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SWTOR delivers even with Beta bugs

Ok so recently (just today :P) i had the chance to have some SWTOR beta taste!....I am already on witdrawal symptom due to maintenance(how unlucky can i be right?) So either way my first impression of the game was ... PHENOMENAL!For almost not even a moment did i feel i was playing an MMO!It was as if i was playing KOTOR 3 ! The character customization is not that well variable!(in fact is stonecold limited) but then again i wouldn't like it if it went too much in depth, oblibion and ME style!!(you know like adjusting the Width of jaw or the space between the eyes and such stuff alas creating bizzare characters like the following pic!)

http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110422010433/uncyclopedia/images/2/21/Commander_shepard.jpg (for those who cannot see it! :P)

Certainly there could be more options in the mix but i am sure BioWare will address this part of the game on later updates or hell even on final Build of the game!So returning to the game i have to say that Gameplay wise i was more than satisfied!The interface is begginer-friendly but it can change to Veteran-friendly with a few clicks from the prefrences! There were no points in the game that i was at loss or did not know what to do and the quests are VERY well made and even have the option to rate them so that they have feedback for adjustments until the final version.All in all the game looks Magnificent and it's still beta!well maybe one or two builds away from final release but still...I am telling you pll who have doubts about this...Plz don't and do urself a favor and pre order!

Waiting For that galaxy far far away!

I have been watching many vids recently and the game is at it's best!I am talking about non other game than Star Wars: The old republic!Since i have signed for beta testing (but did not got accepted on the first stage *tears tears*) i had the luck to at least watch a friend of mine test driving the game and let me tell u ppl ... it's awesome!I mean if you focus on the class quests and follow the story is like having a complete Single Player experience!and not only that!We already know about companions but srlsy the dialogue option that you get and the romantic possibilities you can have are so immersive...GOD i love BioWare ! So right now they are changing the builds again since they try to determine some concluding facts about some class skills and they will probalby nerf a SPECIFIC op class cause it OWNS on PVP far too much!(I am not sure if i am allowed to say specifics so i guess i will leave it to that :P)

So for now...all we can do...All i can do is wait for that ANNOUNCEMENT of the early access to come...ahh this waiting is killing me .... Killing me softly indeed!