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RIP Dino Dvornik (August 20,1964-Sept. 7 2008)

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You will be missed.He was a charismatic Croatian musician, actor and reality television star.He was called the croatian king of funk.One of his last requests was that he would be buried with his favorite videogame:Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare. Zbogom legendo!

Going away for a month

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Yep I'll be gone til september.I'm going to Macedonia to visit my relatives.I'll bring back some photos for you guys to see.It's pretty nice there.I'll miss my PS3 :(

PS3 Online ID

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I finnaly created a Network account.It's roguestar5 and you can add me to your friends list if you want.


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CQuark:Check the Emblems Union


jaykho213:1.Final Fantasy XII

2.Rogue Galaxy

3.Mass Effect

4.Final Fantasy X

5. Final Fantasy VII


2.Yes :D

Shygirlfrumfl: Pizza :D!

DarkNeoBahamut:I mixed ROGUE (from Rogue Galaxy) and STAR (from DarkStar One) and I added the five to make it sound cooler

Abdullah_ahmadi:Metal Gear Solid 3 (4 soon).Naruto.Home (Zagreb)


Devouring_One:MGS 3 (4 soon)


dragonflyer3000:I was looking for walktroughs and I found GameFaqs and the rest is history

hhh34c:I got to:MGS 2 and MGS 3

johngebreadman:1.Private :D



4.It's da best!

5.eseehc ?





bak1234567890:1.Hideo Kojima :D

2.Hard rock and rap



Ask me anything!

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Second blog today.Since I see alot of these kind of blogs around i figured I do one to.Ask me anything,I'm all fired up :D!

Glitches again

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There I was editing my profile.When I clicked Apply Changes everything disapeared.Does anyone else have this problem?
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