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For those of you who do not know I have a youtube channel where I post gaming content like walkthroughs and stuff to help fellow gamers out there in need. My channel is called starkiller279.

modern warfare 3

Saw the brand new spec ops trailer for modern warfare 3. Seems like black ops zombies exept without the zombies, barricades and the 60's style weapons and also the fact that there are helis and juggernuats from modern warfare 2 ecept this time their wearing black.


Got Homefront and started playing multiplayer straight away. Played a Ground crontrol match and shot straight to level 6. Unlocked Holographic sight for all guns that are available.

london riots

Some riots happening in London that were triggered by one man's death. Some serious hell is being let loose in the streets of London, glad nothing serious has happened in my area or i'd be freaking out a lot.


Just watched TF3 (transformers 3) the other week and think its the best out of the entire series. My favourite bit was the boss battle at the end with setinel, optimus and megatron. Got the last tickets in IMAX to watch it in stunning 3-D. Definately going to see Captain America and harry potter and the deathly Hallows part 2 before the end of the summer .

call of duty modern warfare 2

Just had the best teamdeathmatch of my life armed with only my Barret 50 cal AGOC an PP2000 FMJ in Invasion . Had Sleight of hand pro, Stopping power pro and steady aim. Attained first blood with the Barret 50 cal and game winning kill with the PP2000. I rarely used the Barret 50 and always used my trusty secondary weapon the PP2000 and now level 52 in 5th Prestige. Hope my other matches turn out as joyful as this one. Till next time.