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i got an xbox

its been ages scince i posted a blog so i thought i might as well i bought an xbox 360 slim 250gb for 160 quid from tesco a 12 month xbox live gold membership for 33 pounds and halo 3 5 pounds forza 3 ultimate edition 6pounds and mass effect 2 5 pounds (btw i didnt get them all from tesco) i also ordered gears of war 2 and it came yesterday BUT when i put the disc in it ses the disc is unreadable and im like wtf its a new disc

so yeah im sending that back and getting a new copy

i may write a forza or mass effect review on soon either on gamespot or youtube my youtube is SONICDUDEMASTER2 (NO CAPS)

im doing quite well with my xbox at the minite i have 1600 gs and ive had it around a week i also borrowed dead space 2 that game is really good i liked the first one and the secound one was amazing didnt play online but i dont really care

finally i bought cod first strike map pack yesterday its still downliading becoz of my rubbish internet butt it looks like a rip off but i suppose my dad will play it but srslt only 5 maps for almost 12 quid what were they thinking they probbaly thought idiots like me is gonna go buy it

thanks for reading and cya l8r


firstly id like to say i cant be bothered updating my trophies so yer there a bit old next i want to give you a game update i bought dead rising 2 which is areally great game and ive finished it twice i also bought vanquish which is good but a bit over the top for my likeing i have also borrowed fallout new vagas and assaisins creed brotherhood of my mates and to be honest i really dont like new vagas i find it boring and repetative but brotherhood is great i only got it yesterday and i really like the online (i think im only rank 6) i especily like manhunt because i like hide and seek type games but the other gamemodes are fun two. the story gameplay wasnt that much different from ac2 and this is partly good and bad its good because everyone really liked the gameplay on ac2 and scince they have stuck to the formula its better than ever but its also a bad thing because i wanted to see what ubisoft would do too change it so that dissapointed me abit.

Killzone 3 comes out soon also and the beta was amazing i cant wait to get it but i still havent got lbp2 or ds2 yet can someone please tell me if those games are worth getting or not.

so not a big update cya l8r

which game

hey guys i got 60 quid for crimbo and i have a few games i would like to buy butt all of them together is more can you guys pick out the best 2 or three that equal less than 60 quid.

dead rising 2 £18

Red dead redemption £12

little big planet 2 £25-30

fallout new vagas £12

assasins creed brotherhood £15

if you have any more game suggestions please tell me

call of duty black ops: my thoughts

so the new cod came out last Tuesday and my whole scool couldn'twait i only got it on tuesday because tesco didnt deliver it. so after about 5 hours of playing online im rank 33 and i have decided its a great game i have also finshed the campain which had a great story exept for the last level the five map were to get to play as jfk killing zombies is loads of fun to play with mates and the online is really additive it is also harder than mw2 and waw because it takes more bullets to kill people the new killstreaks are cool (especially the rcxd) also i love the new customisation and the cod points so well done treyarch the only bad thing i would sy it that they took out quickscopeing :(

Medal of honour

hey people i need to know if medal of honour is any good so i will get it or not i like the battlefield campain and guns and stuff but i dont like the huge maps. Help!!!!

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