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This Week: Xbox One, LEGO Batman 2

Hey guys, it's been a pretty good week so far. Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One, and I bought LEGO Batman 2. 

Concerning the Xbox One, I'm personally looking forward to it. While it may not be the games console that the PS4 will most certainly be, I'm sure it will be a great home entertainment console, that can play solid games well. I'm not sure why people are complaining about the new focus on more media than just gaming, since it will still do that; it's Xbox for Christ's sake! It will be of other uses when not be gamed on.

The used game fee is a failsafe for game devs who wouldn't make a cent off a used copy being sold, which they deserve, but it's not like they aren't making any money; people can't always afford to pay the $60, especially on experimental, risky games that probably wouldn't make much new, since people don't want to gamble their money away on a chance of quality (Men In Black: Alien Crisis, anyone?); allowing used games means more people can try your games, and ultimately become hyped for your next title. It's unfortunate they're going this route, but not totally unjustified. This will also mean that if you go with the One, Gamefly and Gamestop will become completely useless.

The online connection issue, on the other hand, is completely unjustified. Why make us deal with all that social bullshit? Some of us play games to be secluded from people, since, who are we kidding? People suck, and we'd be better off without them. This was a huge step down, and I really hope they come to their senses and omit it for the next redesign.

What else to say? Halo 5 will be great, the controller looks magical, the Illumiroom will be interesting, and Call of Duty: Ghosts is shaping up to be the best COD in a good while.

Besides the MS news, I just bought LEGO Batman 2 today, my first new game since buying and beating the superb Bioshock Infinite. Haven't opened it yet, since I'm bloody tired right now (it's 12:17 May 23rd as I'm writing this), but will tomorrow, and write a blog post about my initial opinions on it.

I'm sure I'll enjoy it, since I absolutely loved LEGO Batman on the DS. Loved it so much that it's one of the few games I've 100%. I'll be writing a review of it soon. I'm ready to get my blocks off! 

For now, rigbybot127, signing off.

San Andreas: Old and New

So, yeah, this is the part where I show you guys my Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas review from Leet Gamers Asia, which I'll get to in a sec. As it turns out, I already have a review of San Andreas on Gamespot, completely different from my LGA review. It is... unprofessional, to say the least, with no line breaks, and is a wall of text, but it was one of my first reviews as a hobbyist reviewer; so it does hold a lot of nostaliga, even with how bad it is. I'm going to present it to you here, beofre we move onto the LGA review; and this will be the final place you will be able to see the GS review, as after today, it will be replaced by my LGA review.

So without further ado, I present to you the final resting place of my O.G. San Andreas review:

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the biggest GTA ever made, and 2nd best (GTA IV is all that needs to be said). The awesome mechanics of previous GTA games have been very refined, to give you what is one of the most fun experiences you can have on your PS2; actually, it is; Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the best PS2 game ever made. Period. It is just so amazing. Never have I had so much doing a Base Jump off a canyon, and getting smashed into by an oncoming plane. The Story: Carl Johnson (CJ) returns to San Andreas, from Liberty City, after his "Moms" was killed in a drive-by retaliation from a rival gang (CJ's a part of the Grove Street Family); while headed back, CJ is framed for killing a police officer, framed by Officer Tenpenny (voiced by Samuel L. Jackson), and is forced to do some dirty work, along with his "homies". You can drive, shoot, and cause mayhem like any other GTA, but it's been refined, to a "T"; you can now aim manually, while moving, which is great; diving is nice and tight, fun "arcade" feel to it; the mayhem is awesome, with awesome new weapons, and the only time in the series you can ever control a plane; this is also the first game where you can swim, and underwater, at that. The music is fantastic, with Ice Cube, Lynard Skynard, Eddie Money, Rod Stewart, Rick James, Billy Idol, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and many more; the Xbox version allows players to import their own music into their own radio station, but with all the great music in this game, who would want to. The size of San Andreas is roughly the size of a small state (maybe?), as it takes Liberty City and Vice City and expands 3 times upon them; 3 cities: Los Santos, the striving ghetto area, beginning city; San Fierro, "San Fransisco" basically, 2nd city; and Las Venturas, the "Sin City" of San Andreas, final city of the game; and lots of country, forest, and desert in between. Sice this is a GTA game, the weapons and vehicles are obviously top-notch; vehicles can go unbelievably fast, and guns go boom, like usual. Since you are in a gang, you can take over other gang's turf; Ballas and Vagos turf can be taken over by killing a bunch of them on their turf, and they can be indicated by purple and yellow clothing, respectively. Speaking of clothes, you can now customize CJ a lot; not just tons of clothing items, but also hair and "tats", which makes the game very dynamic. Collectibles are also very much "there", with oysters, snapshots, horseshoes, numerous Unique Stunt Jumps, and tags you can tag over with spray paint. The game is also the first of the "GTA III Era" to have some sort of two-player; there are little races, 2-player Rampages, and Free-Roam games scattered around San Andreas that, if you find them, you can play with a friend (not through the story, but you can still cause hell, elsewhere). There are also some fantastic cheats for the game, which can make for some fun, just I recommend not using cheats past the 500 mark (you can see how many cheats you've entered in the stats section of the start menu) until you get past a certain "Madd" mission in Las Ventuas, because it could cause the mission to "happen to fast" and will be very hard to accomplish. Respect can also be earned, which will allow you to create little gangs of your homies, to go cause havoc with; you can earn more "slots" as you gain Respect, but make sure you have enough "slots" in your car for 'em. Bottom Line: This game is fantastic. That's it. So, get off (or more like on) your ass and play some SA; it's available on Xbox Live (definitely worth the money), and for PS2, Xbox, Windows, and Mac (might be coming to Playstation Network, GTA III and Vice City are). Oh, and Jetpacks!!!

