me to keep pushing through.

5. F**k you - Cee lo Green

4. I believe I can fly - R kelly

3. Hero - Chad Kroeger

2. Don't stop believeing - Journey

1. I will not bow - Breaking Benjamin

Well that's all, tell me what you thought about the comic and any suggestions for what you want to see next month! :D

Digimon MMO is finally out in English!

That's right! A year ago I posted a blog about a Digimon MMO in Korea, you can play it but not understand what is going on. Not anymore because it is finally here.. Well actually it realeased in April of this year and I just now noticed but still this is a game worht checking out. It basically runs like Nexon games, free to play but if you want rare items you have to buy points. About this game is that you start off with 3 choices for a digimon, which are the three main ones in season 3, but when your digimon digivolves you can now have the option to capture more digimon! There are also fusions in the game, so yes Omnimon is available and there will be special events like getting a rare digimon or perhaps some digieggs to armor digivolve! Here is the link to the site!

Top 5 'Bad Ass' anime/manga moments!

Hello everyone! Recently I noticed that some manga series has been ripping off ideas from older series. So I decided to bring up my top 5 Bad Ass anime moments, that as far as I know didn't rip off another series. Warning there are spoilers!

5. Spike Vs. Vicious

SpikeVicious1.jpg Spike and Vicious image by Poison_and_Fear

Spike and Vicious were once partners, but now that all has changed. Now they are enimies and Spike is the only one that can kill Vicious and vice versa,with the crew gone and his old partner in sight what does Spike do to face hi final enemy? Go in guns blazing, Which then ends with Spike Shooting Vicious and Vicious stabbing Spike, but Spike walks away from vicious (who is now dead) and reaches the bottom steps surrounded by men with guns. Ending the series with Spike looking up and pointing at one of them and says "Bang!"

4. Shikamaru Vs. Hidan

f6c473a6.jpg hidan shikamaru image by kiezuna-naruto02

This fight is on my list for obvious reasons. First Shikamaru and his teacher, whom he looks up to, goes on a mission and meet Hidan, but the mission ends with Hidan killing Shikimaru's teacher. So what does he do now? Get revenge! How isn't Hidan immortal? By blowing him up and burying the remains on his private property so that no one can hear his screams and bury him up.

3. Goku Vs King Piccolo

KingPiccolovsGoku.jpg King Piccolo vs Kid Goku image by Apocalypse123212321

This makes the list because Goku fought him before to avenge Krillen and was powerless, then Piccolo went around and killed more of his friends and gaining eternal youth. With Goku out of the picture Tien tries avenging the fallen, but gets beaten byone ofPiccolo's minion. Before Tien gets killed Goku Swoops in after drinking holy water kicks the head off of Piccolo's minion. So on to the Fight Goku is doing pretty well until Piccolo takes Tien hostage, Which Piccolo takes that moment to shoot Goku in the arm and both the legs. So what does goku do? Launch himself with a Kamehameha through Piccolo's chest! [/spoiler]

2. Kenichi Vs. Shou

KenichiBloodyColored.png image by Maphisto40

Really though all of Kenichis fights are awesome, But I like this one the most. Kenichi was never the strong one so watching him get his moment of glory is always awesome.At this point Kenichi has moved on and bgotten alot stronger but not enough to beat his new rival for Miu's heart. Shou comes in and Kenichi and him both know that Kenichi can't take him on, So Kenichi enters tournament and learns ow to get better quickly. So at the end of the tournament Kenichi and Shou are fighting, but the roof collapses and Shou makes it out of the way quickly, and with Kenichi not in sight out of the rubble Shou laughs and enjoy his victory, but not for long. Before the rocks fall Kenichi's training with the Elder in the woods comes into his mind and he remembers that the technique he likes to use is not fully developed, but there he realizes the true intent of that technique. To be swift like a current and move through attacks by dodging them quickly. This involves a scene of Kenichi walking (Yeah I said walking) through the falling rocks and dodging all of them to end his fight!

1. Ed Vs. Father

Ed-1.jpg Edward Elric image by MixedUpWeirdo

An Epic ending for an Epic series. Father is now all powerful and everyone is out of the battle tending to their wounds, even Ed whose real arm is stabbed into a wall. Al (who lost his legs)Decides to return the favor to his brother and Transmute his Soul, so that Ed can have his real arm back. Of course when that happend Ed f**king snaps and actually causes damage to Father with everyone cheering him on.

If you can think of a cooler moment that I may have forgot, please tell me in the comments!:D