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My Hate.....For His and Hers

After a long time....I guess I will finally try to do this. And please it might not be in crazy good detail but just deal with me...its been a while sense I have seen this......and I'm not watching again to help with this, lets just see how much I can remember. MY HATE!!!  (Look how happy they are, should be great right??? RIGHT!!!) First off: The Main Characters  The main person is Miyazawa the smartest girl in the whole school. It starts off with her bragging about how shes smart and how she has the highest grades. Until one day a super smart and hot boy just takes her spot as the smartest person. Sooo the plot is shes trying to ruin his grades so she can hit the top again, BUT she falls in love instead awwww. Miyazawa's character is not likable at all in my opinion, She's big headed and full of herself, which is not a great main person to lead your story. Alot of the stuff is just her being way over the top trying to make it funny....and it not working. Now to the main guy  Arima the main guy. Hes the guy whos kinda smug and anything at the start and is beating Miyazawa at her grades. He's character doesn't say much very laid back always got a smile on...the kind you want to slap off. The thing I never got was they tried to make you feel sorry for him, cause he had a mess up past. It had to do something his dad or mom I don't really remember nor care. All that just did not work. I nor felt sorry for him or cared for him.....or her :| !! Second off: The "Who Cares" other characters In most anime you need good friends, or back round characters to hold up the main characters. This show has none. The others characters are so blahhh that you forget them and there names right after the story is finished. I have seen this show and don't remember their stories or their names. Really I'm looking at anime-planet right now and still can't do it. !! Third Off: Paper Cut-Out Episodes. Ok I tried to find a picture but could not. These episode there are three if I remember right. They are done up like a moving manga, with voice overs. All this sounds cool right??? Nooo its down right boring. How can you keep going on with the storyline and give me paper cut-outs?? Also if I remember right they played uno like this....yes Uno the card game :| Also with this is a filler episode with a ghost??? Romance to Ghosts ok makes sense.....whatever. LASTLY: THE LUMPING ENDING!! Everyone knows that a good romance anime ends with people getting together finding love and maybe a kiss to end with....this nope now of that happens. Arima and Miyazawa become a couple about in the middle of the show. The problem I have is when Arima starts pushing the issue of "doing the deed". Which at first Miyazawa is put off about. But with the finally episode they do the nasty. Then after that Arima becomes a controlling douche bag and Miyazawa is totally fine with it.......The End. Now the problem I have is Arima had issue with his parents and he never wanted to be like them and at the end he turns into them and your telling me I have have to be alright with this. Plus with the issue of teens "doing the deed" is real Ehhhhh to me. Even though this show was made in 1998-1999. With all that the show felt to real, like I could go to school and see this happening. (With me saying this, Its the way I feel. My opinion and none others....don't take anything I have said as a dig at you or whatever you believe. No one is perfect even me.) Remember when I first watched I had Hi hopes every anime site on the internet talked about how good this was. With me watching I saw none of those goods they where talking about, only problem after problem. So with all this !! See Ya Next Time Luckies!!!  I'm going back to fight the good fight with my tiny army.

Zombie Tea Party!!! Drink and lose your mind.

So hows is everyone out there in the world doing? Myself I am good as of late. Pretty much only work and more work is going on with me. Been working for a while but everyones hours are getting cut so its kinda hard right now. Only getting about 15 hours a week blows big time, but im happy i have a job right now. I know some people are looking forward to this "My Hate For His and Hers" :| which im not really that will come up after this blog.....though i might get sick writing it. lol Gaming News: So far with gaming I have played both LEGO Pirates and LEGO Star War 3: Clone Wars. And after hours and hours on both I have Platinums with both games. Other than that I played Captain America: Super Soldier. FACT = This game is fun, rag-doll makes me happy. Plus I plated this game in 2 days hahaha It has challenge room, but they can be done on easy :D Fun and a piece of cake the way I like them.  More hours have been put into this than anything. After leveling up my first armor all the way I finally beat Inferno mode all the way. Now if I want to Platinum in this, it is endless grinding and playing. Good thing I can turn on music and play for hours on end haha [spoiler] LEGO: Pirates of the Caribbean Platinum #22  LEGO: Star Wars 3: Clone Wars Platinum #23  Captain America: Super Soldier Platinum #24  [/spoiler] Now about anime, after about 2 months of not finishing a series I have finally finished GA-REI-ZERO  Overall the series is ok....just ok. Really the first episode was epic, then after that just downhill. Then when they get back to the story it picks back up again. Back I have 3 lined up that I AM going to watch :D !! 1. Angel Beats! (Can't wait to watch this) Yes it is in beautiful 1080p !!  2. Baka and Test (Next in line hope its good)  3. Dance in the Vampire Bund (Read a little of the manga, hope the anime is better)  Also with that I picked up new manga as well. Amnesia Labyrinth Vol. 1 and 2 Did not see this being mature but is :O   ARISA Vols 2 and 3 Still creepy and well wrote this!!!  Well guys and girls next I'm here I will write My Hate. Enjoy all these pretty pictures I put on here haha. Now I am going to go and start watching Angel Beats! :D :D :D :D See Ya Next Time Luckies!!!  Everyday I am going to fight to win!!

Scream the Prayer, and other stuff.

Hello guys and girls its been a little while yes. Im here to tell what went down. On July 1st I went to see Scream the Prayer in Nashville!!!!!!  The show was insane and sitting through about 10 bands was really tiring. Overall it was a epic concert I wanted to see I, the Breather......but I got to meet them and top of that and get my picture with the guys. I, the Breather's set was good and they are very nice guys as well. Texas In July was good and Adam Gray still did all his flip tricks and stuff. The Great Commission was very different. They where the only ones with a girl back up screamer. Also the singer even stopped the music and was telling the crowd to stop...and then broke right into the breakdown haha. Close Your Eyes is what i wanted to see and they where great, and I met the singer and shook the mans hand. Sleeping Giant had a epic set as well. Now for the ones that blew me away. THE CHARIOT!!! This shows how crazy they are. These dudes where totally insane. The singer was swinging upside down from the rafters and still screaming the song. The guitar player even did the samething. The singer was throwing the mic and the people where going crazy. WELL they had their set cut short cause of how epic it was getting. They ended by cont. to play and the singer was taking apart the drum piece by piece and he was still playing. Until they had got everything off the stage, (I forgot they also had a oldschool jukebox up there that played old 50 music everyonce in a while in one song) !! Beside epic concert, some game playing is in order with two new games I picked up.   EDF!!!! Is endless stupid fun to me, been playing it nonstop and trying to beat it on hard is...well hard lol. I have tried my first LEGO game, and well I think they are pretty fun so I got the Star Wars one, LEGO Pirates is my sisters game and I just playing it to. See You Next Time Luckies!!!  Next Blog: My Hate for His and Her's :( I kinda look forward to it.

Sippin' on Orphan Tears (Random Title)

Hello there people and masses of Gamespot. How is everyone. I have been pretty good. I'm jumping into a few questions people asked me in the last blog. Favortie TV Show  Adventure Time!!!! I love this cartoon ever sense the first episode. Which really the zombie party episode is the best way to start off a show. I have every episode out downloaded on my PS3 bought from the PSN. I even have a shirt as well, I want a Finn hat but I cant find those. !! Favorite Book. Ummm I dont really read books....but I like the Haruhi Suzumiya Novels  I'm still Boredom, cause its kinda boring. Can't wait for the new one called Rampage :D that should be awesome Favorite Color Black. I'm not Goth but I love Black Animal  Platapus!!! Really the Easter Platapus is best. !! The Worst Anime I have seen. Ummm Daphne in the Brilliant Blue or Hikari to Mizu no Daphne It is just god awful and the fanservice is just......sad. Its so awful I will not even put a picture up :| !! Kannazuki no Miko This whole anime is just a sad sad sad mess. If you have a yuri story. DONT put a male in it and make him do awesome things and get screwed in the end thats just lame. His and Her Circumstances MY HATE FOR THIS CAN NOT BE STOPPED!!!! This blog is to small for all my hate to fit on this, I don't see why people think this is so good...its terrible Mouse The most awful terrible and pointless anime I have had the task on watching. There you 4 anime that I hate, I hate some more but those can slide. The Sabotuer  Someone asked if Sabotuer is a good and should picked up. So let me tell The Sabotuer is a great game and now that its cheap you should pick it up. A open world with freedom and Nazis as well. The story is ok...its just Nazi are bad kill them with a little twist that puts in racing as well. The look of the game is great to, if the Nazi have a place taken over its in all Black and White and after you save the people the color comes back..which is a nice touch. Also its not as mature as people put it, as in the tibbes if you want those you have to buy the add on to get them. (Its stupid) There is a lot to do in this game and I mean A LOT if you want to do them all like me hahaha. So if you thought about picking it up you should now, cause putting bombs on cows is fun haha I was also asked if 20 Platinums was enough for me?? Well let me tell nope I wants more :D and guess what I already got more :D :D  Platinum Number 20 = InFamous 2  Platinum Number 21 = Portal 2 (Thanks to you Kairikh :D ) Also I will make this bet. If I can Platinum Red Faction. I will put a video of myself on here doing this..... Thats Right If I can make it though Insane difficulty I should be insane enough to do this. haha !! See Ya Next Time Luckies!!!  Keep Dancing Pretty :P