Well, that was my shitty old review of San Andreas. It may suck, but it did help me as a reviewer. It helped me to realize that I DO NOT want to make a review like THAT ever again.

Now that we have that out of the way, here's my LGA review:

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the most outlandish game Rockstar has ever made. While Rockstar has grown up a bit with more mature, dark storytelling, and realism; many fans will look back on San Andreas as their favorite, and one can understand why. It takes everything that made III and Vice City great, refines it, gives you even more to do, and throws in one of the wildest narratives, one that will take you to every corner of San Andreas, and throw a whole lot of silly your way. Not too much; a reasonable amount. This isnt Saints Row, in that regard; and thats a good thing. It contains the right mix of silly and seriousness, to keep the narrative resembling something coherent.

Carl Johnson (or as youll know him, CJ) is coming home from Liberty City, in the event of his moms death. Just off the plane, he is pulled over by some bent cops; Tenpenny (played by Samuel L. "Motherf*cking" Jackson), and Pulaski; who frame him for the murder of a cop (which will be happening a lot during this game). That makes you their dog.

Bitch, whatd I tell you bout them snakes!

You arrive at your old moms house, where you meet your life-long homies, Sweet (also your brother), Ryder, and Big Smoke; and all members of the Grove Street crime family. It turns out things went to hell while you were gone, and most of the families split from Grove Street. Led by the naive Sweet, you and your homies take to the task of bringing GS back to the top.

(Screenshot courtesy of IGN)

Plans quickly derail, and what results is one of the wildest narratives ever, filled with tons of memorable, lovable characters; most of which are well-voiced by well-known actors/comedians/rappers; and Rockstars most idealistic game ever, as opposed to their usual brass cynicism; though the wonderful taut political commentary is still there. Its also their largest-scale, with a whopping 3 cities to explore, all connected by vast countryside/forest/desert; and a mission count well over 100; this game will take you about 20-30 hours to beat.

You can now parachute off of tall buildings and out of helicopters.

The games map is mostly based on California, with Nevada thrown in for good measure; Los Santos=Los Angeles, San Fierro=San Francisco, and Las Venturas=Las Vegas. All with their own flare, and whatnot. The size of the map is one of the main reasons many people find this installment their favorite; it is really big, and it can be pretty fun to get from place to place (remember kids, we didnt have taxis back then); but it can also sometimes be easy to get lost, and you will be annoyed at least once; such as driving for like 5 minutes in the forest, before coming across a huge divide filled with water, between you and the rest of your path, forcing you to drive along the gap until you find a way to continue, taking up a considerable amount of time. It may sound like Im being nitpicky, but I truly do appreciate the size of the map, and it really immerses you into the world. Just an interesting fact, San Andreas is set in the same universe as III and Vice City (as well as Manhunt), so be on the lookout for cameos of past characters.

