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You'll Always Be Remembered

We'll take a good care of your son, sis. Don't worry, you can rest in peace now

Why so soon? I believe if you're in a field of flowers, you'll pick the most beautiful one first

You're in a better place now

We loved you sis.

I Am Bored

SO bored that I just made a blog to kill time because time is all I've got right now *sigh. Space is awesome. So many interesting stuff about space that I can make a whole blog about it. I've been interested in Space since the first time I learned about its existence, that when I was about 4th or 5th grader I think. As I grew up, I learned how the law of physics works and it made the space more interesting to me. Here are some fun facts about space that you may or may not already know. Enjoy! *talking to myself because I doubt other people would read the blog anyway, duh*

Did you know: How fast space debris are?

Space debris are junk which orbit around the earth. It consists of something like old satellite, spent rocket stages, fragments from disintegration, and collisions. These space junk, are moving at staggering speed of 35,500 kilometers (22,000 miles) per hour. With that kind of speed, you wouldn’t even able to see the object coming! So if you’re in space and mysterious holes just appear out of nowhere in a nearby structure, you would know why. And consider yourself lucky the holes are not anywhere in your body.

Did you know: The Origin of our Moon?

Some says that the Moon was just wandering the universe until it get cought by Earth’s gravitational field. There are actually many theories about how our Moon created or ended up orbiting our Earth. The theory I’m about to explain however, is the most popular and the most likely one. Around four billion years ago, the space is not a friendly place. Planets are still in development and collisions between space objects were frequent. Long story short, the young earth was once having a collision with an object about the size of Mars, we called this object Theia. The two collided at a very specific angle, and it is believed that the leftover debris condensed to what is now the Moon. Luckily enough it wasn’t a direct hit. Otherwise, the earth might be long gone..

Did you know: What is Galactic year?

Just like the Earth orbiting the sun, our solar system also orbiting the black hole at the center of milky way galaxy. The difference is, while our Earth takes about 365 days to completely orbit the sun, our solar system takes a tad bit longer than that, about 250 million years for each rotation. Each time our solar system makes it all the way around the milky way galaxy, it’s called one galactic year.

Our solar system is actually traveling at about 792,000 kilometers (483,000 mi) per hour relative to the center of the Milky Way. In other words, you could travel around the earth in about 3 minutes with that kind of speed. It’s estimated that there have been only 18.4 galactic years in the history of the Sun.

Did you know: Ganymede should have been considered as a planet?

IF Ganymede is orbiting the sun. The fact however, it is orbiting our largest planet Jupiter, which makes it considered only as a moon. Ganymede is the biggest moon in our solar system, even bigger than the planet Mercury. It even has its own magnetic field, something that no other moons has. It also has a thin layer of oxygen in its atmosphere, but sadly it’s not enough to support human life.

Did you know: You can fly on Titan?

Titan is one of the moons of Saturn. It has large concentrations of liquid methane and ethane, therefor Titan has a low atmospheric pressure. Combine that with its low surface gravity, and you can practically fly with an artificial set of wings! That assuming if you can live long enough before you’re running out of oxygen and drop dead a few seconds later.

Did you know: Jupiter is protecting Earth? (Sort of)

Jupiter, being the largest planet in our solar system, and known for the “big red spot”, a never ending storm with the size of twice the size of the earth itself. The planet is actually considered by scientists to be important for our safety. The reason is because Jupiter’s huge size, which makes a really strong gravitational pull. It practically pulls space debris or any kind of dangerous objects into its orbit before they can reach Earth.

Did you know: The hottest planet?

Mercury would be the hottest planet in our solar system right? Since after all it’s the closest planet to our sun. Well my good sir, you’re wrong. Apparently Venus, which actually further away from the sun, is way hotter than Mercury (up to 860 degrees F or 460 Celsius). Why? Because Venus has a thick atmosphere of CO2 which traps the heat it receives from the sun. Mercury on the other hand, doesn’t have atmosphere, therefor nothing to hold the heat in.

