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Apoliges Nintendo fans... possiable contest?

Not like anyone is gonna read this anyway...

But just in case...

I kinda got a little bit mad that day as you can see. I was really pissed off and I needed to vent my anger.

Now on a more positive note, as you can see I still don't have my Fable 2 review out yet. I have it done but I haven't had the time to upload it yet (damn school).

Also anyone know of a little game called S4 League? No? Some of you? Anyway I've been thinkin' about doing an contest. Whoever can post a great review about the game can... well I haven't really thought of an prize yet. But it's not gonna be an Aleinware...

Sorry if my spelling is bad.

Untill then,

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Let's go Freeman let's go!

Come on just vote for Gordon. Mario has won all kinds of these f***ing contsets. Even if they don't mean s*** I would like to see the guy who made the PC still gameable win.

Mario fans do not bulls*** me with I perfer Gordon only and I'm a PC fanboy. I own a PS3, PC, WII, and X360, and I also like Mario too but Gordon feels more of a hero to me. Thats all.

Untill then,

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Fable 2 review up tommorow! Website being made!

Yay! Fnnily, I can get these reviews started.

As well as the fable 2 review tommorow I have started to make a website. Not sure when it'll be done yet because I started yesterday. This is also my first attempt at a website so it may be utter crap. Regardless of that there is still one more thing to address.

I got a headset ordered! It should arrive within a week or two! But video reviews won't be up till late november most likely (cause FRAPS dosen't like me).

I'm now off to watch 24!

Untill then,

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Fable 2 review delayed. Plus some good news

Ugh, as the title says the Fable 2 review has been delayed to this sunday now. School has been keeping me too busy. However starting sometime in november I will be doing a thing called "flashback". Where I will go back to reviewed games and review them agian. I'm also gonna update the "timeframe" next tuesday.

Untill then,

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Weekly reviews start monday.

Weekly reviews are starting next friday. Starting with Fable 2. While the review won't be up in video form (I still need that headset) It'll be posted here as a gamespot review. Review Schedule (next 5): Fable 2 (Friday) Halo 3 Assassin's Creed Super Smash bros. Brawl Mass Effect *Days of when reviews come can change* GG, You have been rickrolled

What happend to the Grestest Hero contest?

Ok so as the name says what happend to this little competition? Wasn't meant to be, um I dunno, FOR FUN maybe? What the hell is wrong with people? Just because your favorite hero lost it's the end of the F***ing world? NO, BECAUSE THAT OTHER HERO WON FAIR AND SQUARE! Now lets look at some things people are pissed off about. 1. The most common one, Bub & Bob. Two little dinos that knows how to piss off almost an entire community! I was sad when this started happening. Because aren't most people supposed to be mature by now? I mean Bub & Bob has been kickin' serious ass in this thing, but seriously. People go out of there minds and think Bub & Bob are officially EVIL! 2. Ah, Gorden Freeman and Snake. I voted Gorden but this also saded me even more. How much people are OVERREACTING to there hero losing. I see posts everywhere bashing the hero they didn't vote for. Honestly, for you people doing that heres some advice. SHUT THE HELL UP AND BE A GOOD SPORT KAY? Because no one likes a dumba**. 3. Just shut up. If you are going to bash a hero don't post unless you want a flame war! Which I don't recommend. 4. Just have fun with this. IT IS NOT GOING TO PROVE ANYTHING! NOTHING AT ALL! Everyone has a opinion on who the greatest hero ever is. If you really believe this is actually going to prove something, wow go get some help. I'm all done on how this contest is ruined by most of the gamespot community for beening a bunch of smarta**es and being immature. Until then, GG, You have been rickrolled

Hello Gamespot!

Hey how you doing all. Just getting my profile started and my blog started. It ain't going to be a very long one since I don't have alot of time right now. Anyway, i'm hopeing that I can get a review up weekly and maybe when I get a headset and get a movie maker weekly video reviews on youtube. I hope I can update this daily even if there's nothing going on. Also I will have a list up soon on what games I play soon. It will be in a future blog post. Hope you have a nice evening gamespot community and everyone at gamespot. I'm open to any review requests! GG, You have just been rickrolled