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snow day!!!

yay i love snow days!!!! no school! and our two weeks of break starts today!!!!! =)

xbox live

hey guys. its been a while since i've been on. just wanted to let you guys know. if anyone wants to add me to xbox live, message me. i have the following games:

fable 2, halo 3, gta 4, viva pinata, and a bunch of other games.

message me and ill give you my gamertag. =)

okay then, bye!!

Fable 2!!!!!

I got the new game Fable 2 for Xbox 360!!!!! I have already started playing it and it's awesome!!! If anyone else has it, message me and maybe we can play online.

and, if anyone has xbox live, message me and maybe we can play sometime.

i g2g, bye!

hey guys!

Hey guys! Sorry, its been a while since I've been on. I have been very busy with school. It is a lot harder this year. How is everyone doing?

My favorite bands/songs

Hey guys. What's up? I wanna share with you my favorite bands and songs.


5. Linkin Park

4. Coldplay

3. 3 Doors Down

2. Avenged Sevenfold (A7X)

and, my favorite band in the world is.......

#1. Rise Against


5. Gaslight Anthem: The 59 Sound :

4. Weezer: Pork and Beans:

3. Coldplay: Viva La Vida:

2. A7X: Afterlife:

1. Rise Against: Re-education:

Okay, thats my favorite songs and bands. What about you guys?

Death Note Movie??

Hey, just wondering, is there a new death note movie in theaters? because i was at the movies (i saw my teacher there, AWKWARD!!) and i saw a poster for death note from far away, but it had a number after it. i couldnt tell if it was a 2 or a 3 or a 4 because it was roman numeral.


Is there a new Death note movie coming out in the U.S and if there is which one is it and when is it coming?

Thanks so much =)


what happened????

I leave for one week and what happened? WHY IS EVERYTHING SO DIFFERENT?? It's so wierd and I don't like it!!! Why did they changed it??? I like the old set up better!

goodbye! DX DX DX

I'm sorry to say, I will be taking a break from

I'm in 10th grade right now and for the first week of school, I've been finishing my homework at 10:00pm and just crashing from there.

I have no time on the computer unless it's for an essay or checking my email.

I'm sorry to say, I will not be able to blog on as often as I wish I could.

HOPEFULLY, I will be able to come on weekends, but I will be swamped Mondays through Thursday.

I WILL be able to, however, come on atleast once a week to check on Zatch Bell, I'm not going to retired my editorships. (sorry to break it to anyone who hoped I would **cough cough** zbc **cough cough** lol) And for anyone who contributes to Zatch Bell, expect your submission to be accept on a Friday or Saturday.

I am really sad that I will not be able to blog or comment on blogs as much as I did during summer. I will miss you all and I hope I will be able to find time to come on. Thanks so much for everything =)

Hope to see you soon!



Are they real? Has anyone ever had an encounter with a ghost? I really want to know because one time, it was like 3 am and I was the only person up in the house. So I was going upstairs to bed and I looked at the hallway light and I saw a red light. Then I looked again, and it was gone. Wierd. But that would be so cool if ghosts were real, I wish I could see one!!!


Today is my 15th Birthday!!! =)

I'm not doing much today because.....

I was supposed to go to Laser Tag with my cousin, but he got sick so we decided to postone it til he gets better.

Then I wanted to invite my best friend over to watch movies and chill, but her mom just got out of surgery, so she has to stay at home and help out.

So.... I decided to ask my other best friend over, but she is going somewhere today with her family.

FINALLY, my friend who has the same birthday as me called me to wish me a happy birthday and I wished her one too, lol. I invited her over, but she said her mom wasn't home so when her mom comes home she would ask if she can come.

So, I have no plans today.

But, whatever! I can't wait til tonight! When my dad comes home from work we are gonna eat cake and open presents!! :D

I'll blog tomorrow about what presents I get.

See ya later =)