Did you know: Mercury strange orbit

A day on our Earth equals 24 hours. 24 hours is what it takes for earth to do a full rotation. In mercury however, it takes about 60 days earth to do its full rotation. It would be one heck of a day for us to live in Mercury (not that we can anyway). And moreover, due to Mercury’s distance from the sun (being the closest planet to our sun) it only takes Mercury about 88 earth days to orbit the sun, which means that on Mercury, there are less than two days in a year!

DId you know: If you put Saturn in water, it would float

The Saturn is one big gas Planet (the second biggest planet after Jupiter in our solar system) which primarily consists of Hydrogen. The actual density of Saturn is only 0.687 g/cm3, it’s so low that if you put a giant glass of water below it, it would float because the density of water is 0.998 g/cm3. One problem though, we need to have a massive glass of water if we want to put that theory to the test.

Did you know: The Space Roar?

Our space is not so silence after all. Although sounds can’t travel through space, radio waves however, can. Scientists were attempting to study early stars in 2006 but they ran into a problem, they were faced with a mysterious noise from some of the planets. The scientists believe that these sounds are radio waves, but they didn’t know where the radio waves coming from or what is causing it. Really odd. Here are some examples of ‘space roar’ if you want to hear it yourself.

Did you know: Space is big, absurdly big.

Well we’re not calling it space for nothing, because that’s what it mostly is, just empty space. The Sun itself is 99.8 percent of all the mass in the solar system, the other 0.2 percent are the rest. Asteroid, meteoroid, comet, our planet earth and other planets, all of them only contribute 0.2 percent of the matter, and most of it came from Jupiter.

The Sun which volume is 600 times greater than everything in the solar system combined, is less than one-trillionth of a percent of the entire solar system’s volume. And we’re only talking about our own solar system so far, lad. How about the size of galaxy we’re living in, the milky way? Our galaxy is approximately 100,000-120,000 light-years in diameter. Let’s think about what that really means for a moment. Let’s say if someone/something travelling from one far side of the milky way galaxy with the speed of light, the fastest speed currently known to man which is about 186,000 miles/second, it would take a whole 100,000 to 120,000 years for them to reach the other end of galaxy! Insane. And that’s only our galaxy, there are other countless galaxy out there. At this point my brain would just say "fvck it" and give up thinking about how big the universe really is. To understand the size of our universe is impossible, it’s well over our comprehension. Our beloved earth is just a little puny and insignificant planet compared to how big the universe is.

I've Lost My Souls..

..lots of it. Dark Souls 2 also took 70 hours of my life in less than a week. I've finished the game quite some time ago though, and I get to tell you my suffering (and enjoyment) from playing this game now. Why now? Because I couldn't access my account just after a few hours ago. In case you didn't know, and I'm sure you didn't, my account was locked because some sort of technical problem. I haven't logged in for quite a while, I think. The 230 private massages I got when I logged in tells me that lol. When I couldn't logged into my account however, the urge to make blogs is stronger than ever, strange. Expect to see some new blogs from me in near future. And while I was away, Gamespot managed to fix some of its never ending bugs, hurray for that! I can now finally edit my stacks (sometimes) and the notifications seems to work just fine. Good job GS, keep up the good work. Now on to Dark Souls!

Aah the Souls game series.. a series notorious for its unforgiving difficulty. While I agreed with what I just said regarding to Dark Souls 1, I couldn't agree when it comes to Dark Souls 2. The second installment is much easier than its predecessor, way easier to the point that I got disappointed when I faced the last boss. But does that mean DS2 is worse than DS1? Nope, not by any stretch of imagination, it's still a great game in every way, and a worthy successor for the original Dark Souls.

