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One Year to go!

Just one year until the 2012 Olympics in London. We were only allocated one set of tickets - for Horse jumping. We're still looking forward to it though!

The BBC have changed their News Channel countdown to the the number of days and time until the start! How cool is that....

Happy as Larry?

Hello, not posted a blog for a while. Anyone still around?

Things have been busy for me over recent times, and have not gone as I expected.

Met my "better half" at a PCS union seminar in October 2008, and we have not really been apart since. Things were a tad complicated, since she lived a long way away in Hartlpool. Still we got married in November 2009. Since we met I have travelled 220 miles home, and 220 miles back to work each week.

I was looking for work up here, but didn't haveany luck. In the end, I was offered a job in Bristol and the wife (Pauline) has managed to transfer with HMRC to Bristol tax office. So after nearly 100, 000 miles I can finally stay put at the weekend. Or will from the start of May.

On the TV front. I have been enjoying all the new shows that Sky Atlantic have brought along ...such as Blue Bloods and a second chance to watch BSG. I was never quite on the same planet as the rest of you first time round. It's not until the last year or so that I realise this.

It could be said that I have "born again", having been baptised last year, at a Grace Baptist Church up here.

The subject of the blog refers to a comment by a Sean in Coronation Street, when he said his Uncle with Alzheimer's was "...happy as Larry". I was a tad shocked by this, I can't help feeling anyone going through such a dreadful ilness might be slighly upset!

Any, might blog again in the next 2 years"

Richard aka Miles.

Filter board and cakes

First...thanks to Mark for his Birthday blog....You're the best!

For my sins, I had to spend my birthday attending filter boards at Andover. Now it's been a while since the last board, so I was a little rusty on some of the issues - so they sure kept me on my toes.

At the end of the morning meeting, Iwas slightly embarressed when the chair announced that the only "any other business" was my birthday and the only action was on the secretary to fetch a cake which she did!

So anyone leaving a comment can have a slice or two of the Doctor Who cake!

And while you're here I'd like to introduce you to my special friend:

During my time "on the ward" in 2006, as I started to recover, some of us use to walk into town at lunchtimes. I met my little friend in a charity shop, on one of these occasions. On the way back we called into the garage to buy drinks. A couple of girls got out of their car and started talking to us. Now I must have looked a tad strange, cuddling this teddy. But instead of teasing or anything nasty, these young girls were kind and friendly. They asked me what my furry friend was called. When I said he didn't have a name, they said they thought he looked like a Gizmo, but they wouldn't be offended if I wanted to call him something else. So Gizmo he became.

These days, Gizmo spends most of his time sitting on the bookshelf in my bedroom, but if I'm ever stressed he still gets a cuddle! And when I look back on the dark days of 2006, I think of thekidness of those two young girls.

Anyways, thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. Mark got my age wrong of course. I am actually 21 (again).

Don't forget your cake and give Gizmo a cuddle!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*Edit The Sunday hat

You know I was talking to my Mark the other day, and I was thinking what a sweet voice he has. And It made me think - does he ever wear a hat? Then I thought some more...and I thought I could wear a hat. So I looked around my appartment for a nice hat....and I came up with this....

Catherine was here at the time, and she tried my new hat on too. It suited her quite well! I'm not sure your allowed to post children's pictures, so I'll not do that just now.

Anyway TW 3 was great, some thoyght it a tad slow but I loved it....it won't be long before I get to see John Barrowman in person, at his book signing on 11th February. I'm gonna ask him out for dinner! Lol not really.

Next Sunday morning, BBC's Something for the weekend has FreemaAgeymanappearing. I wonder if she'll be on Blue Peter too!

Waterloo Road has started a re-run onUk Gold. I didn't watch this show until Matthew used his mind control overme and now I can't get enough!!

Driving update: I had a letter from the DVLA. They want me to write to them and explain my "memory problems". I don't have any, well none that I remember. I don't know what my doctor has told them, but I have sinking feeling that I may have to stop driving soon, at least for a while. Damn my honesty!! Still I guess that will give me an excuse not to go to Bicester!

Quiz Watch: I now have the answer for almost of round 3, except the pictures. Beware this may be my round.....

My hangover is still with me, I have quite a headache! I swear I will never get drunk again!

Anyway Have a good Sunday and fly with the Angels.


My friend from the change team left today, so we went out for a meal. I couldn't drink, as I was in the car - so I just had coke. For some reason I had normal coke, which seemed to go to my head a little.

One of the girls was talking about her horse riding. She's on the large side. For some reason, all I could think about was -if her horse could suddenly speak, what would it's first words be? "Oi Rachel - Get off!! Rachel is a lovely girl, so I'd never her hurt her by saying this out loud, so I just laughed for what seemed no reason.

Anyway. The girls were talking abut how long they'd been vegitarians for. And I'm thinking - I could be a vegitarian. So I tell them I don't eat much meat - I'm almost a vegetarian too. Of course then my Mixed grill arrives with bacon, susauges, gammon and steak.They looked so shocked, I nearly fell off my chair laughing!

They all agreed - no coke for me when we go out.

Quiz Watch. Well Ihave contiuned to my hide my Bush Well by the fire, or something. Anyway I slipped in the rankings a bit. Round 3 may be different, so watch this space. Well, maybe not this one! I'm like the Cylons- Ihave a plan.

Episode one of the Pyramids of Mars today on UKtv Drama- I like this one.

Anyway, It's Friday so I'm gonna get drunk.

Have fun everyone.

Boffy and Beer!

I was talking to Mark the other day, about Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Mark laughed he says I say Boffy! I love it when he laughs, lol. Anyway, I was telling Mark how I used to need beer when a new episode of this show aired. It made me think of other shows always came with beer....

Star Trek Any version


Stargate SG1

The X Files

Angel (of course)


This isonly when the episodes first airs, re-runs don't earn a beer call. This is a good job, as E4 shows Friends four times a day, everyday. I'd never be sober!! Does anyone else need beer when watching TV?

Anyways, today was a strange day. I was suppose to go to a commercial presentation on "Enterprise agreements" at Bicester. But somehow I forget how to get to Bicester. I got so worked up I ended up going home sick. I think I took a wrong turning in town...and with all new roads Tom Tom couldn't help. I'll have to explain to my Boss tomorrow.....not sure how to handle that one.

Have a good Tuesday.

Shalom my little chuckle buckles.


John won and Emilia came second. Some claims about fixing as John recieved a pass, to the final, on the first day. That was from Matt Lucas.

I was a bit freaked by BBC Tv yesterday. Two Pints of Lager and a packet of crisps, revolved around Donna trying to out a gay man and the rest were tasteless jokes about dead Johnny. None of it was the leastbit funny.

The other thing was BBC News....they showed some poor guy in Kenya being ran over by a bus. I'm a adult and don't need the truth to be hidden from me, but that's a bit too much.

Anyway....hope you all have a good Monday.