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Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Returns

Im looking forward to the next and final installment of Final fantasy XIII,i seen the preview and it looked good.the fact that they will bring in every character is a great looking forward to next year to play it.

PlayStation 4

i don't believe that Sony is bringing out a brand new state of the art game machine and straight away they are saying that all PS3 games and PSN games that were purchased will not work on the new machine.well in my opinion that it is bad planning and  poor marketing that many people might wanna keep playing old games without having to keep the old system,example PS2,many people were keeping there old PS2 to play games that would not work on the they are putting us in the same boat as before and the boat might be sinking

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII

i was so excised when i heard the news of the new final fantasy xiii game.i cant wait to here news about any new characters and how it will link together the story of the previous two titles. if sarah, snow ,vanille and fang come back.what happened to hope,sahz and noel.looking forward to this game as much as Final Fantasy XIV online.

Role Playing Games

im sick and tired of people bad mouthing certain role playing games like FFXIII-2 just because that's not the kind of game they prefer.i have been playing role playing games since FFVII and enjoy the fact you can be yourself within the game.i just wish people would just play games and not bad mouth other players preferences

negative posts

me being a very big final fantasy fan.i dont know why people go to game forum sites only to say how much they hate the game or the didnt like a certain character.a purist fan should enjoy the game no matter what happens in the game or the outcome

Final Fantasy Series

i am a big fan of role playing games mostly Final looking forward to any more new on FFXIII-3 and FFX.i would love to continue to story of FFXIII-2 and play FFX in HD.i been playing game on the Ps thu to the PS3.i like the fact that the controller have always stayed the same.looking forward to FFXIV online and any more release news of future FF games.