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New Gaming Rig

Wow it's been a long time since I've been on Gamespot. Life got busy and thus I've been somewhat out of the gaming and computer technology world. But recently my time has freed up a bit (in a good way) and I thought about getting back into proper gaming.

Over the past few months I've been a big console gamer. I have an awkward love affair with the 360, so it's my main gaming console. The Wii usually sticks around for social gaming when friends are over, and the PS3 is my entertainment console in terms of Blu Ray movies with the occasional game.

On Sunday, however, I finally ordered parts for a brand new gaming machine. And I'm excited! All parts arrived today and I'll be putting it together this coming Friday. The specs are as follows:

CPU: Intel Core i5 2500K
Graphics: EVGA GeForce GTX 570 Superclocked
RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws 8gb (2x4gb)
PSU: Corsair TX750W
Motherboard: Gigabyte Z68XP-UD3
Case: NZXT Phantom

I'm pretty happy with the specs and I cannot wait to get it up and running soon and get back to some PC gaming and Gamespot bloggin!

I'm back!

You probably haven't even noticed that I've been gone, but school has just been getting to me and taking over my gaming life. Luckily i've slowly been getting back into it and relaxing a little bit more. January was somewhat of a bad month, my Xbox 360 was out of commission for most of it, two weeks for get a replacement 360 and another two weeks to get a replacement power supply. The one they sent back with the xbox 360 was faulty, so I had to pay $40 to get it back to them to have a replacement sent, in the end they sent me two power supplies but one cable to connect it to the socket. In any case, the Xbox 360 is back and enjoying its new home.

Gaming on the Wii has been somewhat lackluster, with my latest title being the extremely boring Endless Ocean. I watched videos and it seems cool, I love the ocean, but I should've just skipped on the game itself. I'm still in need of getting SSBB, but that will have to wait till the end of this month.

My girlfriend got me God of War: Chains of Olympus as an early birthday present, it's just awesome. I will try and get a review up this week and let you know what I think. Will definitely be a good way of passing the time on my way to class. If you have a PSP, this is one game you have to pick up.

On the PC, now that I got a replacement graphics card (from 7900GT to 7950GT, thanks XFX!!) I can play some 'oldies' that I used to play. CSS, STALKER, and some newer titles such as Crysis and UT3. Will also let you know my thoughts on those, though mobile and console gaming has been little easier because of my current living situation.

So what have you been up to? What games are you guys playing? Let me know!

Our of commission :(

I have been an Xbox360 gamer since launch day back in 2005. I have taken care of my 360, making sure it has good ventilation so that it won't overheat. Sure I've had my random freezes here and there, but today it just got so much worse.

I haven't played my 360 in a day or so, but I suddenly felt like rocking it out in Guitar Hero 2. Plugged in my Xplorer controller, started it up and chose my song. I decided to try out Dead! on Expert, as I was ripping away my Xbox360 froze. Now not the usual freeze where the image is still, but where I see vertical white lines and a strange sound over my speakers.

Contacting support is taking a while, I sent them an email (or ticket?) a few hours ago and I haven't heard anything. I just hope that I can send it in and get it back before May 16th.

Future 'Late Night Runs'

I've been thinking of doing more late night runs, but I'm not sure what to do it on. I was hoping maybe you guys have any suggestions?

It can be either a PC or an Xbox360 game. It can either be a future release or be out already. Now post the game you want to see an LNR on in the comments! :wink:

New badge!

I was just looking at my profile today and noticed something...different. Well, it's a new and pretty cool badge:


After Hours feedback part 1!

Last night I had the chance of playing: Lost Planet multiplayer, Double Agent multiplayer (full version) and Call of Duty 3. I mainly want to talk about Call of Duty 3. When look at it, it'll remind you of CoD2, graphics wise. But when you actually start playing and using your weapon's sight. The area you're not focusing on get a nice soft blur, making it a little easier to target and hit your enemy. The overall gameplay felt much better than it did in CoD3 though. One part you even get to -drive- a jeep instead of sitting in the passenger's seat. Lost Planet multiplayer was rather interesting. The map was the second mission in the SP demo that was released a while back. At first they had team-deathmatch, but team-mates kept shooting each other (I was killed a few times), so I suggested they change to standard deathmatch, which made it a little more enjoyable. Overall it was pretty fun, the map even had some mechs you could control. The only thing that wasn't too great was the sensitivity, the speed you turn at was just a little too slow of my liking. Maybe you'll be able to tweak it in the final build. Double Agent multiplayer is the exact same as the demo, just a different map. So no explaining needed there. They also had BioShock and The Darkness behind closed doors with the developers, one playing and one talking about it. All I can say at the moment, is that freaking awesome! The Darkness is awesome too, I'm going to type up a bit more detailed article about the two and will post it here when I'm done. And for PS3: Full Auto 2. Game I played (mostly) was Full Auto 2, the sequal to one of the Xbox360's launch titles, Full Auto. The gameplay was exactly the same, you had to do a race and win. Nothing much to it, on the floor they had both single player and multiplayer demos, I focused on the multiplayer because I've played Full Auto SP. Anyways, they had a nice selection of cars and weapons, so customization is pretty cool. Now to the important part, graphics. Overall it's a nice improvement on Full Auto 2, but not enough to warrant a $600 console. Full Auto 2 also had some frame-rate issues when things get a little hectic, which worries me because we were using the final build of the game. Hopefully they might work it out between now and then. They also had Ridge Racer and Gundam on the floor, but I didn't get to , nor want to, play any of them. My final opinion on the console has changed though, positively. The bluetooth controller was much lighter than I originally thought it would be. The console itself is pretty large though, they had both the developer PS3 (which looks like a huge VCR) and the final hardware of the PS3.

