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Goodbye Gamespot, here's why.

To mark my 5:th anniversary blogging on Gamespot it's time for me to close down the blog.

On July the 22:th 2008 I wrote my first post. Gamespot was for me the best place to view reviews since IGN had such intrusive ads. I also liked the Gamespot design. (Thanks to the internet you can actually crawl back and view the design back in the days on that exact date).

Then in august 2008 a widening of the site happened and some minor changes and then somewhere around 2011 the design of what you see today.

Now, I made my feedback to what I think is wrong with the design today in the forums and haven't heard back so I atleast tried to make some changes. But here is the bottom line for me.

Gamespot haven't adapted with the future.

In todays world I demand to be able to access all my information on any device, any where. If I use a service (paid or unpaid for) I want to have the same experience moving across multiple devices. As I wrote in my forum-post gamespot doesn't provide that.

I want my information stored and accessed anywhere. The phone-website doesn't provide me with my profile, my fuse-account isn't the same as my gamespot account, and so on and so forth until infinity.

In this "all about me"-society the gamespot experience could have provided with an excellent one place to be.

As an outlet my gamespot blog have been really fun and I tried to contribute to the sites forums. (But the forum-design is old). I love the idea that my achievements would be fed into the fuse site (but it doesn't work.) I love how I could mark certain games to follow and get updates. (But the update isn't visible right of the bat besides the icon.)

For me, Gamespot simply doesn't provide the all in one access I want.

And the alternative here is not that hard when it comes to what else there is. To connect with my gamingfriends (that's actually my real friends) is simply to use what's built in with my Xbox. The Xbox-forums is good and my achivements is displayed to those who know me. I will miss writing in the blog but in the insane mass-information provided by the internet I need to cut down on sites I spend time on. I'll still have my account because it'll be fun to look back on and read up sometime.

I had a few people added to my friendslist here and maybe someone else checked out my blog. (Oh yeah, I don't know how many since the profile views section of the About me haven't worked in years.) I hope you'll have a good time and am as stoked as I on the new Xbox One!

Take care!

Metro done!

just finished playing through metro. Not sure if I liked the ending. Could have been better in my opinion. But oh well, still a fun game!!

"Made a forum-post, posts it in blog too"

Classic 9-gag Topic. :D

Anyway, I thought I post it here to so for safe-keep.



Now that I have a sick-day from work I finally had the time to write down some of the problems I see with Gamespot. Please take my advice and answer some of my thoughts.

I feel that Gamespot lacks synergy across the site. We have:

Unfocused content.

  • Too many different shows. First of all there are tons of shows that Gamespot provides but no easy-to-read schedule on what date they runs. Second of all, if you visit the Shows tab it's simply starts to play a Show then randomly displays a bunch of shows on the page like "Gamecenter" and "Now Playing" that I know nothing about. What type of shows are they?
  • Mobile game page. If you visit the Mobile game page you will find Android and iOS, no Windows Phone. If you also press on the weekly iOS Game Update it will take you to a 404 page because I assume the show Appetite for Distraction was cancelled? The recently released phones on the Mobile page are also Iphone 3. This part seems simply forgotten and not updated and is thefore onfocused and not necessary.
  • The start page. Gamespots start page displays at a glance a few big news which is good. But what follows after that are a few sections that I don't think is necessary to display.
    • Random screenshots. There is no need for those.
    • 15 of the latest news. Having that many big news on the startpage makes it looks cluttered and force you to scroll down a long table of content.
    • User blogs. These have no place in the startpage and should be moved to a separate section.
  • Forums page. If you visit the forum there is no way to know what's the most talked about topic at the moment without digging into each section.
    • The forum page also provides links to featured unions rather than relevant unions.
    • At the end of the forums start page there is also a link to trending games which doesn't have any relevance to the forums.

Not user friendly design.

  • No support for touch devices. If you are using a tablet and you press to view your Inbox the display shown when hoovering your username disappears.
  • Gamespot start page. The Gamespot start page should display more information regarding your user and relevant content for the user.
    • New information on games that your are following.
    • People you follow and their latest blog entries.
    • Latest posts on the forum that you have written in.
  • Console start pages. When you go into a console page it displays 5 seemingly random posts. What are those? Reviews? News? Something of importance? And what follows after is the same as the start page with random screenshots and "awesome user blogs". It should display content of reviews, previews and news.

So there you have it. These are on-top-of-my-head stuff that I think you need to deal with for starters.

why the delay, and why gamespot havent changed.

I don't have the answer to the second question but the first.

I've been sick, had some wierd flu or something. Been sleeping for like 10 hours straight every night.

Now the other thing. Why aren't gamespot doing something new for their site? Every other site maks upgrades to their sites but not Gamespot. Why is that?

More games! (and my birthday)

This goes in the games category simply because there's more games talk than birthday talk.

I turned 29 last week. I'm old. :? .

Here are all my birthdays on Gamespot.

Turned 25, 26, 27, and when I turned 28 I didn't even mention it! Haha, maybe I was like "whatever" or something?

Back to the games now!

  • I've played the new DMC, really not in to it at all. Yawn.
  • Currently playing the new Tomb Raider, REALLY in to it! Great story, awesome visuals and Lara Croft is as cool as always.
  • Got Crysis 3! But I haven't tried it yet. I'm excited about it though.

See you later!

New game(s)!

The () is because I've already played the first game and now I'm sick of it. That game was, drumroll, Lollipop Chainsaw! As you might expect it's about 1-2 hours of fun then it get's boring.

The game I'm playing now though is my first bought Windows Phone game, it's Skulls of the Shogun. I like it, but Microsoft have cheaped out and although it's the same game cross-platform (Xbox 360, Windows Phone and Windows 8), purchasing it on my phone didn't give me access to it on the computer OR the Xbox. :(