As a big fan of the original Dark Souls, I expected much from DS2 when they announced the game a few years ago. With exception of the difficulty, the overall game did not disappoint me. There are some changes in the gameplay, and those changes are for the better. The most useful one in my opinion, is the fast travel. You can now travel from bonfire to bonfire right after you started the game. Say if you stuck in one location because the boss is just insanely hard with your current level and equipment, you don't need to backtrack all the way from that location to location you've not explored before, just use the nearest bonfire and puff, you're there in a blink of an eye. Unlike in DS 1 when you can have that privilege but way later in the game, like almost just a few hours before you can take on the last boss. The combat system hasn't changed at all, which is good. You don't need to fix something that's already perfect.

When it comes to musical aspect of the game, I much prefer the original Dark Souls. I'm not saying the musics in Dark Souls 2 are bad but it's just easily forgettable. After playing 70 hours, none of the songs from DS2 stuck in my head. I can still remember many of original Dark Souls's boss soundtracks, they're just that good. Every musics just fits together with the bosses. I could never forget the music when I fought The Great Wolf Sif, a desperate and a kind of sad tone, which makes you feel kinda bad having to kill the poor wolf which is just trying to protect its master grave. Or the music in Ornstein and Smough fight, the music basically tells you *hurry the sh!t up kill one of the bastard before they can gang up on you*, just intense.

I've heard a lot of people complaining about the graphics are not as good as the prerelease footage they've shown for the sake of playability. I personally didn't notice the difference -__- Maybe it's just my bad eyesight but for me it looks okay. But seriously why people b***hing about the graphics is beyond me. It's not like you can't play the game properly because the graphics has been downgraded, the game is still fun regardless the graphics. I saw so many negative comments regarding the graphics especially in youtube, and they just annoyed me. I hope people would just stop whining about it, they're just hurting their dignity as a gamer, seriously.

The last thing I want to mention, is the difficulty. I'd have to admit that the original Dark Souls really kicked my ass, hard. The first few hours in Dark Souls was like hell. It was frustating. I died over and over again. Losing my hard earned souls just because a few mistakes I made, I thought the game was too cruel. The key to playing Dark Souls is patience. You're not getting anywhere in Dark Souls if you rush things up. So I learned from my mistakes, until eventually I got a good grip at the game, and ended up loving the game. The point of telling you all that is, I think the reason why many people loved playing Dark Souls is because its difficulty. It is a hard game sure but the game gives you a fair challenge. It's hard enough to make you died countless times but for some reason the game over screen doesn't make you want to turn off your console. You struggle, you swear at the TV screen almost all the time, you throw your controller away, you rage quit only to come back a week later and give it another try, until you can beat the game. It was so magical.. at least that's how I felt about it. So when I say the difficulty disappoint me, I really do. There're some parts harder than the others but overall the game is just way easier compared to DS1. With a few exception (I'm looking at you Smelter Demon), I can beat most of the bosses at ease. Moreover, the last boss in DS2 is like a bad joke! It didn't take me more than 5 attempts to kill the last boss. Now compare that to last boss in DS1. He was tough son of a B in a whole new level. His relentless attack is just too fast and too hard to dodge. I had to learn his attack patterns, it's not easy and it took a considerable amount of time. When I did manage to kill him, it's so satisfying, a feeling that can't describe with words. A feeling that certainly was missing when I beat DS2.

Well that's it, my impression of DS2. Now I've got to check my inbox.. don't even know where I should start reading >_> Bye!

Travelling Around Europe

Let the pictures talk :p

Canal cruise in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Santiago Bernabeu stadium tour in Madrid, Spain

Cordoba, Spain

Bunch of snowy mountains in Austria

Riding a gondola in Venice, Italy

On the top of Pilatus mountain, Luzern, Switzerland

Eifel tower in Paris, France

Big Ben in London, England

Edinburgh Castle in Edinburgh, Scotland

Visiting my brother and his really reaally cute daughter in Aberdeen, Scotland

It was fun :)

What a Drag

I couldn't log in to my email for a while now. I asked the CS guys/gals over at yahoo and they said that my email may have been compromised so in order to me to have my account back, i have to answer security questions, you know the questions and answers you make when you create an account to confirm you identity in case you forgot your password or in my case, account compromised. The thing is, I couldn't remember the answers to the questions at all so I'm pretty much screwed. Right now I'm still trying to retrieve my email account through the CS, hopefully I can get my email back. I have like 3 email accounts, why is it has to be my primary email account that got compromised. Damn it, just damn it.

