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Going To Florida

I'm going to Florida for about a week tomorrow, but I'll be leaving to go to my cousins house tonight (they're taking me). I won't be able to game in there besides the PSP which I have like 2 games that I really play a lot on. Whatever though, it should be fun. I've bever flown before, so that's the only thing I'm nervous about really.

I'm going to MGM, Universal, and Seaworld. I've never seen a palm tree up close, I'm actually excited about that for some reason. Well, I'll see you guys around I guess.


Just Some New Stuff

Hey guys. I'm back on GameSpot for good, this new User Images thing pwns.


I want to start off this blog with the Max Payne series and how much I love it. I realized the other day that I think I would like a Max Payne 3 over Grand Theft Auto IV, which is very strange. GameSpot says Max Payne 3 is cancelled, I fail to believe that. It will eventually get released. I haven't seen a press release on GameSpot or on Take2's website so I don't know where they got this information. I think GameSpot is assuming it is cancelled because Rockstar's division Vienna closed. They worked on Max Payne for the Xbox or something like that, it's not like without them they can't make the game. Someone bought out the rights to Max Payne as well, so I'm sure someone is going to do something. I'm almost sure they can't screw up the story, how can you?

Next I want to talk about something that I haven't talked about before: music. I seriously do love music (who doesn't)? I recently started getting back into other bands other than Green Day. I'm starting to listen to Nirvana, Boston, Queen, Jimi Hendrix, The Steve Miller Band, and a lot of others (in no particular order). Just check out my Last.FM chart:


That settles that. Also, what I was implying before is that I like the Max Payne series more than the GTA series. I really don't know why. I still love the GTA series, but I'd take Max Payne over it if I were to choose between them.

I'll post another one soon, I needed to post today though because I saw that I didn't post since March which is a long time away. Also, check out my preview videos I made for Max Payne 2. Also, look at the images. I'll post them here.








Xbox 360 Day!

Well I plugged in my new 360 and everything works. My old Hard Drvie and everything. Boots up like before. Right when I turned it on my computer came up with some Windows Media Extender thing and I set that up. That thing is really cool, I get my Media Center right on my 360. That never happened before.

Today is a big 360 day all around. There's the announced Elite Xbox 360, for one. I have to admit I'm a little pissed about it since I currently own a premium. If the Elite 360 came out when I got my Premium I would of definetly bought it. It's like $10 less than the PS3 though so if I do get a new console I'll go with the PS3.

Oh yeah, the highlight of the day, Mexican Police Offers Xbox's For Guns. I laughed so much when I saw this, how weird is that?

Ok, back to the elite. They seriously better fix the hardware in it because the current 360's burn out to much. Look at mine, I've had no luck at all. It sucks so much when you get the red ring of death... whatever.

I know this is a fairly short blog post, and I might post something later, but this is just to sum up the day so far...




If you want to be a part of a growing GTA community than I recommend you to go to Yes, we are just starting out after a long break and we are ready to get things rolling again, but we need your help! Check us out today at

The Xbox 360...

My Xbox 360 died today for the second time. I had to return it before in Spetember because I get the red ring of death and, tonight, it happened again. I turned it on and it came on.

Now before I could say it was an overheating issue, but this time I know it wasn't, I always kept it away from walls and stuff. What I think it was is the 360 was on the rug and static electricity screwed it up. I'm trying to find an even safer place now for the 360. This never happened with the Playstation 2 which was a piece of crap compared to the 360. 

I'm going to look into it more soon, but this is what happened. Short blog post tonight but this was really on my mind since it happened today. I'll post something more interesting tomorrow that some people may find appealing.

iPods, iTunes, Authorizations?

I have to admit, I bought a lot of music and videos from Apple's store iTunes and cannot risk to losing all of those files. I am making this blog post to show you how easy it is to lose everything you have bought. I'm also showing you how easy it is to back everything up.

Well, first off if you want to back up everything, don't worry... you don't need to. As long as the files are on your iPod you don't need to worry.

Now as my example I am going to say you are doing a clean install of Windows and forgot to back up all of your iTunes files. Ok -- wait -- don't plug in your iPod. If you want to keep those files you have one of two ways. The simple way and the hard way. I will show you how to do the simple way.

Now since I don't know of any free programs that will transfer all of your music/videos/games/photos/whatever off of your iPod I will point out my personal favorite that I bought. The program is called iGadget and it is available from iPodSoft's website (Purple Ghost Software). Click here to see it. if you just want to backup your songs and not any of your other things then you can use their other program (it's $5 less, I'd personally go wth iGadget) called TuneJack. You can find that here.

If you buy that it is very simple. You get a registration key by email and a download link. Install it and there you go. The rest is pretty slef-explanatory.

