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rolyat999 Blog


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Hey everyone,

    Now that I've started to post on my blog more regularly, I don't think I'll be keeping you guys updated on here very often. If you'd like to keep up to date with my blog, you can subcribe here. Bye for now,



Guess What?

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Another new blog post! This one is about In-Game Advertising, including those in Crackdown. All you have to do is click here

New blog

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Hey guys. I know it's been a while since my last post, but I'm posting now to report that I have created a new blog, on, that I will update regularly. I may continue to post here to let you all know about my new posts, but please check out the new blog at:


Games n' points

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Alright, I better post again, before I let myself forget. So since my last post, I rented Far Cry: Instincts Predator, Prey, and I have Dead Rising out now. Far Cry I played a bit, but it didn't do much for me so I sent it back. Prey was pretty good, I beat the single-player, but the online was terrible, only two different modes, and it lagged like nothing I've ever played before. Now playing Dead Rising, it's fun and all, running over them zombies with a lawn mower, cutting them in half with hedge clippers, beating them over with an hdtv, it's all good. But when you can only save in certain places, and you have to be in certain places at different times in the games, it results in having to restart the game, which is REALLY frusterating sometimes. And now to top it off, it has started freezing on me, which adds insult to injury. But that's not to say I won't be back in the mall, at least when my anger dies down a little. But enough of that, lets see what points I've obatined.

Prey: Completed the game on normal, $250 won on draw poker. Total points: 665

Burnout: Perfected the game, got 2 vertical takedowns in a race, 5 takedowns in a row on one rival, got revenge 3 times in one race, got 50 takedowns online. Total points: 740

Dead Rising: Walked over 33 feet on the backs of zombies, defeated one psychopath, knocked 30 zombies aside with a parasol, placed novalty masks on at least 10 zombies, scored at least 3,000 PP from a single photo, and dropped from a height of at least 16 feet. Total Points: 140

Gamerscore: 2795

360 and me

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Alright, I've decided to get into this blog thing again, and see if I can keep it up. So, I gave in and got a 360 a few months back. Since most of you either have it already or have played it, I will just say that I am very impressed with the the dashboard and all it's features, the marketplace(minus the annoying microsoft points), live arcade, the bounty of demos, and achievements/gamerscore. Most of the people I've met up seem to like achievements a great deal, and I am no different. Unlike some gamespot editors, I haven't yet bought a game that I wouldn't otherwise just to get the points, but, as an example, I played through Cloning Clyde a second time to get the speed run achievements, and I went back to Astropop (which I only have 20 points on) to try to get more points, which I definitely wouldn't have otherwise. Yet on a more positive note, it really adds a feeling of achievements and bragging rights, to doing something that used to be just for yourself. Now I can show the world that I've scored a million on Geometry Wars :) and have got 5 wins in a row online in Table Tennis. I also really like the new friends list, how you can look at exactly what someone is doing in a given game, look at their achievements, and maybe get motivated to going back to a game to try to stay one up on your buddy who's playing the same game.
Now, I own two games: Table Tennis and Burnout: Revenge. Both are quite good, but I like Burnout better. It's truly fast and furious, with a variety of game modes, fun online, albeit hard ass achievements. I've also got Uno (I'm ranked #300), Cloning Clyde, Astropop, and Geometry Wars for the arcade. And I had a subscription to gamefly, and now to a similar company that is cheaper, so I've also played Oblivion, Moto GP, and Hitman: Blood Money. The latter, my favorite of the three. I'm going to do a little copying of Jeff's video blog and take a moment to post my recent achievements and total gamerscore.

Geometry Wars: Scored 1 Million, Accumulated 9 bombs
Burnout Revenge: 1,000 takedowns, blew up 5 rivals at once with crashbreaker
Cloning Clyde: Beat the game, beat all levels under time limit, beat all the challenge levels

Gamerscore: 1350
Gamertag: VaporishShoe

Deep into the darkness peering...

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Hello to all the cool people who read my journal. I wrote a story a little while back based on the game "Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem". I thought I would post it in here to see what you all think of it, especaily to those people who have played the game. It's based on the level where you play as a kind of plump guy, sent to survery these underground rooms. I didn't follow the game 100% but for those who know it, it should be famillier. Ok, here is it: (I haven't thought of a name for it yet so if you have any suggestions feel free to let me know).

