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Short post this week!

This week I lost my girlfriend and my job (both true, not a joke!) but so happy to have gained the Artistic Genius GS Emblem!

I know you want to read another blog post in 2011

Hapz Newz Yearz 2011 to all uber geeks, ultra gibbers, uncanny rpers and under-appreciated gamers !

I start this new year off just getting back from a nice celebration, back to work at the supermarket and trying a new persistant web based game called Neptunes Pride . This game seems ordinary enough, but ranked 3rd best indie game of 2010 in Edge Magazine so was worth trying out. Ranked 1st was Minecraft and 2nd was Meatboy. Neptunes Pride is a sci fi genre game, where you control an alien race in a small universe and build and send out spaceships all in a persistent web based browser. You can log in with your google acount and its quite quick to pick up and play, if you spend 5 minutes reading the tutorial. It seems there are many games to enter, with a variety of game rules from beginner to newbie killer. Its worth just playing though, careful it doesn't control your life though...

Submissions for gamespaces without banners is closed, and there were still gamespaces such as the DLC for Red Dead Redemption (Gamespots GoTY) left unsubmitted. Its a shame! But I did get to submit over 50 gamespace banners for various old and new games.

I'm also seeing quite a few blog posts, and forum posts scattered across the internet whilst I surf that open the new craft of cross stitching

Here are some randomly selected examples I acquired from google...

If you are interested in spending a few minutes a day for a couple of weeks to produce a nice cross stitch fabric patch then it is a reasonably simple craft to learn with lots of interesting creative posibilities. Once you get going it remains quite cheap, with the most costs probably being buying the individual thread colours needed for your perfect stitch.

You will need (in no particular order):

  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Grid Paper
  • a DMC* Thread colour chart
  • Some Fabric (aida 16 or aida 14 is popular) search on ebay for this
  • a design

You will want to copy a design, perhaps a pixelated image of Mario onto grid paper, noting the colours and picking the DMC Thread colours using your chart to match the colours from your source image (ie the colours in the picture of Mario

Once you have finished your Grid Paper and know where to sew the stitches you will want to start buying your threads and start sewing onto the (Aida) fabric. Perhaps half an hour a day will give you 20-50 stitches depending on your experience.

Once you have got the hang of it. You can start preparing your next design and buying more coloured threads. Beware because this hobby can be quite addictive, but extremely therapeutic, social and relaxing.

*DMC is a sewing business and is the most popular maker of threads and probably has the most easy to acquire threads and colours. The also sell fabrics, and give useful hints and tips on their website. You can buy individual colours on ebay.

You can also play around with a piece of software called PCStitch, which will change jpegs into cross stitch patterns and supply you with the correct colours and DMC threads to use. I would recommend to not fully rely on this software but its a great tool.

Good Luck and see you in my next blog post !

Banner Submissions and Other Rant

I have entered the banner submissions for Gamespot banners,

hopefully you'll show me some love for this and hoping my

entries get supported and chosen. It would be nice, I have

waited a long time for this thread.

You know I am now a Might & Magic fan, and I cannot wait for the

HD version to be released for X360 Arcade. I think its a definite

purchase, and I've even found these great resin figurines selling at

my local shop down the road.

Here's the first two of my collection (left) A Spectral Dragon and

(right) A Griffin .


I have also just downloaded Magic: The Gathering Duels of the Planeswalkers

as it dropped in price from 800 to 400 gamer points for a short time.

I have Black Ops, on a long term rent, but seriously I just have not

had the time to "get into it". On another note I was accepted into

the closed beta for Battlestar Galactica Online for the PC. I have to

have high hopes for this because the closed beta is not very good so far.

I really wonder what the final product will be like and how Gamespot reviews

the final game. It will be interesting to say the least.

The Update !

Firstly if you are having issues with your avatar marketplace content then read this

What better way to update my blog than on the day of the Xbox Live update. What do you mean life doesn't revolve around microsoft and white circle of green joy?

Oh well... Halloween was a blast this year, I believe I had fun for a 28 year old guy who doesnt go trick or treating. Instead I play my persistant web based MMO (might and magic heroes kingdoms) with Halloween spirit of killing ghost NPCs and recieving a special pumpkin head to increase my heroes defence by +6. To make this fact even more interesting is that the alliance I created at launch, is placed 2nd in the Alliance Leaderboard. One spot below a group of ex-beta testers and forum admins. Plus only just a week ago they knocked us from the top spot to trigger the campaign, Tears of Asha. This campaign starts when the first alliance reaches rank 1,400,000 points and recieves the first Tear. Tears are the dragon tears that hold immense power which the dragon enroth is trying to gain in order to bring the world into destruction. Once all tears have been collected the world we play in will be destroyed (ie server reset) and it starts all again, with those given a choice by the Godess who worships Asha the choice to play again with added bonuses. Basically you just have to be active at the end of season 1 to gain these bonuses for season 2. To be honest I do not even know why our alliance (named Ashan Kingdoms) has to collect all the tears, but its fun, and we get along and have a good time so thats all I care about at the moment.

Halloween seemed to spur every games developer to do something interesting. Dragonica the game thats 1.3gb and boasts a free legal torrent has halloween goodies to buy. Runescape had a special Halloween quest to take part in. But for me and everybody else, we of course spent our time playing Red "un"dead redemption. The undead bait flying across screens, followed by holy water was fun. But it was mainly the screams you could here down the end of your mic "Help me they are killing me!" or things to that prevail.