Return of me Resi :D

Thats right I'm back!!!  You heard me I'm back for good here, as of now. I had to get through the pain of friends leaving for another state. They will be missed here, but I am sure I'll see them again. It was a tear fest for everyone else..I wanted to be the only person that didn't cry. Not cause it would make me better, but that its already sad as is...and I don't want to make it worse. Also crying to me would just show what a greedy person I am, cause would love for them to stay.....but family is and should be first. !! Another than all that my job has been in swing for about 5 or 6 weeks now don't remember how long. Bagging groceries is not that hard, it is if people buy like 200 dollars worth of stuff. One lady I had before had 463 dollars worth of stuff :O Its funny cause the lady that runs the check out asked "Did you find everything you needed?" and I busted out laughing. Cause it looked like the whole store was in one cart. The people I am working with are pretty nice so far, the younger ones are a little ugh :| Beinging 22 working with 16 and 17 year olds bossing me around will take some getting use to. I thought I was crazy lucky cause at work the girl I talked to the most is the coolest of all. One day I asked her "What do you do on your off days?" She says "Sit around and play games." "Awesome what are you playing now?". She says "Fallout: New Vegas, its pretty awesome." I have finally found a girl that likes good games, after I have only heard of them. !! Really nothing much else has been going down, but beasting games and getting Platinums :) I have finally made it to 19 Platinums and my goal of 20 is coming up. My list of what I have.. 1. Borderlands 2. The Saboteur 3. Dante's Inferno 4. Heavy Rain 5. Just Cause 2 6. Assassins Creed 2 7. Mafia 2 8. Sly Cooper !! 9. Sly Cooper 2 10. WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2010 11. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 12. Spider-Man: Shatted Dimensions 13. Enslaved: Odyssey to the West 14. Resident Evil 5 15. Killzone 3 16. Bayonetta 17. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 18. Mini Ninjas 19. LA Noire Now for number will be either Portal 2 or InFamous 2. Portal 2 is being a pain with staying alive me and Kairikh just about did it, but a mis-step ended all that :( But I'm totally fine with it. Me and Kairikh had fun playing Portal 2 :D Also playing Portal 2 with finalstar2007 was good to for the short time. A storm rolled through and shut off the power :| Next time dude, Next time. Also with InFamous 2 I can tell everyone finding Blast Shards is NO LONGER A PAIN. The last upgrade from doing side missions, let you see the nearest Blast Shard on the tiny map even if its on the other island. Took on time for me to find them all. I love it when people listen to the gamers. But the bad side is....all the User Made stuff sucks to me :| and its hard to make one with just about no help telling you how. Most of time people just put like 50 bad guys on screen and tell you to take them the one called "Minigun Hell". !! So in this closing. I'm back in blogging mode after some rest. So In that I want to bring back this just this once ASK ME ANYTHING!! Thats right you heard me, I know its lame.....but I needs something to hold me over for now with nothing going on. See Ya Next Time Luckies!!!!  Ocean Floor - The Bunny The Bear

So What You Been Up Too Resi??? A lot let me tell ya...