I stood in the dark, damp corridor; the only guide was my torch, reflecting the flickering light menacingly off the decaying walls. I had been sent to survey the area and I couldn’t help but pray that the walls wouldn’t collapse, sealing me in this underground maze. I walked down the passageway, holding the torch out in front of me. I walked slowly, apprehensively, fearing what the darkness would bring. A drop of water fell from the ceiling, splashing on my head. I couldn’t help but feel contaminated then by the dark, dismal surroundings. I came at long last it seemed to the end of the pathway. There was a ladder standing upright to a hole in the ceiling. Light was seeping in and it was a welcome sight. I climbed the ladder and arrived in one of the rooms that I had been sent to survey.
There was a man on duty there. He seemed tired and pale but I went up to talk to him anyway. He saw me approaching and ran to the other side of the room, scared. He was muttering something to himself under his breath. He seemed disturbed. I tried to ignore him and go about my business but I found myself glancing back at him, hunched in the corner. I surveyed the room quickly but thoroughly. It seemed like most of the work had been done except I noticed occasional falling debris from an unfinished part of the ceiling. There was another ladder on the far side of the room so with one last glance at the man I walked over to it and climbed down. I came into a similar tunnel, dark and dismal. I heard a squeak and saw a rat run by my feet. The tunnel smelt bad also, like that of a dead animal.
I walked down the corridor and the smell got more pungent. I stopped as my torch lit up something on the ground. My heart stopped as I saw not the dead body of an animal but that of a human. He was lying facedown on the sandy floor. Blood stained the back of his shirt. The room seemed to get colder as I stared down at the body. I shivered, trying not to think who or what left him this way. Although I was frightened, I had no choice but to move on until I had surveyed the entire area. Soon I arrived at another ladder leading up. I climbed it, arriving at another brightly lit room. This one however had two workers constructing beams in the middle of the room. There was still much work to be done which I noted in my journal. My occupation in this room briefly rested some of my fears and lessened my throbbing heart until, when I climbed down yet another ladder on the opposite side of the room I caught the workers whispering to each other of devils and demons.
I stepped down into another tunnel, this one dimly lit by torches lining the walls. I held out my torch, trying to get as much light as possible as I walked the twisting pathway. I was beginning to get used to the darkness of the tunnel so I quickened my step. Just then though as I turned a corner, I stood dead in my tracks. Standing before me, not ten feet away was a monster or a demon, something wicked I had only previously encountered in my worst nightmares. It walked on two legs like a man it’s flesh was red, blood like and it’s eyes were bright green. The eyes, oh the eyes were horrible! Digging into my very soul! My mind was affected too, causing me to sputter out words incoherently. I forced myself to look away and in that moment I returned to my senses. Armed with my torch and receding wit, I prepared for battle.
The evil creature walked towards me, stumbling a bit as if not used to its body. I swung my torch in front of me, attempting to scare him off but he walked forward unhindered. Closer and closer he came. Just feet away from me I realized just how tall he was. Looming over me, he must have been twice my height. I swung my torch again, this time coming into contact with his outstretched arm. It scorched him but without hindering his progress. He reached out his hands with a burst of speed and grabbed my neck as I furiously swung my torch at him. His inhumanly strong hands lifted my from the ground, choking me. My torch still in hand, I swing it at his face. It struck him squarely and he dropped my letting out a yelp of pain. He clutched his face in his hands, I could only hope he was blinded. I got up off the ground where I lay and with all my might, kicked him in the stomach. He lurched backwards, disoriented and toppled over. He wriggled on the ground twitching this way and that. I heard a hissing sound and his body was surrounded by an orange glow. Then his feet evaporated into thin air, then his legs up through to his head until his whole body had vanished.
I stood there, looking at the empty ground, thankful to be alive. I stayed fixed on my spot for a few minutes, getting a hold of myself. As a looked around at my surroundings I found a new horror. A deep red blood was dripping down the old, decaying walls of the tunnel. As if it was a living, breathing creature it oozed blood on both sides of me. Whatever horrors lurked ahead I did not know but waiting in the gloomy darkness, watching the walls bleed, like an omen on my soul and standing at the very grave of the monster I had killed did not seem like the wisest choice for my mental state. So I trudged on, my torch as my guide and only friend into the eternal darkness.

BOTW and a riddling riddle.

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I am patiently awaiting the results of the BOTW qualifying round. I'm pretty sure I'll make it through but it will be nice to see how I stack up against the other participants. My gamecube and DS have been collecting a good amount of dust lately as I spend more of my time on gamespot. I recently purchased Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat and have already played through it although I haven't gotten all the gold medals yet. When I do play my DS it's mostly to play Yoshi Touch and Go which I am starting to get a little bored of but still provides a fun playing experience. I hope to post more journal entries as I try to exercise my writing more this contest and other writing opportunities. Good day and have a pleasant tomorrow. -rolyat999 (aka rolyat, flipped upside down twice, then read backwards). (The bright minds reading this will hopefully get my crude riddle)

Talking to myself

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I doubt anyone besides me actually reads my entries but oh well. I'm venturing into video game writing with a competition right here on gamespot called "battle of the writers". I have gotten past the minimum word count and should be almost done. Wish me luck as I hope to get past the qualifying round. I'm out peeps. Touching is Good.
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