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Name your favourite games

I Think one of my favourite games are ff8,legend of zelda Kingdom Heart series and SSBseries and super mario deluxe,galaxy,sunshine and Tekken series

what should i get ?

I've been saving up money and I've got a wii what should i get a PS3 or Xbox 360 Or a computer games or get another wii ?

you can have your opinions on my blog

no wifi matches in brawl

i got brawl for the wii a month ago (on net new) and no one wont challenge me (yeah and I'm at pacific

times) do i have to friends or friend code to challenge people?

super smash bros Brawl

aww man that stinks in brawl because i GOT NO FRIENDS :cry::cry: ... i need some frieds come on and support me please:D and in brawl when i do random battles in brawl no one won't battle me:cry: