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Rickemosh Rants: Sport & Racing games

To start off i just wanna say that I HATE SPORT AND RACING games i do not see the point in them whatsoever.......who has fun with these things poeple like to call games?

they would be better off being crappy arcade games that microsoft pay you to buy because they are just aweful....how is Racing fun?....being a car.....driving round in a circle....or a weird shape road....and winning a cup....woo....can you feel the joy.....i feel as though im achieving alot through this........wow.......i just used nitros.....iwent faster......yay for me. Can you see where im going with this. I know of no one who spends more than 1 hour playing a racing game....infact i know of no one who even wants to play one.

Lets move onto sports shall we? BOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGGG....how can they even be nominated for GOTY awards they have no gameplay whatsoever because they are just usless boring things that i wouldnt get even if someone paid me too they are that bad.

So unless you havent figured it out yet I HATE THESE GAMES...thanks for listening to my rant....if you enjoyed it hopfully something else will pee me off in the future...till then..

Stay clean

stay off the drugs

and stay away from sport and racing games