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I want everyone's opinion on this.

Ok so I was playing Soul Calibur IV the other day (Awesome game by the way) and then I saw that everyone had characters they wanted to be downloadable at some point.But no one wanted Kyle Katarn!Am I the only one in the world who thinks Kyle should at least get a mention?I mean he's one of the most awesome EU Star Wars characters there is.It's just a thought though.

If he isn't a downloadable character for SCIV,he should be one of the heroes in Battlefront 3 when it finally comes out.

Movie Review-The Dark Knight(Spoilers)

If you're as big of a Batman fan as I am,you've been waiting for this movie since the end of Batman Begins in 2005.You wanted so badly to see the Joker come into play and cause chaos.And if you were like me,you were a bit sceptical about Heath Ledger playing the Clown Prince of Gotham.As more and more screens and footage was released of Joker,people really really started to see that this was going to be something completely mind blowing and unheard of.The movie had so much hype,and not just because of the tradgic death of Heath Ledger(RIP),but because it promised to be better than Batman Begins.But the question is,does it live up to the hype?And the answer is,yes,it does.Not only does it meet expectations,but it exceeds them as well.Stop reading from this point on if you can't stand spoilers.

If you haven't figured it out by now,Heath steals the show.He is the greatest comic book villian(if not the best villian in general) I have ever seen portrayed on screen.He plays the Joker exactly how he should be portrayed;a dark psychopath with a twisted sense of humor.He is an absolutly unstoppable force of nature in this movie,and he truly does deserve an Oscar for his last role.From the moment you hear him say "I believe whatever doesn't kill you simply..makes you stranger!",you know this is going to be a role that will go down in history as one of the greatest.He causes so much pain and damage to Gotham and the people that live in it.He kills a judge,Commissioner Loeb,and he even makes you think that he killed Gordon.But the pain doesn't stop there.The people that he kills is just insane.And the part where he made the pencil "disappear" was brilliant.He causes both Harvey Dent and Bruce Wayne so much pain by killing Rachel Dawes.You don't get to see much of Bruce's feelings towards her death(most likely because he uses his pain to drive himself in his goal) but you can tell that it really affected him.As soon as you see Batman standing on a pile of ruble just staring at his feet,you know he feels responsible.This is also voiced when he asked Alfred if he had brought this upon her.Of course,Joker doesn't stop there though.He gets out of jail,blows up a whole hospital(another amazing scene that proves Heath's acting skills),and sets bombs inside two seperate boats.The speech that he gives at the end makes you realize that he truly is unstoppable.

Surprisingly enough,Bruce Wayne is not the next most impressive character.It is in fact Harvey Dent/Two-Face.Aaron Eckhart was amazing in this role.He managed to pull off a man who was pure of heart who wanted nothing more than to make his city better,to going completely insane and psychotic.Eckhart makes you want Harvey to win,to clean up the streets of Gotham and make it a better place,even though you know his fate is tradgic.He shows just how far he is willing to go to achive his goals,and this remains until the very end.I loved how they showed that Harvey believed in Batman so much so that he was willing to claim he was Batman just to actually keep Batman on the streets.His descent into madness is done so well that you feel sorry for him.The death of Rachel,who he was planning on marrying,sends him spiraling downwards.The reason his face gets scarred so bad is even done well and ties in perfectly with the movie.When you see Two-Face for the first time,I promise you that if you don't gasp out loud then you will be silently amazed on the inside.He looks horrifying.The Joker is the one who truly causes the birth of Two-Face though.He causes Harvey to blame not only himself,but Batman and Gordon as well.And to all you Batman fans,he does use the coin everytime we see him and he never flips twice.His plan is to make Gordon feel as much pain as does by killing his family and you really do believe that he was going to.He actually probably would have if Batman had not shown up at the last minute.Harvey Two-Face made Batman break his one rule,that is all I will say.

Of course there is Bruce Wayne/Batman.While not on the level as Harvey or Joker,Christian Bale still pulls off both The Dark Knight and the billionaire playboy perfectly.Christopher Nolan was nice enough to explain why he has a new suit this time roud,and it makes sense.This movie really shows just how far Bruce is willing to go to save Gotham and some of it is brutal.This really shows in the interregation scene where Batman basically kicks the Joker around to get information out of him.The scene that takes place in China was well done and actually has a lot of action in it.Bruce Wayne himself is extremely extremely well done in this movie.Bale really makes you believe that not only can Bruce dress up in a costume and fight crime,but smile through his pain and play playboy.You even get to see Bruce,not Batman,get into some action.From knocking out a Joker goon,to destroying his Lambo to save someone else's life,he knows what he's doing and still makes it seem like he doesn't.The Batpod was actually explained and made sense in the movie.I personally liked it over the Batmobile,but that's just my opinion.The black tank doesn't last long after an encounter with the Joker and the Batpod ejects from the car itself.As I said,the Batman character may have not been on the level as the other two main character's were,but he was still just as well done as he was in Begin.The fight at the very end when he is trying to save the hostages while fighting off the cops is great and it really does show just how far he will go.In the end,he takes responsibility for Harvey's deeds,making him the villian in the public's eyes.The most surprisingly emotional scene to me was Gordon destroying the Batsignal.Trust me,it has more meaning than it seems.