It's Been A While..

...Since the last time I blogged, about 5 months or so. Time sure goes by pretty fast and it's already the end of 2011 so I figure I should make a blog to say farewell to 2011, although it's a bit early I know. And also a little updates about my gaming progress as well since I don't know when I'll ever get the urge to blog again, only god knows ( seriously, I don't even know myself). Just quick updates cause I hate to see a wall of text on my blog so.. here we go.

So a couple of weeks ago I bought a lot of games. I haven't bought a single game actually since June or July or heck maybe even earlier so I thought might as well spent all of my money that I've been saving up for games so I don't need to buy any games until at least Q2 next year :P. Here are the games I bought

So far I've finished Batman Arkham City and Zelda Skyward Sword and boy these two games are awesome. Especially Skyward Sword and I'll proudly announce here and now that it's my GotY this year. Go pick up this game now and don't even bother to see Gamespot review if score is the only thing you care about before buying a game :P.I've been playing a lot Dark Souls lately. It's really hard and unforgiving like everyone said so I use a walkthrough to get the good weapons early in the game and to know the bosses weaknesses. I don't usually use a walkthrough in my first playthrough but this is a special case :D. Played a little of Gears of Wars 3 and got bored pretty quick, maybe I'm not in the mood for shooters for now, and the rest are still left untouched.

I think that's about it! short ain't it?

Oh and btw, I just got a nice X360 Modern Warfare 3 wireless headset and a MW3 T shirt from GS Asia for winning somekind of competition. The wireless headset is pretty good but I doubt I'll ever wear the MW3 t shirt and show it off to everbody because I don't want to get trolled in real live xD Nah I kid, the shirt is too big, that's why. Too lazy to take and upload a pic but you know I don't tell lies ;). Thanks GSA for the prizes!

Now I want to say happy holidays, Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it (I don't so no need to 'Merry Christmas' me back :) ), and happy early new year 2012! Yay it's actually less than 12 months from the "Apocalypse", I'm kind of excited to see what will happen next year :P. Until next time!

I Hate You Konami

I really do... after I found this article about Suikoden Team Disbanded today. Yeah that's just great, I've been waiting for a nonexistent game for like 5 years. Although from what I understand about the article, there's still a slight possibility that they'll make another Suikoden game but not so soon, not in probably 5 or 10 years from now. I hate Konami, screw all of their PES games they release every year, screw all of those endless Metal Gear Solid games sequels, prequels, remakes, HD remakes (sorry MGS fans, I freakin love MGS myself but I'm that pi$sed off right now), I just don't care about them anymore, I don't care and I am not interested in their new RPG game which will be develope by tri Ace. All I wanted was a new Suikoden game on current gaming consoles. I don't mind about how long it takes until they finish the game as long as they're indeed making it. I was ready to buy a PS3 in case if it will be a PS3 exclusive title, but now I don't think that's necessary anymore. I lost all hope in Konami. I lost all hope in pretty much gaming industry right now. I just don't get all the hype about FPS and MMORPG games which are the mainstream of gaming genre nowdays, they're all look just the same for me. My interests in games is keep getting lesser and lesser everyday..

Man this the second time in a row I'm really in a bad mood when I'm about to make a blog, sorry about that.



