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PS VITA versus 3DS

recently i got asked by my mom what i wanted for my birthday from her.... as im not a big fan of console gaming, i wanted nothing more than a psvita or a 3ds.

The PsVita dosent seem like itll release anytime soon....... as for the 3ds, its become even cheaper.

Sooooo whats beter..... 3DS or PS VITA?????

incompetence of budget phones

Android fones come in a great price bracket. But to truly enjoy ANDROID you need a good phone,

not just a budget phone.

A good fone is one which has:

1ghz and more processor

more than 500mb of internal memory

better than 420*360 pixels screen

bigger than 3inch screen

BUDGET FONES are S**T (i have experience)



so I phone is still a good option :'(


rumors have reached their peaks with everyone believing that the next apple phone is going to be the iphone 5. BUT, like every great story this one has a twist too. Its now believed (nd very strongly if i might add) that the nxt apple masterpiece is going to be the iPHONE 4S, which will be out sometime around september this year. SIT TIGHT!

PSP vita

I am hands down a hardcore Nintendo fan! I think that Sony always prices their stuff to steeply and dosent offer that much value for money. BUT, the moment i say PSP VITA, it was love at first site. I being a HI|UGE fan of handheld gaming thanks to the game-boy and the DS just LOVED the new PlayStation. for around $242 its COLLOSIAL for all its offering! This is one sony product that i would LOVE to splurge on.... the hardware is a BEAUTY! its handheld gaming REDEFINED! armed with a CORTEX A9 proccesor 5inch capcitative touchscreen with multitouch, 3g and wifi, it even has two cameras, a back trackpad with multitouch AND two... 9 axis directional joysticks!!!!!! ALTHOUGH i am totally in LOVE with the 3DS... i love this even more! LOVE U FOR THIS SONY!!!

THE SIMS 3 (ds)

The Sims, initially a cult status among players has now come to its third installment.... THE SIMS 3! The game has been released on every console but on this post i just want to put forward my opinion on the Nintendo ds version. I had high expectations from the game when it was launched. And since my favourite (handheld) console is the Nintendo ds i got a copy the moment it was released. I have to say that the game although has high changebility of the games(sims) jobs and stuff, is still very very short of the perfect handheld sims everyone expected it to be. THE GAME IS A TOTAL ZERO ON GRAPHICS..... AND THE FUN EQUATION RUNS OUT FOR A GAME OF THAT HIGH A PRICE......... IT GETS BORING AFTER A WHILE.. SUGGESTION IS THAT YOU BORROW IT OR RENT IT PLAY AND RETURN! MY GUARANTEE THAT YOU WONT MISS ANYTHING!