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Anime 1 on 61 is done. Dream Eater Merry

Hello there ladies and gents. Now I'm sure some of you guys remember I posted the anime I own and have never watched....ever. I was at 62 if I remember right I have watched 3, but then more have come in the mail thanks to pre-orders soooo I'm back at 60 haha. It will never end I feel. I have finished Dream Eater Merry  I really don't know how well known this is. This is a supernatural/action title with 13 episodes. The story mainly follows Fujiwara a boy who been having strange dreams about cats. He also has a ability to look at people and see if they will have good dreams or not, which plays a bigger role later on. Enter in Merry Nightmare a dream demon who is lost in the real world and looking for a way back to the dream world. Fujiwara teams up with Merry to try and help her get back to the dream world. Really that's how far I'll good into the story. Positives for this show is the look of the show and the fights. Its all very well drawn and animated I just love the way it looks. Also the show has very good bad guys and a nice plot twist I didn't see coming. Only bad things about the show might be there is a small plot hole that is never answered, but that can be over looked. Also there is a HUGE big up for this bad guy that's unstoppable and a terror...and they never face him....ever. Which just means there should be a second season or movie, ova or something. All and all I enjoyed watching the series but with just a few small bad points will just make this a avenge anime. 3.5 out of 5 for this anime. Still worth a watch though. Also with my anime non-sense out of the way. Now to something else I'm crazy about. With help from a friend I have downloaded a mod for my minecraft and it is.... Mine Little Pony  I wanted this not just cause I'm a Brony, but also cause Its just so silly. The only thing it gives me is over 100 skins of My Little Pony characters to choose from. Another thing with it is if I play with other people they see me as Steve and I see them as Ponies they spawn in with random skins. Its funny as crap to see a bunch of ponies just mining away haha. !! With all this said I'm at the ending of the blog. I'm when asking you the people "What do you guys what to see here?" I have a lot of different likes and opinions. Is there an old blog series I have done you guys want back? Or do you guys just want these same old updates over and over again? I would really love your feedback See Ya Next Time Luckies!!!  Say hello to Mistilteinn....this crazy lady will mess up your day...