But thats not all, as a massive star wars fan and a padawan geek in star wars. Yes I still have things before I attain Knight status. I was born in 81 so I grew up watching Return of the Jedi and learning Ewok swear words "BEECHAWAWA!!" and spending the few years after learning how cool the star wars cannon was. I got into D&D at age 9, so it wasnt long for me to pick up west end games star wars rpg books and plot adventures with my friends. I continue to trend my geekiness, my desire to fly a far far away, with the purchase of the Force Unleashed Collectors Edition. So I am happy to be able to spend the next few months slowly working myself through the adventure of Starkillers life. I even downloaded the audio book for Force Unleashed, which seems to have nothing to do with the original FU game (which I played for sometime on the PSP before being addicted to Resistance Retribtution PSP). I've also downloaded the audio book for Knights of the Old Republic. And gosh I wish I didnt have a notebook, nuff said, and kudos to all your blogs I enjoy reading them all. Stay away from contraversy and have a good month

rezpatriot, rezpect, axellion, star debut

Ubisofts Might & Magic. Like MMOs?

Firstly you are thinking what are my odds? But this game was released in the UK on the 1st of September. So the answer is not too bad.

Masssively Multiplayer, here is passed around like a hot potato, so what is different with this web based game? Not much really, but its developed by Ubisoft, has a good English speaking forum based community, alot of members who are real gamers and who are just vocational and some nice graphics and gameplay.

If you are interested in playing and wish to be part of an Alliance then join below and message me (Axellion)

Click here

Bringing back tiny adventures?

Most of us have a favourite game we play on Facebook, an application we play whilst we wait for our favourite friends to log on and chat. Some like Farmville, some like Sony games, and some like mafia wars. My favourite was D&D Tiny Adventures and if you ever had the chance to play it then you probably enjoyed it as much as me.

Tiny Adventures Logo property of WoTC

Dungeons and Dragons can be long and laborious even if its fun and rewarding. A tiny adventure everyday to keep things ticking over, keep the old noggin working is just the cure light wounds type of antidote that most roleplay gamers seek.

Unfortunately as you can tell from my blog, D&D Tiny Adventures no longer exsists!

Magic the Gathering Online Draft

Hi again,

as people gear up for new XBox games, the 3DS, Starcraft II and various other summer activities. I will be playing a Magic the Gathering Online Booster Draft tommorow. This is different from what I played (and blogged) a week ago which was actual magic in the shop. But the same rules, the same format and cards just instead it is played online with my opponents sitting in far away countries and not across a table.

If you are interested you can download the magic online client and have a few practice games with other new players. To enter competitions like the one I am, will require you to spend money.

Any support and comments would be appreciative as its going to be tough and all over far too soon if I dont win.

The competition starts tommorow 11am PST or 7pm GMT.

64 players will play with the top 32 winning prizes and the top players moving into the days championship play-offs.

I'll be happy if I win my first match, very happy.


Childs Play Charity 2

Well I noticed on Xbox Live that the Gear of War 3 voting in on to save Carmen or kill Carmen. Also available is my favourite charities avatar item a "Childs Play Charity" t shirt for 80 gp and part of the earnings go towards benefiting the charity. Long gone are the days of being harrassed for my money on the high street. I pick a charity that effects my daily life :)

So to take things a little further, and by all means I probably cannot really afford to do so if I am honest with myself I have purchased a Childs Play shirt for $30 which all the sales goes direct to the charity. So now when it arrives in the post I can wear my shirt that my avatar wears and know I did a good deed.

child play shirt

A couple of years ago I donated to Childs Play with the buy a game from amazon scheme. Perhaps this all helps some child in hospital who is feeling down for the worst :)

Join the cause on facebook and visit their page direct

COMIC CON Banner Xchange Edition

Hiya cyber m8eys !

Comic Con is back in swept straight up there in gamespot front page after E3. Excited? Sure am, I am sure there is a lot to get excited about including loads of cosplay ! woohoo ! homer ya da da d'oh

So although it's unofficial. Imagine paying a few hundred dollars for a stall at comic con . phew ! I wanted to contribute somehow to fellow gamers... I've been toying with the idea of creating banners for folks, as few or as plenty work as available, and during the comic con event seems like fate, destiny, divine intervention!! ;)

I want to create banner, avatars, blog banners or and sig banners made by myself over the next couple of days. If your blog needs re-decorating or you need a professional (i am qualified, seriously i am, wipe that grin off your face) then hit me up in the comments below and first come first served. No reserving, you must supply the info for the image or else i feed you to the sharks with lasers.

  • let me be creative and leave it to me
  • give me a selection of games you would like to see in your banner
  • let me know what you want ( avatar , page banner, blog banner or sig banner)
  • Don't get frustrated if your work seems to be in WIP (work in progress) hehe
  • Be sure to check out my own banners all designed by me and go enjoy comic con ! :D

I can't claim any legal copyright claims over the work, its fan based and a lot will include images seen before. But I will try my hardest to fine tune the details and make a banner worth everyone gawping over.

I do not expect anything in return yet if you so wish you can donate to my arcade on xbox 360 game room, add me as star debut in your friends list on theX Box 360console with the message comic con in the message and then spend a few of yourmeasly credits on some of my cool as ever retro arcade games !