Late Night Run: Saint's Row

Tonight I'll be playing Saint's Row from 12:00am to 03:00am. Will start soon!

[12:09] Just loaded my game, currently at 27% completion rate. I finished the Vice Kings mission and will now start the Los Caranales missions.

[12:12] Got to the Los Carnales mission, our plan is to highjack a truck from the Carnales gang. The bonus is that it's full of dope, but that's not the reason behind getting the truck off I am going to get a truck.

[12:19] Got the truck, but I wasn't meant to drive it, one of my gang members had to. I was in charge of getting him back safely to where we're meant to drop it off. The truck almost blew up, but I got it safely to the drop off point. Wouldn't say it was the funnest mission, but wasn't too bad.

[12:23] Got a sweet car from the Los Carnales gang, named "Hollywood" if I remember corrently. Looks vintage, so cool. Game completion: 29%.

[12:26] Got a call informing me that the Carnales has started an attack on one of our controlled suburbs, no way in HELL they're taking it. Picked up a homie and am on my way to kick some ass.

[12:31] Well, was pretty...bad. I died, horribly! So I decided to reload and go and stock up on some ammo and guns.

[12:36] I got the call again after buying some ammo (different neighbourhood), as I got there it was hell. I was on an upper-ridge type platform and wanted to jump down to get to where the enemies are. As I hit the ground it said the pushback was successful, was pretty funny...

[12:44] On my way to do a drug trafficking activity (needed respect points), I picked up a CD, I haven't seen any of these around so it's pretty cool. The activity went pretty well with some extremely funny moments. We were under attack by about 4 gang members when one of their own pulled up in a car, they were going too fast and couldn't break in time an ended up running over all 4 members.

[12:49] On my away to do another Los Carnales mission.

[12:58] Completed the mission, I had to kill a lot of Carnales around the 'Rows', was pretty fun! Was pimpin' an M4 and a few homies. Also got an achievement:

Marathon Runner

Traveled 26.2 miles on foot.

[01:02] Picked up another car, this time a "Betsy", another nice vintage car. Game completion is now at 30%.

Well I'm done for tonight, I'm just a little bit too tired to continue to play. Even if I do I most likely won't even enjoy it. I have no idea when the next LNR will be though, but keep your eyes on this blog.

Thank you for reading, and Ak-47 thanks for watching a few seconds. I'll try and get a live video-feed up and running.

Late Night Run #2 [live]

 I'll be updating this post as I play, so refresh every few minutes:

Start time in-game: Day 1 07:42PM

(real time from now on)

[12:40] I encountered some zombies on the elevator on the way back into the mall, my only weapon was an electric guitar and a jar with one of the insects. My guitar 'broke' just before I could kill all of them, so I ended up fist fighting. I accidentally used the insect though, but I killed 'em all!

[12:48] I completed part of the "Photographs" mission, was pretty fun. I have now, again, ancountered the crazy idiots on the humvee. Almost physically impossible to kill them!!!!

[12:51] Ran around them, I don't have a gun so I can't shoot them. I had a little fun with the lawnmower and a few dozen I love the lawnmower.

[01:00] A "WTF" moment, I entered a baracade....and the guy is attacking me!! I mean wtf?!

 Current zombie kill: 331

Met a crazy clown called Adam...tried to hit him, but he killed me in one shot...not fun. At all.

[01:22] So I tried Adam again, this time not sticking around so he can kill me. Instead I ran around looking for something to kill him, while running I found a pack of zombie police with guns. So! I just kept running around shooting Adam, going back to get a gun and kept on shooting Adam till he died. He ended up falling on his own chainsaws and killing himself. Bright huh?

[01:31] I'm currently helping an oldish guy, I have a feeling he's going to die on the way back since it's a LOOONG way. Zome kill count is now at 381.

Current zombie kill: 381 

[01:38] Helping a guy back to safety, he has a bad leg so I have to half-carry him on my shoulder. Luckily it's difficult for the zombies to grab me, so I can just RUN!

[01:45] I died....the guys on the humvee killed me, this is the end of tonight's Late Night Run, and end of Late Night runs with Dead Rising. I am officially disliking this game right now mainly because of the save system. Next LNR will be of Saint's Row.

The end, thanks for reading.