Speaking of water, if you happened to fall off of a cliff into it, as frustrating as it would be, for the first time in GTA history, it would not render you dead; as you can now swim! Underwater even (though this is rather useless, except for rare occasions, and drains your lung capacity meter). It is more fun on land, though; as swimming can get kinda boring, and annoying; sometimes spending many minutes trekking around in the water, just waiting to find a dock or something you can grab on to to get the hell out. Its still a heck of a lot better than dying instantly by merely standing in the water. Just try to stay on land, if you can. Water=Life Insurance. You can also use it to bypass the bridges blocking off the rest of the map, early in the game, by simply swimming past them, but I dont recommend this. You will get a lot of cops on you, and you will not get them off with anything less than your imminent death.

That thing floating next to you is an oyster, which is one of the many collectibles in this game.

I mentioned the lung capacity meter earlier, which is one of the many skills you can level up. You can level up your stamina (how long you can sprint, cycle fast, etc.), your skill with every weapon, every kind of vehicle type (by going to specific vehicle schools), and your physique. You can eat out and work out (not at the same place); and depending on how much of either one you do, your body and (in the fat case) voice will change. You eventually have to go to a Burger Shot (or Cluckin Bell, or Pizza Stack) and eat something, otherwise your hunger will go down, and youll start to lose health. Scrappy mechanic? Sure, but it doesnt happen too often. Still, that particular RPG element could have been left out, and no one would miss it. Your lung capacity meter dictates how long you can swim underwater. It can be leveled up with practice; you should start this early, as a mission 3/5 into the game requires you to have good lung capacity.

Home of the Heart Stopper; six pounds of meat and cheese that will someone in five seconds.

Also, depending on your physique, you can (if you know where to look) acquire girlfriends. This mechanic flat-out sucks, and is so time-consuming and boring for what your eventual reward is (one for instance can get you out of jail with all of your weapons). There is only 1 instance where you have to date somebody, but other than that, there are much better things you can be doing with your time.

Youre not worth it.

Yo CJ! Dont be a busta! There are various spots all around Los Santos, which are all controlled by one of the two rival gangs. You can mount an attack on these spots, and claim them for your own. This will earn respect for you (along with any mission you do for your homies). You can use respect to recruit gang members to help you with random things, such as certain missions and taking down rival gang turf. This mechanic disappears 1/5 into the game.

This is the best way to win a turf war.

You can pick and choose what CJ wears, his hair-do, and his tattoos, making him the most customizable protagonist of the entire series. There are different clothes stores, all corresponding to different social classes. Binco is for the poor, bargain shoppers, while Rodeo is for the rich. You can find various barbers and tattoo parlors all around the city.

Another thing that can be leveled up is CJs melee. Once you reach a certain level of buff, you can learn new moves at either the local Los Santos gym or the San Fierro martial arts dojo. It equips the triangle/Y button with sweet, ball-busting moves. This of course is completely optional, as you wont really be doing much melee.


Along with the usual cars, boats and motorcycles; for the first time in the series, you can fully fly airplanes (not just that damn Dodo). One of the best missions in the game is a flight school, which is mandatory. It will piss a lot of people off, though. Also new to the series is the ability to move while free-aiming, though you have to level each gun up to a certain level before you can move while shooting. While its not perfect, its still a lot better than past GTA gunplay, though that really isnt saying much. The series isnt about pin-point accurate shooting mechanics.

Once you reach Las Venturas, you can put your hand and wallet to various gambling, such as video poker, blackjack or the roulette table. Its a pretty sure-fire and fun way to make hefty amounts of cash, which you can then use to play more poker.

The less you play, the luckier you get!

The soundtrack is great (with my personal favorite radio station being K-DST). While there are a lot of misses (mostly on the non-rock and rap stations), there are still a lot of great songs to keep you rocking. The public radio is a favorite, as well; with its hilarious social/political commentary; though its still not quite as good as IIIs Chatterbox. The little adverts in-between songs and the such are as funny as ever.

Word of advice: do not go into this expecting anything resembling easy or fair in terms of difficulty. There are some missions that are almost impossible unless you know what to expect, and what to bring with you in preparation. Couple that with the fact that (like every GTA before) THERE ARE NO CHECKPOINTS. These are some pretty long, sadistic missions we got here, and a very expansive distance between the mission start, and the local hospital. So, unless you save nearby the starting point (which you should always do; and be sure to save regularly, as there is no autosave, and Im sure you dont wanna lose precious hours of progress), youre gonna have to go through a lot just to gt back to the point you died, make it a little further, and then die again. There is also at least one (optional) mission branch that you forces to PAY to start it; and these are some of the best missions of the game. And then there are the races, which. I dont really have the stomach to talk about right now. Lets just say that if you can make it through the two mandatory races, the rest of the game will be a lot of fun, and a hell of a lot easier!

