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    So. Back to starcraft?

    Its been a while since i really gave this game the patience it deserves. I believe i was on the verge of diamond last year at this point as all my matches were against them with that unbelievably hard...

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    2014. Change in course for my gaming

    As the years go by the more and more i realise im just getting way too old!. But then i saw the SGDQ. I sit here looking at my original NES, thinking, will that thing still work? So im going to get in...

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    2013 - Not really a games review just a rant about one particular game . .DayZ

    So i watched the streaming of DayZ. Liked the idea. You run around surviving from zombies and human players who can just kill you. I began to think. What motivation is there at all for anyone just to ...