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My Very first Post!

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Issue #1


This is my first post - "No, really? Are you sure? I wouldn't have guessed it, what with the Topic and all" cries my new audience. Well, yes, it is actually.

Sarcasm aside, I have thrown caution to the wind and joined the revolution that is 'Blogging', exciting indeed.

Today has been somewhat eventful. After some deliberating I decided to take the plunge and get Gamespot Total Access, which is rather groovy, even though the American and Canadian exclusivity is a shame, it's still worth the pennies.

I found myself rampaging through the site looking for new features, absorbing the lack of adverts, and downloading HD Trailers and the like at three times the free speed.

I've also been busy with Photoshop and designed myself a new Header for my new Blog. For those of you who know me you will not be surprised to see that the colour green features heavily, being my favourite colour to the point where some might say I'm bordering on obsessive (and indeed they have), however, I do not sport green hair as my profile image suggests.

Well I think I'm going to say goodbye and leave you all to soak up my first post (yes, I said it again, but I won't get to say it in anymore blogs so I'm taking advantage).

Word of the Day: Exhilaration

Thanks for reading, until next time...