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a very idealistic game, in terms of tone. While most other Rockstar games wind up depressing, San Andreas teaches you that no matter who you are, or where youre from, you can prevail, and be somebody. San Andreas is a rocking package filled with silly, rocking tunes, idealism and fun; and one of the greatest games on the PS2.


I hope you guys enjoyed my review, and for now, this is rigbybot127, signing off.

(Now available on Playstation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace, for $15 and 1200 Microsoft Points respectively. You can also find it on PS2, Xbox, PC, and Mac.)

Doctor Who vs. Star Trek?

Both are immensely good sci-fi series, but only one can be the best of the best. Take to the comments, and give me your opinion. Mine would be Doctor Who, but only by a small margin.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Review *Spoiler-Free*

Just a year after the astounding masterpiece,Grand Theft Auto III, came the sequel: Vice City. Vice City, believe it or not, was almost better. It retained the gameplay of the third game, while adding a new city, motorcycles, a perfect soundtrack, and, best of all, had an actual story, with a protagonist that talks frequently.

A new way of travel.

Vice City features the timeless tale of a crook, who rises up from his small-time roots, and becomes a notorious drug lord. That crook is Tommy Vercetti, who with the help of his lawyer, his buddy, Lance, and rival gangs; takes Vice City for his own. He is sent to Vice City to perform a drug deal, when it goes wrong, and him and Kent (his lawyer) have to escape and hide out; he is forced to go after the money. He eventually runs into a colorful cast of characters, not the least of which is Lance, his buddy in crime, his main man.

If you die during a mission, Taxis will be there to bring you back to it.

The gameplay is practically the exact same as III, except with added elements, such as motorcycles and helicopters, and more weapons and cars to choose from. You can steal, beat, kick, shoot, explode, drive, the works. You can now also buy property, which is a big (and mandatory) thing to do in this game (you must buy the Malibu to finish the game). Also back are the side-missions; taxi, cop car, ambulance, paramedic, and the new Bus side-mission. Plus, you can hop out of amoving car, which you couldnt in III.

Stylin and profilin.

.The games all-around sound is even better than IIIs, with phenomenal voice-acting by Ray Liotta, Tom Sizemore, Dennis Hopper, Burt Reynolds, Phillip Michael Thomas, Danny Trejo, Gary Busey, Jenna Jameson, and Lazlow, who cowrote allradio stationsin this game, along with Dan Houser, and is the host of V-Rock. Every song in this game is a hit from the 80s, with more radio stations, and by extension, songs than III; all of them better (in my opinion) than III, with artists such as Megadeth, Electric Light Orchestra, Judas Priest, Quiet Riot, Toto, Blondie, Iron Maiden, Motley Crue, Ozzy Osbourne, David Lee Roth, INXS, Michael Jackson, Teena Marie, Rick James, Kate Bush, Bryan Adams, Go West, Luther Vandross, Kool & the Gang, A Flock of Seagulls, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Spandau Ballet, Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five, Hashim, Corey Hart, Laura Branigan, REO Speedwagon, and Eumir Deodato.

You must own this club to finish the game. (Source: IGN)

The game looks good, but only a little bit better than III; the graphics didnt have the same revolutionary feel as III, since this came out only a short year after III. Vice City looks nice, but isnt quite as great of a city as IIIs Liberty City. It feels smaller, less interesting areas, and had less of a dynamic feel than Liberty City. It features two masive islands (which you cant access both until a certain point in the game), with four bridges (two of which have mini-islands; one with a movie studio), and is very sunny and poppy, in stark contrast to Liberty Citys dark and dreary dystopia (which I prefer). The whole games tone, story-wise and in general, is more upbeat than the dark III, since its the Florida in the 80s, and not New York in 2001 (which was dark, believe me).

Ah, the awesome Vice City.

Vice City is a worthy sequel to the masterful III, and would remain the best selling game on the PS2, until the next edition in the GTA series. If you can, I recommend you buy it. It is now on the Playstation Network.


Grand Theft Auto III Review *Spoiler-Free*

Back when the PS2 started out, it had a lot of great games, but only one killer app, Metal Gear Solid 2. That game is amazing, and would be the reason that many people bought the system. Then, from little known DMA Design, now Rockstar North, came GTA III, the sequel to the top-down Grand Theft Auto and Grand Theft Auto 2, and turned the system from the competitor of the Xbox and Gamecube, into the unstoppable powerhouse that we all know it is today.

