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Games still fun in old age

I will turn 60 in April. I have been playing PC games since my brother-in-law had Doom on his computer. I have played different types of games but RPG games are my first choice. First person games are my second. I am currently playing Bioshock and love it. Age is not a factor in having fun. I love playing games for the challenge and for the beauty of the enviorments a game puts you in. I love reading science fiction books, and good games are like participating in a science fiction book. Half Life is a game is a game like that as are many others. I find it enjoyable and it is a good way to relax while having to use your brain to solve problems.

I work with people with psychiatric illnesses in a locked adult unit. We have just purchased a Wii and it is great to see people who struggle with suicidal thoughts, depression, voices, delusions, paranoia, and other horrible symptoms have a few moments of peace playing a game on the Wii. I hope we can find new ways to help these people enjoy their difficult lives with games that help them relieve their symptoms, even for a brief period, or have games that help people learn better coping skills and have fun at the same time. For all of you game programmers out there, I challange you.

In closing, I realize games have a lot of violence and some things not appropriate for young children, being a Viet Nam vet, I know alot about violence and the struggle to overcome the changes war makes on a person, but games are fun, a challange, and some times a reminder of how our choices affect others.