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Hero vs Villain

I just noticed that not too long ago, there was a voting and a bracket selection for "Greatest Game Hero" and now, the same thing is happening but for "Greatest Game Villain".

Don't you think there is something else behind this? Is GameSpot planing something bigger? Let's hope so!

Just a post

Hey guys!!!, I've noticed that it's been a really long time since I posted my last blog, so... I just wanted to say hi,and that I will try to post something at least once a month, but hey, if I don't make it, it's probably becasuse I have lots to do in college.

New Profile Look

Hey there. I decided to change my profile's look, which means: a new banner, a new user image and a new header image for my blog, so, what do you think?

Check out my new banner

Hey guys, it's been a long time since i write something so......i decided to post a blog about my new banner, feel free to rate it and to submit your comments. See ya;)


This past week took place the third science Olympiads here in La Paz, Bolivia, and three boys or girls were supposed to participate from each school, I competed in Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics along with some other guys that participated just in math, just in physics or just in chemistry, or in all three of them and more. They were really difficult and we had to study a lot, but at least we get the maximum grade in the assignment we competed, so thanks to that, my grades this month should be pretty good. Anyway, I'm writing to say that I'm gonna be around here more often. See you...;)

Hello There!

Hey you guys, I have been gone for like three weeks(sorry about that) but i had some very good reasons. One is that my computer died, it just stoped working, so I had to get another one, but hey, at least I have a better one now, I can install some games that were imposible to run in my old one; and the other reason is that I'm in the middle of trimestral examinations, so I'm really busy right now. Anyway, its good to be back. See you around.:)

My personal top ten PS2 list.

Here is a list and a little summary of the 10 best PS2 games according to my own personal taste:

•1. Need for Speed: Most Wanted

For me, this is the best game of the Need for Speed series, because it combines the classic street racing, with a new emotion, a new way of playing, the pursuits, and even though there were pursuits in some other Need for Speeds, the Hot Pursuit ones, they were not as good as these ones, they are just indescribably great. Besides, the story is better too, you have to make your way up through the blacklist to become the most wanted racer in Rockport.

•2. Shadow of the Colossus

This is a Sony entertainment game that takes place in a strange land. The story is extremely interesting; it talks about a young warrior, whose girlfriend is dying, and in order to save her, he has to go to a strange land (as mentioned before) where he finds a temple, and a voice that tells him to search and defeat the 12 Colossi if he wants to save his beloved girlfriend. When he destroys all of the Colossi, he suddenly becomes one, because the spirits of the twelve posses him, and just in the middle of this, a group of men enter the temple, fight him, and manage to escape by destroying the only bridge that connected this strange lands with the outer world. So, at the end, his girlfriend wakes up, but he becomes some sort of baby with horns and he, his girlfriend and his horse end up "locked up" in this strange land.

•3. Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

Again, I think this is the best of the POP series, it has the most penetrating story, and it introduces new moves for the prince, the sword fighting becomes much more exciting, and the fact that you fight the Empress, and then follow her through time because she manages to escape, is just great, that's why, as I said before, it has the best story of the three POPs.

•4. Shadow of Rome

Even though this game has a big amount of blood, it's excellent. The story is well elaborated, the environment is very well designed, and the emotion in the gladiatorial fights, make this game unique in its class.

•5. MidnightClub 3: DUB Edition

This game presents a new way of customizing cars, and it also gives you a bigger variety of cars: tuners, muscles, luxury sedans, exotics, SUV's, choppers and sport bikes. This makes the game better than other racing games, its extension: MidnightClub 3: DUB Edition Remix is not as good, but gives you the opportunity to play in the streets of Tokyo.

•6. Legend of Kay

This is cartoon game that takes place in ancient China, home of the pacific cats, rabbits, frogs, and pandas, until the rats and gorillas, threaten to finish their peaceful lives, and this is when a young warrior has to fight to free all of these creatures from the gorillas and rats. It's really good and completely enjoyable without any blood at all.

•7. Tekken5

Who hasn't play Tekken? They are the best fighting games ever, and this one, gives you the chance to play in an adventure mode with Jin, in which you go through different environments, fighting different creatures. Other factor that makes this game great is that you can customize the characters.

•8. Need for Speed Underground 2

I have already mentioned a Need for Speed game, but this one is also worth mentioning. It's the first with free play mode and the city is very well designed, with an incredible view of downtown and canons with beautiful scenery.

9. LEGO Star Wars: The Original Trilogy

This is a very funny game, and if you like LEGO, and Star Wars, like me, you are going to enjoy this game, because it gives the Star Wars story another dimension, a funnier one, where you can create your own characters and play with them in free play mode, which is a nice touch.

10. Crash: Tag Team Racing

As the previous one, this is a very funny game, in which you play in a theme park, where you have to help the owner: Von Clunch, to get back his stolen power gems, and you have to do it by competing in teams on different races through the four parks: Mystery Land, Happily Ever Faster, Tyrannosaurus Wrecks and Astro Land.


You might be wondering why I haven't put games such as Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 or Grand Theft Auto San Andreas rated 10 and 9.6 respectively!! Well, the answer is simple, I haven't played Tony Hawk, and I really dislike the Grand Theft Auto games, they have no ethics and they are too free, but you can read more on this subject in one of my previous blogs.

What do you think? I will accept your suggestions and welcome your comments!

Good or Bad Videogames???

When qualifying or buying a game, there are two main dimensions that we have to consider. One is the technical point of view, how innovating is the gameplay is, the graphics, the learning curve, and all those factors the GameSpot and the other videogame web pages so carefully describe; and the other important and problematic dimension is the ethics and morals of each game.

For example, GameSpot gives Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas an almost perfect score, 9.6, which of course makes anyone want to buy it, but it should have a 5.0 at best, because when you buy it, you realize that it might have an excellent gameplay, and a lot of liberties, which is its main problem, but it lacks of moral sense. In the game, you can shoot someone, cut him or into pieces, literally burn him, and many other things, just for fun, but that's not it, you can hire prostitutes, go to night clubs, do drugs, get drunk and some other things that, from an ethic point of view are just not right. Another example of this is The Sims 2, 8.9 according to GameSpot, a great game, but again, when you play it, you see that there are good things in the game, it can be fun, but you can also cheat on your wife, be homosexual, and have sex of course. So, you see, my point is that this game is supposed to be for teens, 13 years old and forward, I mean, the least they could do is to put an Adults Only rating, or Mature like GTA: San Andreas. I could keep mentioning games like these, but I won't, because that is not the point, the point is that everyone should know all these factors as well as the technical ones.

I'm not against these games, I mean, you can play them without reaching these parts, the only thing I'm saying is that we should be more careful about what games we buy, and if we decide to buy games like these, at least we should know that we're buying something that is not so good.

School has just begun.

Today, February 18 th wa the first day of school, and of course no one was enthusiastic about it:(, but anyway, everything was just as the previous year, except for some new teachers I have this year and a bigger difficulty in subjects such as History and Chemistry.