Hello to all the people I have not talked too in like......well a long time really. I'm going to give a HUGE update about what I have been doing, what's going on later on and all that jazz. This should be my biggest blog ever from games to music and anime updates. But first about life, Its been going good the Job I have as a bag boy has been great and a paycheck feels great to hold again. People who come through the store are all nice so all this should be good. Plus some pretty crazy things have been happening to me but I won't get into those...cause I don't know how people would take them on here. Also in two weeks my 2 close friends will finally move away, so I'm not looking forward to all that. I have really grown close to them in this year and last year. I am thinking of writing her something heart felt for her before she leaves, it will be very hard to write. !! Well in games, (While the PSN has been down) Killzone 3 - I have finally gots the Platinum in this game :D Making it my 15th one. Difficulty Rating 6/10 (Some parts on Elite are a pain)  Bayonetta -  !! I have bought back this game after rage quitting it a long time ago. Jeanne is still a pain to fight :| Funny thing was I had no luck fighting in the flashback on Hard when I first had it. Then now it took me 2 trys :O BUT now on Non-Stop Climax I am getting my butt kicked. I have been getting the trophies out of the way, I'm having problems on some portals but in due time I'll get them. ALSO before I have to say the only way I beat the game on hard was cause of a glitch...I save my skillz (Which I have little) for portals and Jeanne :| Its cheap I know, but I have no shame on harder difficultys. Portal 2  This is the funniest game I have played ever ever. Portal 2 is a load of fun and very challenging as well. Portal is a game that makes you think.....alot. If you have played the first you will feel right at home. First timers are slowly brought in about what you can do and the ways to slove puzzles. Sure alot of them are like bring cube here put on switch the end. Then there is the only bad part about this game LOAD SCREENS. You slove a puzzle.....load screen......puzzle....load screen. They come up too much and will drive you mad after some time. Co-op mode is great as well, Co-op is more challenging than single in you need a nice player to play with who knows what they are doing. I have finished both Single Player and Co-op as well. If I remember right, right now I have 80% of the trophies hopefully this will be Plated as well. Co-op holds all the harder ones like "Still Alive" not dieing from start to end on the hardest course :| wont be easy at all. Well when then PSN is back up I can't wait to play with you guys and hug you as well :P Games I have bought and not played yet.. MINI Ninjas Hyperdimension Neptunia In Music..Well sense I had money I bought a bunch of CDs...I will tell you whats good.  Reckless and Relentless by Asking Alexandria I do like Asking Alexandria and I was looking forward to this. Only to get a HUGE let down. AA is back still heavy and with the techno breakdowns still going. BUT the lyrics for a lot of these songs are complete garbage. I don't get that the lead singer wants to clean himself up BUT he has songs talking about him drinking and partying a lot...which are the reasons they have been getting into trouble. Also having some anti-Christain lyrics in Morte Et Dabo maybe it hard for to fully enjoy the heaviest song on the album. I still love Stand Up and Scream and I sold back this garbage. !! Score from me 6/10 (Its ok, but the lyrics and the band itself brings it down)  One Reality by Texas In July I found out about these guys by mistake, watching drummers on youtube. Which being said Adam Gray of Teaxs in July is pure beast mode...with crazy flip tricks. Well Texas in July are a another pure metalcore band...with well breakdown after breakdown never letting up. So for some people all the songs could seem to fade together and sound the same, with only "May" setting it apart. For a first full legth album its pretty good, with songs like "Magnolia', "Our Freedom" and my favorite "One Reality". Score from me 8/10 (Overall the album is good, but its alittle short and songs suffer metalcore overload) HAUNT WHAT'S LEFT BY THIS OR THE APOCALYPSE *I COULD NOT FIND A GOOD ALBUM PICTURE, BUT ITS PRETTY EPIC LOOKING* This or the Apocalypse is pure butt kicking heavy rock. Amazing guitar work and great drums with lyrics that will confuse everyone. From start to finish the album is amazing. Starts you off with the crazy guitar work in Charmer And the rest of the album never lets you go after this song. This or the Apocalypse should be on everyones sights that likes this music. Score from me 9/10 (Album is just amazing and does about everything right)  Revision:Revise by A Bullet For Pretty Boy If you are like me and feel like Asking A. was let you down. Fear not a band thats like them is here and 50x's better. A Bullet for Pretty Boy is another Techno/Metalcore band. I have been listening to this album about non-stop sense I have picked it up. Great songs like Tides and others keep the album going. The only down side is the drums sound a little weird in the songs, not bad just different. Score from me 8/10 (A nice start for a good band)  Volatile and Let Oceans Lie by A Hero A Fake I picked up both albums by A Hero A Fake, just on a hunch I would like them. I will say this right A Hero A Fake is now one of my favorite metal/metalcore out now. Volatile the first album is a little harder to listing for the first time, but after a second time you hear how great it is. The guitar players in A Hero A Fake are both amazing and keep it going to every song. The only thing that people don't like is the screamer, but I like his scream I find them different from everyone elses..which is a good thing. Let Oceans Lie is a perfect album to me. Everyones talents come out in this album and with a slower song Images on here as well makes these album great. Volatile gets 8.5/10 Let Oceans Lie gets a 10/10 cause its still in my car :P I Know I Let Oceans Lie Anime News: I have not watched ONE anime this month....feels weird but I have Pre-Ordered the HECK out of some anime coming out soon. Also I have pre-ordered a lot of figures as well to get that part of my collection some volume :P and also so Yuki won't be lonely. DVDs I have Pre-ordered (No Pictures) Katanagatri Angel Beats On Blu-Ray :P Sound of the Sky (Sora on Woto) Baka and Test on Blu-Ray :P Ga-Rei-Zero  Haruhi-Chan (Can't wait for this to show up)  Eden of East Movie: King of Eden on Bul-Ray (I got this over K-ON! sorry K-ON only had 4 episodes)  I'll put my figure orders in a spoiler cause they will take up room. Also I will be broke as a joke when these come out. [spoiler]       [/spoiler] A lot yes :P Well See Ya Next Time Luckies!! :D  Hehe first and last time you will see BL on my blog :P Something to laugh at