Oh yeah, remember you have only one chance per year to un authorize all computers, so if you authorized any other computers that you don't use I'd un authorize them right away.

If you guys need any help, drop a comment.

Now, if anyone knows of a free program that will do all of this for you please post it in the comments and I will edit the post with the necessary information needed.

It's Been a While...

It's been a while since I posted in my blog, so I'll start up again.


What's been new? Well, on the technology side I got my new computer and I love it. Specs:


My specs


I've had no problems so far with Vista except a sound problem that can't even be fixed by a driver upgrade. Well, the computer pwns anyway, all of my games run perfect on it (except Silkroad Online right now) and that's that. I love it :D.


The Xbox 360 has been lonely because I have been on my computer a lot lately so I decided to get a couple of new games. At Christmas time I got Gears of War which pwns. I'm doing co-op with my friend and I think the gameply has a different feel to it. The angle. The other day I just got MLB 2K7, I'm still trying to get the hitting down. I can't hit the ball that good, you know.


Anyway, Vista again... thought of something. iTunes. Yeah, iTunes. When I plug my iPod in iTunes lags like hell and I don't know what to do. I upgraded and everything. Well, whatever.


Anyway, hope you liked enjoying this very short catch-up post. I will update more, I promise.

I'm Getting a Dell and I'm Proud

I don't care what anyone says. I've come to the point where I need to make my own decisions on things that I will enjoy, and judge them my way. I don't know why really, but a lot of people hate Dell. I myself love Dell computers. The quality is great if you ask me. For Christmas, I'm getting a Dimension E520 with a Intel Core 2 Duo E660 2.13Ghz processor with 2 GB ram. I think thats pretty neat. The monitor will be a 20" Widescreen LCD. This blog post was just to point out I'm getting a Dell and am proud. And people that do the comments, please answer why everyone hates Dell, efficiently to.


I wanted to take a note of how many servers I have, maybe this will populate some of them. Let's start... My Counter-Strike: Source server: I have a 100-Tic CS:S server. This server is also ping-boosted. It is located in Chicago. Here is the info: Name: The Gearbox 2 [100 Tic/No DWP] IP: My Web-Hosting: My domains: - Still in development, will be done within the next month... hopefully. -'s forums, ran on IPB. - My gaming clan. I hope these keep you busy :)

Blog Time

Wow, I havent blogged in forever. Maybe its because no one like looking at random blogs or something, I dont know. The 360 is running well, froze for the first time the other day while playing CoD2. I guess it was because it was overheating. I got Oblivion and just rented Saints Row. Oblivion I cant get into that much, and Saints Row is a great game... even though im a die-hard GTA fan, I still liked it. Stuff liek The Getaway and stuff like that I cant get into... I also got a SA-MP server, come to it now! . I also have a new clan, Massachusetts Hitmen Association. Yeah im that bored.

Xbox 360, Bose, PDZ, Max Payne 3?

Well here I am, I don't know how many months later, buying a 360. Two days ago I went to BestBuy and got a Premium Xbox 360 and the 2 year replacement plan. I also got the quick charge kit, shown here in the accessories list in the Xbox 360 section. I went to the store to buy no intent at all to buy it, I went for a nice pair of Bose TriPort headphones for my iPod video, turns out I come home with that and a nice 360. Its strange how I bought it. You see, I went with my dad, and when he saw the screen he thought he was watching a movie. I mean come on, when does your dad ever say anything about a videogame or anything related. So I said, something must be telling me to get this thing, so here I am getting it. Now on the headphones side, they sound great, they really do, but not at low-mid volume. I had to put my iPod up to mid-high to high to feel the base and the nice lows and highs in these headphones. I have to say, the $150 was definetly worth it for me because I listen to my iPod alot. I really was going for the QC3 (Quiet Comfort 3) which were the $350 pair, these came with noice cancelling, which can help at times. But hey, I can't even hear anything with these things on. So basically without getting the QC3 I'm only missing out on the airline adapter (never traveled by plane before) and thats it I think. I still get the carrying case and the extension cable for it. Well with the 360 I got Perfect Dark Zero, a great game in my opinion. I'm on the Ninth level now, Jungle Ambush. I'm freakin' stuck on this level, these stupid spiderbot things keep blowing me up. Its strange how it works, it says disable the activator or something, but it doesnt show you where it is. How can I get by these stupid spiderbots without direction to where to go to disable them. Oh well, I'll read all of the GameSpot guide tomorrow... Also, I also wanna point out where the hell is Max Payne 3? Where is it!? The Max Payne series is my favorite next to GTA... I am starting to get nervice that there won't be a new Max Payne. Hope that keeps you busy reading ;)
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