Gordon,Rachel,and Alfred are all very good as well.Gary Oldman once again proves that he is Jim Gordon in this movie and he is just as much of a hero as Batman is.Maggie Gyllenhaal breaths life into Rachel taht Katie Holmes lacked in Begins.Her death was surprising and emotional,making you really feel for the loses of the characters.Michael Caine is once again enjoyable to watch as Alfred.While his role is not as big as it was in the last one,he is still humorous at moments and serious at others.He proves that he is the best Alfred to date and just like every other actor in this movie,will probably be the only person in history to pull off the role so well.

So is Dark Knight better than Begins?Yes,in so many ways.It's dark,dramatic,action packed,and is easily the best movie of the summer if not the year.The Dark Knight proves that comic book movies can be done seriously yet be fun at the same time.It proves that Heath Ledger was one of the greatest actors of our time and just how much he will be missed.If nothing else,Dark Knight is a thrill ride filled with drama,suspense,action,and even a little romance if you want it.

The Epicness of the red God of War PSP

Yes,I finally have a PSP.Am I pleased that I got one?Well...yeah,it gives me something to do since all my xbox games are getting boring.The games are really fun(minus Death Jr. II:Root of Evil which I just can't get into),but it's the system itself that's just amazing.The slick red design and the white image of Kratos on the back left side is just a great little touch.There is only one disappointing thing about this;I've already beat God of War.No,they were not lying when they said it was short,it really is.I beat it in one sitting,what does that tell you?But hey,I still have Prince of Persia:Rival Swords to play. :)

The Pure Insanity of GTA IV

On Tuesday at 12:00 AM,I was one of many in the long line in front of gamestop waiting for the release of GTA IV.I had preordered my copy on Saturday(Luckily they were still taking preorders) and I had everything perfectly planned out.I figured if I got there around 10,I would be close to the front,but no.There were already people there waiting for GTA.What did I do for two hours?Talked to other people about how I planned on blowing stuff up in Liberty City.At exactly 12:45 AM,I finally got my very own copy of the game gave a perfect 10.And that is all I have been doing since then.My friend and I have been playing free mode online and we have gotten hardly anything done in the main storyline.But that isn't the purpose of this post.So what is?To tell you that this morning at 6 AM,I heard on the morning news about how people had gotten mugged for their copies of GTA IV.Wasn't I lucky to get out unharmed? :D

The biggest April Fool's joke in a long time.

I'm sure many of you saw the Legend of Zelda "movie" trailer on April 1st,2008.I don't know about everyone else,but I thought it was real at first.They put a lot of time in making it look as real as possible and did a pretty good job if you ask me.Now special effects weren't the most impressive in the world,but I've seen much much worse before.Now what gave it away was how incredibly stupid Ganondorf looked.It looked like something my friends and I could pull off,and that was a dead give away that this whole thing was a joke.But with that set aside,the trailer was actually very well thought out and pulled off quite well.The movie actually looked good unlike most video game movies,which turn out to be god awful.Good job on IGN's part thoug!

(ps.Still waiting for that Devil May Cry movie.And Metal Gear Movie.And a GOOD Resident Evil movie)

Preparing for DMC4

So we all know that the fourth game in the Devil May Cry series is being released this Tuesday.So I began to ask myself, "Am I ready for when I get the game on Tuesday?" And ultimately my answer was sadly,no.I'm not ready.It's been a good year or two since I last played any DMC game,and I had a feeling DMC4 was going to kick my ass.Now mind you I did download the demo and played it until my thumbs bled,but I found even the demo a bit challanging.So I decided to refresh my skills on the combat system a bit,though I'm not sure it's going to help with Dante no longer being the primary character.

I busted out my good old PS2 and started playing all the DMC games(including DMC3 SE).I found that I could get through DMC,DM2,and DMC3 SE when playing as Vergil without any real problems.Why?Because those games are pretty easy compared to 3.Now 3,I wasn't so lucky.That game smacked me around more than a abusive mom.The game play is so fast and overwelming that I couldn't keep up with it at first.My reaction time just wasn't up to parr with the game's fast pace action anymore.So what did I do?I kept playing until I got the hang of it again.Now that I've beaten DMC3 again,I'm pretty confident that DMC4 won't be that much of a challange,now that I know what I'm doing again.