Games Beaten on June- July

Mortal Kombat (X360)- 8.5

Dead Space 2 (X360)- 9.0

Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy (PSP)- 8.0

Fire Emblem (GBA)- 9.0

L.A Noire (X360)- 8.5

Bulletstorm (X360)- 8.5

Now Playing

-Final Fantasy II (IP)

-Fallout New Vegas

-Final Fantasy VI

Most Wanted Games


Platform: PS3, X360

Release Date:Jul 26, 2011

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Platform: PC, PS3, X360

Release Date:Aug 23, 2011



Movies Watched on June- July



Sucker Punch

HP7 Part 2

Most Wanted Movie on August



Emblems Userscript

Before I end this blog, I want to share this cool userscript made by XenoLair. The userscript basically allows you to see all of your emblems and its description on your main profile page (just like the picture above). You can also see all of your friends emblems on their main profile page. Now you don't have to go to achievements page ever again if you want to see all of your emblems. If you're a longtime member of Gamespot, it will reminds you of the old Gamespot layout.

If you're interested, here's how to install it.

Firefox - If using Firefox, first install the greasemonkey addon from here. And then the script itself from here (Click "Install" on the webpage and then "Install" on the window that pops up).

Chrome - For Chrome users, all you have to do is install the script from here.

For more information about the userscript and its updates, go to the emblem union. There's a sticky thread about it.

That's all, thank you for all your comments, till next time!

I'm One Step Closer to Death

Because now I'm officially 20 years old! Pardon for the misleading and unusual birthday blog title, I just want to attract your attentions :P though it is true that when someone get older the closer they are to their own death. Now hmm what else to say.. this was supposed to be my birthday + monthly blog but due to the bad mood I had lately, I decided to postpone the monthly thingy and post it along with next month's blog, so this blog will be a short one.

Okay now that I'm a 20 years old man and I think there are some things that I need to change about myself. I'll write them here for a reminder to myself

1. Be a postive influence to those around me. I want to do whatever I can do to the people around me. In my 20 years as a healthy breathing human being, I felt like I've been a burden to everyone especially to my parents.

2. Suppress the childish part of me as much as possible because the older I get, the more responsibilities I will take. That is how it works.

3. Don't be a lazy a$$! Honestly, laziness has always been the biggest issue for me. I don't think I can get rid of this problem anytime soon but it won't hurt to try (in fact, I have to try!)

4. Try to not get too close or too attached to someone because if things don't turn out to what you expected or if they left you, it feels like you just lost a part of yourself and feels like so much emptiness, it sux and it hurts :( If only I didn't have this thing called "feeling" towards someone, I wouldn't have this problem. I used to be a heartless man who didn't give a damn about anyone, guess I need to find back my old self now.

5. Study, study, study even if it kills me! One of my goals in my life is to take a second degree outside of my country. I want to take a second degree in Australia which is quite near from my country and use English as national language but my parents want me to go to Germany (like my big brother did) instead because the life cost is a lot cheaper there. The thing is I'm too lazy to learn German language all over again (I've tried to learn German before and I just didn't get it, I'm stupid I know). I still can't decide on this matter but the most important and obvious thing to do now is to study harder.

That's all I can think of right now, there are still few other things that I want to say here but I don't want my blog to be a wall of text >_> Now excuse me, I just want to enjoy the early hours as a 20 years old man while listening to this song which I've been listening to for the past few weeks because it just makes me feel happier a little bit :) Bye!

E3, Yay!

Hello there! How's everyone doing? I've been busy with assignments, some college stuff, and I've been studying because I'll have my exams later this month :( but that can't hold me from watching the E3 next week! 8) Yes it is upon us, it's only 3 days left before the E3! I think I'll need to drink some coffe when I watch E3 because it will start at mindnight here. I don't want to miss any of the live broadcast because I want to get all the emblems just like what I did last year :P Just hope that there won't be any emblem glitch or issues like last year lol. Well that's for introduction now we'll get into the monthly things, enjoy!



