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Back from the grave.

Sorry that i don't use GameSpot that very often. Been busy with life lately and stuff.

And of course i got back from Senior Day.

And i decided to delete some of my reviews, because i felt they were crap.

So, yeah. That's all i might post some more.


Merry Christmas

Since i havent been using blog, no im not dead, i thought to wish you guys a very merry christmas.

And have a great weekend.


top 10 best cartoons to ever be made.

hello its me robheisel cartoons we love cartoons here are some cartoons i find the best there some that you like some good some bad here is robheisel to 10 best cartoons to ever be made.

and here is number 10

10. family guy.

at number 10 we have family guy at number 10 yeah thats right family guy now i did see episodes it been one of the best cartoons to ever be made since flinstones or jetsons but this very funny cartoon with good voice-acting and animation making family guy the best.

9. animanacs.

number 9 is the warner brothers animanacs at number 9 its good sense of style with known characthers such as wako dot yako and even pinky and the brain but the humor was also written for adults but the humor was funny and the animation was soild now why did they have to of the good cartoons off the air.

8. south park.

one of the most controversal cartoons of all time makes into number 8 but this isnt the best there are some controverses that made this cartoon pouplar but its still good and still the funniest cartoon of all.

7. teenage mutant ninja turtles.

from the tv to the big screen there was teenage mutant ninja turtles well its ruined thanks to 4kids you know the guys that ruined other anime shows like one piece or sonic x but the orginal was actual good thanks to those four turtles that made power rangers to shame but the movies were crappy back then.

6. the simpsons.

at number six is the greatist family the simpsons at number six its been one of my favourite cartoons of all thanks to its great characthers and humor but its getting very pouplar it all strated it off with tracy ullman shorts then to the air.

5. fairly oddparents.

at number eight its the fairly oddparnets i hade to say even though it was ah kids show but its is well-write for the adults as well this one started off as shorts then the tv show was made with timmy turner and cosmo and wanda and some of the best out there fairly oddparents is your ticket.

4. spongebob squarepants.

ok this one of my favourite shows when i was ah kid now this show so pouplar back then that kids would buy everthing from this good cartoon.

3. astroboy.

soaring flying in the sky he was greatist off them all astroboy astroboy man i got to get that theme song out of my head i hade to say this has been one of the greatist animes out there but this was good im not ah fan but this is ah good cartoon.

2. justices league.

now remeber the super friends ok there was batman superman wonder woman aquaman and alot then there was justices league this cartoon was actual good but there cartoon also made other cartoons like the famous samauri jack and the best megas xlr wich is not at number one.

lets do ah recap ok.

10. family guy.


8 south park.

7. teenage mutant ninja turtles.

6. the simpsons

5. fairly oddparents.

4.spongebob squarepants.

3. astroboy.

2. justices league.

and now its time for


ok now this is been one of the greatist cartoons since looney tunes its futurama.

now why because fututrama i have to say is good but overall this is ah good cartoon and its one of the most superb cartoons.

im not really ah huge fan of any of these cartoons but there good and great from start to finish.