Cops?! We dont need no stinkin cops!

Grand Theft Auto III kept the violence of the originals, while adding a story, and licensed music; but the one thing that makes this uniformly different from its predecessors is the camera, which is now third-person, and in full 3D, rather than the top-down perspective of the others before it. It was a very revolutionary game, gameplay and content-wise. The storytelling was unlike anything before it, as was the violence, which got it a lot of attention from media watchdogs, and with that, a lot of free advertising. It basically had the same gameplay, with added story elements, as the first 2, but with a lot more detail, which made jacking someones car and beating them up both more violent and controversial, and more fun.

Shotgun wedding.

The year is 2001 :You play as an unnamed criminal (until San Andreas, when his name is revealed to be Claude), who is betrayed by his girlfriend, Catalina, during a heist gone wrong. He is then arrested, and on his way to prison, when he is inadvertently freed from the prison escort. So he, and the car bomb maker, 8 Ball, head to a safehouse. He later meets Salvatore Leone, and becomes his errand boy. This game basically has no story, but the framing device is revolutionary. Driving from mission to mission, in whatever order you please, while very conventional nowadays, was practically unheard of at that time, outside of RPGs.

The cops dont even dare try and stop him.

You can punch, kick, use weapons, and steal various vehicles. You go from mission to mission, doing different crimes for different criminal/bosses. These usually consist of retrieving someting, killing/assassinating someone, picking someone up, stealing something, or making your way through a sadistic battlefield of enemies, just waiting to unload on you and make you start all the way over. You can also be a paramedic, cop, or a taxi, to make money, to buy weapons, which your gonna need to live.

.And a firetruck!

This game had some good graphics for its time, nice details and textures, and a wonderfully created living, breathing expy of New York . The city of Liberty City (motto: The Worst Place in America) features 3 districts: Portland (Industrial Area), Staunton Island (Commercial Area), and Shoreside Vale (Residential Area; basically a red herring); all different from each other. My favorite is Staunton, with its awesome buildings and construction site. You cant go to each one, right away, since the bridge is destroyed at the beginning of the game, and the ferry workers are on strike. You have to advance through the game, before you can travel.

Ah, Liberty City.

Where the game really nails it is in the sound department. The VA is phenomenal, featuring the likes of Robert Loggia, Michael MacLachlan, Michael Madsen, Joe Pantoliano, Michael Rapaport, Frank Vincent, and the charming radio personality, Lazlow, as himself. The in-game radio features a lot of great licensed music, and multiple radio stations which all play different music, my favorite being the ones that play classical orchestral music, and the that plays the entire soundtrack to one of the best movies ever made: Scarface.

Frank Vincent plays Salvatore Leone.

The only complaint I have for this near-flawless game is that there are no checkpoints; which means that when you just battled your way through a VERY sadistically hard group of enemies, and are popped right at the end, you have to go buy your weapons again, drive to the mission, drive to the killing site, and try again. Youll lose a lot of money trying in this game. One fix for this is to save with your weapons at a safehouse (the only place you can save, as this game does not feature autosave), and then keep reloading, everytime you die. It saves a lot of money. This is a brutally hard game, so checkpoints would have been appreciated; but this wont detract from the final score. If you enjoy a challenge, then this game is for you.

Dead man walking.

Grand Theft Auto III is a revolutionary masterpiece, and even with every sequel being better and better, this remains one of the most important games of all-time, for storytelling, gameplay, and violence, for every medium. I give GTA III my rigbybot127 Seal of Masterful Quality and a perfect score.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: Heroes in a Sulfur Pit

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III is garbage. Not just garbage, but the worst, smelliest kind of garbage. Like a bag filled with diarrhea and used tampons. That was held outside of a car window, dragging up against the muddy ground. In a sewer. If I could, Id make sure that every goddamned copy of this garbage was thrown into a dung pile, and then peed on by gorillas. Pregnant gorillas. Its not exactly my plan to have them do it, but if they give birth on them, it would be frosting on the cake. I wouldnt give a copy of this movie to the worst murderer/rapist in the world. In fact, Id rather kill every person in my neighborhood. Every last one, than watch another second of this piece of crap. Sonic 06 is a masterpiece compared to this drek. If people broke into my house, and told me I had to watch this movie, or they would kill my family; Bye. Id rather drink RC Cola than watch this movie.. actually, Id rather watch the movie than drink RC Cola, so theres that.

