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Real Talk with Resident4evil

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First off I want to sorry cause this will be a text filled blog. I just want to write about my life, whats going on and some other junk really. So Ladies and Gents I hope you all read this, or at least try to :) As I'm sure people know by know I live in a small city in East Tennessee. I work at a grocery store called Food City here. I love working there the people I work with and worked with are amazing. A while back I've tried to move up in the store and be a higher up. I tried for the video department, yes just like blockbuster we are the last of the breed. Well I didn't get it, but I got to work in there. I told my boss I wanted to work both front and video and that wouldn't bother me. After weeks and weeks of not working the front I found that weird but whatever you know. Only to be sideswiped with finding I was going to be the manger of video and they was training me. The problem I have is, no one told me it was kept away from me and I found out randomly. Not from the boss man of the store, just me asking questions getting my boss to crack. I like the video department, but lets say this there is nothing to do and the smarts of people you deal with is very very low. It is a very lonely job. People say how much they want to get paid to do nothing. WELL I don't I do nothing at the house enough I go to work to get away from that. I quit my last job cause it drove me crazy being alone all the time, also cause I was going to beat up my boss but that's a story for a different time. Also the problem I have with video is that its always 60 degrees in there doesn't how hot or cold outside is...its always cold and I have to sit in the cold for 8 hours fun :| Good news though I have given up that job, told my boss I didn't want it and now I'm back to working the front this week. I'm super happy I actually get to talk to people again. I can't wait :D Another problem is my friends here. Now I'm 24 years old and I feel like I'm doing nothing. All of my friends are getting really good jobs, and slowly all of them are getting married as well. Its getting super weird being that guy in my group of friends. Plus one of my friends as had a baby, which is awesome. Now though when we hang the baby is there to. There is nothing wrong with that, but they want me to play with him or hold me...which is me is strange. I don't know how to explain it, but holding someone else's baby scares me a lot. Its like I barely trust myself and now you want me to hold this baby where If I do one thing wrong that's it......I can't handle that. Plus in my family when someone has had a baby we have never really seen them. Only my cousin's child is who we have been a part of. I held her as a baby once....there was lots of crying haha. She's now in elementary school and actually thinks I'm cool I guess, she really likes my drum set haha. Also with my friends my friend I have had for years and years wants to hang less and less. He has a new friend and picked up social drinking. We still hang out, but its weird hanging while they drink a beer or two. That being said I don't drink I have tried wine and it might as well be cough medicine. Really Its my choice not to drink and I feel he should respect that. Lately he just talks about it and stuff I might like, I'm just like I got my water and root beer I'm good. I understand he likes it and like to unwind, but I want no part of it. Its just how I am, plus after my two years of stomach flu I'm scared of the damage to my insides like my kidneys and such so I'll just play it safe. I have been stressing a lot lately as you can see. A lot of different things going on. I know my problems are not HUGE, but its very different then what I was dealing with 2 years ago. I would like to start waking up early and going to bed early...which isn't working so far. I've put some good running music on my phone I would like to start running after breakfast, just to wake up and get rid of some mourning stress really. I'll find a way around this crud and get myself better. !! I hope you all will stick by me though this, I'll post some stuff every off day I have. I have had 4 straight off days this week I really needed it. Tomorrow is back to work :) !! See Ya Next Time Luckies!! Maybe by next time I can give you some nice anime updates :D