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I don't really follow (any) sports at all, but I played this game at a store kiosk for a few minutes and it seemed enjoyable. I was wondering: is this game easy to pick up for someone that has little to no real soccer/football experience? Or would I be completely lost without knowing the finer points of the game?

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On the PC, you have to turn on your goggles by pressing the F key, then switch to your sonar vision by pressing the X key. Every upgrade you purchase improves upon the upgrades you bought before. Once you buy the color upgrade, the sonar mode will no longer be black and white. Instead it will appear in bright oranges and reds.

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So I gave this game some time to get its problems in order and repurchased it the other day(at $20 off). When I logged on, I couldn't see a region that hasn't been played less than a week ago. I thought the game was still popular despite the bugs. So is there anyone playing or did this game just crash just after take off or am I missing something?

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If anyone is thinking of picking this up, Amazon is offering it for $39.99. The fact it's been out a month and it's already being discounted by 30% should tell you something. However, you won't be as frustrated spending only $40 instead of $60.


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Their score is still less than .5 away from the Metacritic average (7.9 last I checked). Also, it's right on par with the Metacritic user average (7.5). It seems to me that Gamespot is pretty accurate and fair in their reviews, but that shouldn't stop you from enjoying whatever game you like.
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Come back in a month and ask the same question. Seriously.

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People need to stop throwing this word around. When a game company says they're taking an IP in a new direction, and gamers lose their minds over fear that the title will be destroyed, that's entitlement. When a game company releases DLC to compliment a full game and people get upset, that's entitlement. When a game company releases a game for $60-$80 dollars, then fails to deliver a working product and gamers get angry, that's not entitlement. That's called being ripped off. If you decided to go to any company (gaming or otherwise) and tell them you were just going to take their product without paying, would you call their angry reaction "being entitled"? If you pay good money for a product that doesn't work, you have every right to be upset. That doesn't change just because the product happens to be a video game.

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I'm glad to see it's working out for some people. How do you like playing with random people? Have you had any griefers yet?

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Isn't Abstergo Industries (the evil corporation in the series) an evil American company run by the templars? For crying out loud we're getting the part where we kill Americans. The American Revolutionary War is just a quick step on the way there.

Side Notes: 1) For all those claiming this is another example of ignorant Americans making the English look bad, isn't Ubisoft a French company? Go take it up with them.

2) To the OP, you said you don't even play these games so why the hell do you care?

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My tag is rogue81. I'm with mrsniper though. I get really picky about who I play with. I tend to just stick with my friends list.