Dickhole Squad.

Alright lets do this. April O Neil buys a lamp, or something, that cause the turtles to go back in time, to Feudal Japan, and they run into samurais, and Mikey gets lost, or something, and then they fight bad guys, and make awful references to the Addams Family. Seriously, watch this:

They are turtles, of the Teenage Mutant Ninja variety, Sleezeball!

I frikkin love the Turtles. I would watch the 2003 series every Saturday on what used to be 4Kids TV. This movie, on the otherhand, makes me wish that I had never been born, let alone never found out about the Turtles. Horrendous animatronics, god-awful dialogue, and a dumb premise. Plus, a crappy Splinter, and no Shredder. Shredder should have been in this film, as should Krang. Krang is always being shafted by everybody. Why cant Krang ever be in anything other than the original cartoon?

Thats all there is to say about this garbage. F*ck Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III.


Upcoming rigbybot127 and tjsmoke63 Top 10 list

Hey guys. I'm here to tell you that @tjsmoke63 and I are about to begin work on the first collabrative Top 10 list in Fuse history (most likely the first, since I have no evidence that one exists). It will be a list of the best (our favorite) exclusive PS3 games of all-time, in preperation for the one that's destined to take top spot, The Last of Us. It will be debuting on Leet Gamers Asia.  That's leetgamers.asia. Stay tuned, buckos!

Who put Picard in my Castlevania?

In what is supposed to be a reboot of the beloved series, Castlevania; Lords of Shadow does just that. Its reboots it in the ass, and changes it into a whole new genre, in vain of God of War and Devil May Cry, although, it far surpasses those in terms of quality.

Bad dog! (Souce: Eurogamer)

LOS tells the tale of Gabriel Belmont, relative of Simon and Trevor, a member of the Brotherhood of Light, who learns of a mask that has the power to bring back the dead, and decides to find it, to use on his murdered wife. He runs into a another member of the Brotherhood, named Zobek (voiced by Jean-Luc Picard), who tells Gabe that he must defeat the lords of shadow, in order to reunite the heavens and the Earth, so that his wife can come back.

A contrast to Captain Picard.

This game is a mixture of classic Castlevania elements, and God of War-style gameplay, with RPG elements thrown in. Gabriel comes, factory installed, with a weapon known as a Combat Cross, that he uses to beat the crap out of enemies, and collect XP that he can use to upgrade the cross, so he can beat up bigger enemies. The cross can be used in conjunction with your light and dark powers, basically a fast and heavy attack, respectively. You can activate these by left and right triggers on the controller. When youre not murdering lycans, trolls, vampires, and the like, you will be platforming; climbing ledges, using your cross to swing across gaps, and general gap jumping.

The game looks absolutely stunning, textures look very realistic; their faces look very alive, and their movements are very organic. This is, without a doubt, one of the best looking games of all-time. It also helps that the game has a rock-solid frame-rate. Here are some screens, so you can bask in the beauty:

Speaking of that last image, throughout the game, you sometimes fight these boss titans, who are eerily similar to the colossi from Shadow of the Colossus, in both looks and the way you fight them. In fact, its EXACTLY THE SAME as Shadow of the Colossus, except a lot harder to fall off. When fighting these titans, you dont have that interactive feeling that you have while fighting SOTC colossi. You dont feel like you could fall off at anytime; you dont have the non-linear ways and means of killing them. Its very linear; you just climb up the titan, hold the button when it tells you to (as not to fall off), and get to its weak point, hit it, done. You cant freely move around the body of the titan; you cant shoot it with arrows; you cant manipulate the environment, and use it against it. If they were gonna rip off a game mechanic, at least they ripped it off a game of this caliber.

4/5 through the game, the pacing starts to lose some steam, with one area in particular, and a boss battle in this area that feels very daft. This is a very long game, so you get your moneys worth (the 360 version comes on two discs), and it really pays off.

It isnt exactly perfect, but it is better than God of War, if that means anything. It is a long, fun, engaging game that definitely deserves checking out. I recommend you buy it, so you can buy all the gorgeous extra artwork.


Starting an Uncharted 3 Fuse Clan

Yeah, so the title pretty much says it all. I'm starting a clan for Fusers, and I was wondering if any of you want to join. It's for Uncharted 3 (obviously). If you want to join, just comment below, PM me, find me on Facebook (James Flaherty, Lodi CA), or send me a message on PSN. My gamertag is CrazedPanda52. This is one goddamn short blog post.