Now for those of you who don't know,DMC is my favorite video game series of all time.Before the announced the game was going to be on 360,I had plans on buying a PS3 just to play the game.Now part of me still wants a PS3 just because I'm so use to playing DMC on a Sony console,but I see no point it wasting all that money on something I won't play as often as my 360.Not to mention my copy of DMC4 is reserved as the 360 version.I'm really really excited about the fourth title and I can't wait to see what twists the story has to offer.I'm hoping it can pass 3's level of entertainment,I know it can pass the original's entertainment,and there isn't a doubt in my mind that it will be better than 2.As much as I love the DMC series,DMC2 was just disappointing.The graphics weren't as good as the first,the voice acting made me want to shoot myself in the face,the story was weak,and Dante wasn't nearly as cool as he was in the first.I'm still a bit disappointed that Dante isn't the main character in DMC4,but Nero seems like an interesting character and I can't wait to see what new stuff he brings to the games.I'm also excited to see what involvment Vergil has in the game.Let's face it people,he's in the game.We all know it.We've seen and heard Nero say "Power,give me more power." Which was Vergil's infamous line in DMC3.Well,I guess we'll just have to wait and see now won't we?:D

My view on Jeff leaving.

Ok,so as most of you know(all of you should),Jeff Gerstmann no longer works at personally,I think that gamespot has been going down hill for a while now,and this is really going to affect them.If anyone noticed,I wasn't on for a long time,and that's just because I lost interest in the site,just wasn't what it use to be when I first joined.But I did get on and hear about this and I had to write something.FirstGreg leaves,then Rich(who I think made on the spot so great) and now Jeff is "dismissed"?Not only did the site lose a great employee,but it probably lost alot of users over this.

Now me,personally,I won't stop using the site.Mainly because I'm faithful and I'm sure Jeff wouldn't want that either.He would want people to keep coming here for the same reasons they use to:Reviews,Previews,Forums,etc.People work hard on the site to keep it up and running and the least we can do is continue to use it.Sure Jeff is gone,but we all know we haven't seen the last of him.It's not the end of the world nor the end of gamespot.They'll recover from this as will we all.And yes I know I said at the beginning that the site has been going down hill and it has been,but they can still recover from that.That is why I am going to start getting on more just so I can see gamespot rise back to the top of the hill.But once again,that's not saying its going to be the same without Jeff.He was the funniest person on the site and he made all the videos he was in a lot more unique.It's going to be hard to continue to do so without him(even though we still have Alex,who is pretty funny most of the time).

We will miss you Jeff!And we miss you Greg and Rich!

And it feels like forever.

Well-well-well.Hello to anyone who may happen to actually take the time to read this.If you knew me,or if you at least kept up with my blog post and post on the forums,may have noticed that I was gone a rather long time.Or at least not on nearly as much.The reasons for that are personal and I wish not to explain them,and please do not ask me to.But then also,if you keep up with my profile,you may have noticed that I have been on a lot more.Well my problem that I had has been fixed so I have found more time to get on,although I have not posted any on the forums(note:I use to be on everyday and posted everyday).I also would like to take this time to say that I am sorry for my long absence and have no plans on taking such a long break again.But again,I had very good reasons for this.

In the time that I was gone,I found my old SNES and some of my old games.I have been playing a lot of my SNES lately.I also have been lucky enough to get my hands on my own Wii and have been playing The Legend of Zeld:Twilight Princess.I am also proud to say that I took time from Oblivion to play Morrowind,and have sucessfully beaten it.For those of you who see that as a minor accomplishment,please do not bother me because I find beating such a lenghty game a major accomplishment.I am currently saving my money to purchase World of Warcraft,which I can easily pay for every month.So as you can see,my video game life has improves greatly.

For those who were kind enough to take the time to read this,I thank you.Writing in my blog use to be a major part of my life and I hope to make it such a part of my life again.So if you read this,know that you will be hearing a lot more from me.Thank you,and game on!

Haven't you people learned?No video game movies!

Okay for those of you who don't know already,the live action movie version of Devil May Cry is being released in 2010.Let's face it,movies based on games hardly ever turn out to be good.The only good one I've seen is Advent Children and then animated version of Street Fighter.Super Mario...sucked.Blood Rayne...sucked.Resident Evil...well that one was okay.Silent Hill...not really.

Devil May Cry is one of my favorite video games and I personally don't want to see it ruined by an idiot film maker who think they can turn the game into a movie.Now it might have been okay if it was CG,but noooooo.Let's make it live action!I know there is a small chance that it could be good,but I'm not holding my breath.I lost all hope after Blood Rayne.That was not again.Does anyone agree with me on this?I mean honestly?

In need of a banner(please read)

Ok so here's what is going on.I don't know how to make banners or sigs,or anything like that.But I really really really want a banner for my profile.So if anyone that reads this would be so kind as to make me one,I would appericate it over anything.If someone deciedes to do it,please make sure that spider-man,Master Chief,and Darth Vader are on it.Again,I would really apperciate it.Thank you for your time and it you actually do it.