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Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller

So recently I was browsing STEAM greenlight and sumbled upon this game, a noir-style detective point n´click adventure game? SIGN ME UP!

Oh, wait, there's a demo? Even better.


The demo opens up with a motion comic style video, in fact and I gotta say, I really dig the artwork and the soundtrack, it's incredibly moody and immersive. In the demo you follow Erica a detective with the uncanny ability to be able to see into the past, you'd think this would make the game too easy, but really her ability only gives you clues, it doesn't straight out tells you the answer to all of the puzzles (at least for the most part).

With that said, I thought the puzzles in the Demo were a little too easy, but I'm guessing that was on purpose, I've actually heard some horror stories regarding the later puzzles :P

The game features a pretty inventive tip system, if you ever feel like you need help you can use Erica's smartphone to text her dad, now that's really clever:


Now, I only really played the demo, but as far as flaws go I only found relatively minor stuff:

When I had Erica's partner dig a hole, it took a second or two for the shovel to load, during that second her partner was digging with an invisible shovel :P

And you can't skip the dialog, that's pretty annoying, though I've heard that's being fixed for Episode 2.

Now Obviously this isn't a real review because, again I only played the demo, but hey, maybe you all could do me favor and vote 'yes' on steam greenlight? :P

they're also on, hopefully you guys can vote there as well :)