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1k posts haha, took a very long time. And while your here read the blog below if you wish.

Regaurding the new Halo books and "Halo 4".

Lately we have been hereing more and more information about 343 industries and halo 4 and now new novels by Greg Bear dealing with the forerunners. My theory with these new novels is that they will set us up for halo 4, which will focus on the forerunners.

I think they can still make the Master Chief a larger part of Halo-lore.The planet that he and Cortana are heading toward at the end of H3 appeared to be covered with Forerunner technology. Perhaps there are still Forerunner beings still living there. Would seem to be probable considering its assumed proximity to the Ark. Maybe the planet was the Forerunners' final destination.

Land MC and Cortana on the planet, introduce them to the Forerunners. Flesh out the story arc about the Forerunners' struggles with dealing with the Flood throughout the millenia. They could be angry at MC for destroying one of the Halos and the Ark and their ability to contain the Flood. They were supposedly built for that purpose. Perhaps the Flood issue is much grander than anyone thought. But they could be intrigued with his ability to deal with the Flood on his own and Cortana's ability to adapt to their own technology. They no doubt had to have been watching the whole time.

Throw in some time travel.It's not rediculous to imagine that the Forerunners have that technological ability. They may ask MC to stop the Flood threat before it even started. Send them back 100,000 years to the beginnings of the Ark and the Halo structures to a point when the Flood were still able to be contained. Or to stop the origins of the Flood themself. Maybe the Forerunners had a hand in that as well.

You could build conflict within' MC and perhaps with Cortana with their knowledge of how the time line could drastically be altered with their actions. Would Humans exist? Would the Covenant religion be born? Would the Forerunners dominate the galaxy? But would the galaxy be better off without the continuing threat of the Flood? Perhaps have MC decide not to follow through with this and possibley start a war with the forerunners?

Considering there was a Forerunner structure on Earth from long ago which leads back to the Ark, they no doubt have a hand in the development of humanity. Directly or indirectly.

Perhaps the original role of the Forerunners was to spread a variety of life throughout the galaxy. Perhaps the Flood were an experiment on their part gone horribly wrong.

A lot of intriguing questions of the mysterious history of the Halo universe, if handled well, could make for some interesting stories. Be them in novel or game form.

Thanks for reading and please comment :P


Just like to say that I plan on purchaseing a ps3, when Killzone 3 releases. Little tight on money right now so I will have to wait. So yea should be good, mainly buying for exclusives like last guardian and what not :P

Perfect Dark 2.

Hello everyone, this is pretty old news, but if you didn't know, perfect dark was totally hinted by oxm,

"With Gears of War 3 out in April 2011, what will Microsoft have for holiday 2011? The Ball sees a redheaded girl in a spandex suit."

After hearing this rumor I decided I should dust off my pdz, that hadn't been touched in like 4 years, and play some multiplayer :) It's pretty sad how little people are online, probably less than 100 at one time :o Anyways, jumped into my first game and got completely owned lol, I think my only kill was on some bot :) but after a few rounds my skillz started to kick in and it was back to ownage:P I forgot what a sweet game pdz once was, it actually takes alot of skill as well.

So yeah, my PFD2 wish list would have to be

-Realisitic graphics

-Better mm (duh)

-New guns (duh)

-Better cover system

-A jump button would be nice

- More skin :P

What about you?


Well I'm back, guess sw just got me to quit for a short time, but it's hard to stay away from this site for to long lol.

So yeah no plans of quitting anytime soon:P

Halo 2 Greatness

Halo 2 will be missed,

Thank you, Halo 2 for being the first to show me the fun of LAN parties.

-For being the first to show me what online gameing truly is.

-For molding an online for all online fps today.

-For giving me friends who I still talk to today.

-For the many late nights staying up with friends.

-For all the laughs and great times.

R.I.P. old friend, you won't be forgotten :cry:

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