Before I get into what games I'm currently playing, I just want to tell you guys that I just some bought games!! I can't believe the last time I bought games was on early January, that means I haven't gotten any new games for about 5 months :shock: Here's the list of games I just bought

Games Acquisitions

  • Dead Space2
  • Crysis 2
  • Bulletstorm
  • Portal2
  • Mortal Kombat
  • L.A Noire

Yeah I bought six new games and now I don't think I'll buy new games untill I can beat all those games first.. only god knows when I'll be able to beat them all, that could be next year :P

Now Playing

Dead Space 2 (X360) - I feel ashamed for getting and playing this game months after the release and after pretty much all the people I know have played it and beat this game, and knowning that this game was my most anticipated game for 2011 :( But whatever, I guess no one gonna blame me for that.

So I already on chapter 7 and I have sink about 5 hours on this game. To keep this blog as short as possible, I'm just gonna say it now that this game is amazing! Killing and dismembering necromorphs just never gets old. Dead Space 2 is like the same amazing game (Dead Space) that I played a few years ago with more weapons, more variety of enemies, more engaging story, superb graphics, superb atmosphere, and now we can hear the talkative Issac Clarce saying **** and all :P I love this game!

Mortal Kombat (X360) - I just played the story mode today and I'm having problem with this game already.. It's so damn hard! Having to look at the combo list and remember each of them is just turned me down. When I played it I just mashed the buttons because I had no idea what I was doing.. I admit that I $ucked at fighting games and the reasons why I still want to play this game is for nostalgic factor (loved the Sega Genesis version) and to see all the bloody, spine breaking, skull cracking, over the top fatalities :D Definitely not a bad game but some practice needed to play the game.

Games Beaten On May

Nothing :(

June Most Wanted Games

Duke Nukem Forever

Platform: X360,PS3,PC

Release Date: Jun 14, 2011

Shadows of the Damned

Platform: X360, PS3

Release Date: Jun 21, 2011

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Platform: All Platform

Release Date: Jun14, 2011



Movies Watched On May

More nothing :cry:

June Most Wanted Movies

Green Latern

June 17


X-Men First Clazz

June 3



E3 2011

I've been seeing people making blog about their most anticipated games for E3 and here I am wanna join the fun as well. I expect to see these things on the E3 this year (in no special order)

3DS Games Lineup

It is no wonder why the 3DS don't sell like its older brother the NDS, it's because the lack of games (especially first party game). Nintendo needs to show us their upcoming games for the 3DS if they don't want the 3DS end up like VirtualBoy. I expect to see some more footage of Zelda OoT, Resident Evil Mercenaries, etc. And I hope they'll announce games like Super Mario Galaxy 2.5 or Metroid another M for 3DS, perhaps?

NGP Games Lineup

Yeah we know NGP has a dual analog sticks, capacitive touchscreen, 3G, Wi-fi support, powerful processor and all that stuff but where are the games? The only one that caught my attention is the Uncharted game, where are the others?

The Last Guardian

Well although I don't have a PS3 to play it, somehow I'm still exited to see this one on the E3 :P

Suikoden VI

Everyone knows who is the biggest fan of Suikoden series.. yes, my banner, my sig, my profile image, my username, heck, everything about riou7 was inspired from Suikoden. I've been waiting for this game since I beat Suikoden V, 5 years ago so please Konami don't make me wait any longer, please!

Project Cafe

This one is still a mystery.. but I'm sure it will be revolutionary.. just like the Wii


Can't believe myself this one is also on the list. I did dissapoint with how boring the story was in FFXIII but I can't deny that I had fun playing it. So who wants more of Lightning in FFXIII-2? Yes, count me in!

Zelda Skyward Sword

We have seen quite enough of this game in E3 last year. Now what we need is a release date from Nintendo and please no more delay!

Mass Effect

Simply can't wait to see Sephard and the others again in their third game!

MGS Rising

First time announced back in 2009, we haven't seen enough of Raiden in action untill now. Really hope to see Raiden cutting things other than robots, junks. and watermelllons.

Batman Arkham City

The last time I checked, Catwoman is a playable character. How could you not excited?!


It's the end of the blog! Thanks everyone for reading my blog, I'll see you guys again in my blog next month, and it will be my birthday blog :o:P C'ya! 8)