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is there FSAA this time? pgr3 was 640p and NO FSAA and tons of jaggies, can someone comment if this has been fixed and pgr4 is a mostly jaggie free experience this time? thx
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The following is an excerpt from my complaint with the Better Business Bureau:

Product Name: XBOX 360

Original Product Serial Number: XXXXXXXXXXXX

Refurbished Product Serial Number: XXXXXXXXXXXX

Xbox Customer Support Service Request ID#: XXXXXXXXXXXX

Second Customer Support Service Request ID#: XXXXXXXXXXXX

On August 27, 2007, I arranged warranty repair of a failed console. I shipped the console as instructed. Microsoft chose to provide me with a refurbished console. I received it on 9/24/07. On 9/30/07, the new unit failed.

I phoned the Microsoft service center, and a representative suggested I should go back through the same repair process. While I was willing to do this, I suggested that I would like to request expedited service since I had just gone through the process, and the refurbished machine had failed. The representative (Aaron) told me he could not provide such service, and he told me I could speak with a supervisor.

The supervisor began our discussion by complaining to me that he had to come into work on his day off. He proceeded to blame me for the failure of the consoles due to improper setup. He claimed that my use of a standard electrical surge suppressor was the incorrect method of setup and that I should have known this from the product documentation and from the company web site. (It is common practice to use a surge suppressor when setting up electronic devices. I later checked the setup information offered online, and could find no mention that such a device should not be used.) I told him clearly but politely that I was dissatisfied with the service thus far and with the intimation that I was to blame for the hardware failure. He angrily proceeded to inform me that if I was "just going to be pissed off" (this was his expression, one I had not used nor would I in a professional conversation), that we should end the call immediately. He offered to process my repair order as before. I proceeded to ask him for expedited service, and he hung up on me.

I decided simply to call back, speak with a representative, and simply re-start the normal month-long repair process. The representative with whom I spoke (a different one than on my first call,) immediately put me on hold, returned after several minutes, and informed me that they would not be able to process my repair as "the system was updating."


My situation is very similar... my 360 broke after 7 months of service, went throught the normal warranty process and received back a diffeent refurb unit with a older manufature date... it lasted 10 days! I called ms to simply get expeditied shipping, spent two hours troubleshooting and got no expedited shipping but a FREE VIVA PINATA game! (on ebay right now lol) I decided to wait a day and call back and try again... Day 2 more of the same, i explain how shoddy their QA dept must be sending out broken units replacing broken units and to make a 7 yr loyal customer happy all i want was to not wait 4 weeks for another console seeing I JUST WAITED 4 weeks for the last one! No go, refused, asked to talk to someone who could help me, they set up a call back for 24/48hrs.. never got a call in that time, called back, went through the same motions but now I am requesting a newer fefurb with a hdmi port for my troubles, refused.. I requested to talk to someone that can help me, they set up another call back.. never called! It's now on day 8 since i made the repair ticket and i finally recieve the emby shipping box! day 8! then i have to send mine back, wait 5 more days.. then have it sit for 2 weeks (in processing) while they do nothing and then another 5-7 days back to me? 5 weeks 10 days after waiting 4 weeks? this is beyond bogus if you ask me and I am a xbox fanboy pretty much!

I called back agin (5 plus hours on my cell now over4 different tries), talked to the superviser's superviser, she proceeded to tell me there was nothing she could do, no one else to escalate to and she's sorry but... this process for 1 time users of the warranty is fine but for someone in my shoes, first console 7months broke, 2nd repaired one 10 days broke is embarrassing... I am not asking for a lot, just expidited shipping and then when they refused such a small request, i started asking for hdmi ports because of their ridiculous efforts t satisfiy customers where they are burning by multiple lemon consoles!.. i even offered to pay for the upgrade as well.. they basically said what you send in is what you get back but i informed them that many interent users have reported receiving hdmi ports so why make it random for me considering my special circumstances, let's make a loyal customer happy after making me wait 4 weeks for a broken console to arrive just to wait 5 more weeks? I spend thousands a year in software and I am the hub for about 10 friends and family that all own xbox brand because i own it, have been a beta live customer and am personally repsonsible for thousands and thousands of dollar between myself and 10 freinds and family, I am exactly the kind of customer you want to take care of when you send out broken consoles to replace a broken console and then refuse to simply expedite the already very long process? unbelievable! and MS is 2 seconds away from losing my support which although in reality is not much but I am not alone and MS and their horrible treatment of their lemon 360s is the reason why they will probably never be truly as successfull as they want because of such a debacle like this... /end rant