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[QUOTE="Frieza99"]Call of Duty 1 is the was definitely one of the best games.......but a worst game of all time for meDraugenCP

What is this I don't even...

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There was an old WW2 shooter where you played as a european scout squad. I can't remember the name, but I do remember muddy graphics and not being able to figure out the controls to get past the first level. I'll let DNF be the worst one, seeing as I can remember it's name.

EDIT* Hidden & Dangerous. Not technically a fps, but it was still crap anyway.

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Could be overheating. Make sure it has a lot of space, keep itout of the sun, and don't keep it on all day. Buy some compressed air and clean the vents.

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Get a new battery. If it ends up being the PSP itself then keep the battery you just bought and get a new slim. Then all you have to find is a larger battery cover and you'll get more battery life. :D
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When it first came out I did. I ended up trading it in for a DS simply bacause there were more enjoyable options on the DS at the time. However, I now have both the DS and a PSP (2 PSPs to be exact) and I can say the PSP gets much more playtime than my DS.
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I've got 45 games and 15 UMDs. I've started collecting the more difficult to find ones. I don't play it all that often, but I must enjoy it a lot because I went out and bought the Deep Red GoW bundle yesterday. No matter what game you like most, it's worth having, trust me.
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I always like Best Buy. You can find both sizes for under $100. Otherwise I'd suggest an online outlet store, like newegg or tigerdirect.
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Are there, or will there be any "legitimate" game releases for the iTouch? I'm aware of a few hacked programs, but I'm not comfortable with using them.
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Something about "You stand there, I'll stand here and we'll take turns slapping eachother around till one of us drops" doesn't seem very strategic to me. I guess that suits your playstyle though; it takes one finger for pressing x and leaves you the rest for pizza.
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RPGs are meant for stories, correct? That's why the battle systems are hardly God of War meterial. With that said, X crippled XII in that field. You can have a mature theme...just make sure it's a good one. Some of you seem to be confusing that and just seem to be happy it was something new. Just remember Herdy Gerdy tried to be different too, but still sucked.Symphonycometh

I do beleive the "G" in RPG is for game, right? I'lladmit X had the better story, if you admit XII was a better game.