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Slowly wasting away my time.

Hello ladies and gents. Its been going so far so good for me up here. I have had some problems at the work place though. I have been getting in trouble making mistakes and getting wrote up for them. Its been bugging me for a while which is the main reason why I am not on here as much. I find it better after work or a stress filled day to load up a game or something and just play....instead of ranting and raving all over the internet. I'm taking everything a day at a time and not really thinking about what happened or why I was in trouble and just moving on. Besides all that BS lets just say in due time I have a big blog coming up for something I'm about to do.....If a lot are my PSN friends you will know that just about everyday I'm on Black Ops 2 well I'm almost Prestige master the highest rank. When I finally make it there I'll post up stats and such to show how much of my life I have wasted hahaha. Also I'll post my emblems as well, wished to site still let me upload pictures but oh well. Once I'm done I'll finish up Bioshock Infinite, Dead Space 3, Tomb Raider and RE: Revelations. I just finished the new Army of Two game which was pretty fun....but now I started on Insane difficultly and fun is slowly dieing haha :P !! Wish me luck Luckies! I'll be back soon!  I'm off to destroy some faces in COD now :D