Epic.....that is all

Hello there ladies and dudes of Gamespot. How is everyone doing today and this week. First awesome news right now. I FINALLY HAVE A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  *Tra la la la la la la* After all the bull I went through, I finally made a call to the store again. This time there was like "Oh interviews are still going and we can get you one". The interviews went awesome and even did a drug test as well....I had to spit in a tube for it (A new thing) And sit beside a old lady who was a little crazy :P She gave me a high five :D Everyone was very nice that I talked to so all this should be very good. I'm just glad I'm making money now :D right before all these awesome games have came out. Thank You Jesus! Without You I Don't Think I Could Have Made It. !! Game News: Killzone 3  Soon in time I will have the Platinum for this. Last night I played Elite like crazy and finally beat the whole game on it. Really Elite is not that hard...for most parts. Like when you have Rico its easy cause he can kill the guys and bring you back from death. NOW the parts without him where you are by yourself...well....thats a different story those few parts are the hardest parts in the game. The snow level takes the cake (The Jetpack level) The part where the timer is going and you have to get off the ship in 3 a pain. Cause you die you go all the way to the start, and 3 mins goes back on the clock. Really took me about 25 times to get by that and with 40 secs to spare. :P Now all that is left is to play Co-op with a Friend and my 15th Platinum is Killzone 3 :D Well I got a new game/games I got the Prince of Perisa games Remake in HD on the PS3. Well I'm off to play See Ya Next Time Luckies!!  Uta-Kata Anime I'm watching now..... Coke, Fry and a Cheeseburger by KJ-52

March anime updates.

Hello guys and girls!!! Hows everyone been awesome I hope. This blog will go as far as putting up every anime I watched or re-watched in the month of March. I'm writing down what I watch now to keep a better hold on everything. I'll tell you little about them and if I liked them. No reviews I'm not good at that junk :P NOW ONWARD!!! The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye  A Sci-Fi/ Action Title. Episodes - 24 Story follows Honoka a girl who works as a handyman, a person who will do anything. The planet in the world is mostly Desert so the dangers are high..with giant bugs and bandits..well and also dragons. Honoka travels with her Tank Bogie (Which is the AI of the Tank). That kind of explains it, now for some parts I like that where different. This anime has a narrator which at first I thought was lame, but after some time its really powerful. Everyone knows the long pauses that anime characters take when they are sad or thinking of something, well when this happens the narrator comes over and tells you about what they are feeling like he's reading a story book...really well done. Honoka also has great powers with the sword and a awesome power suit (That is drawn and not CG like the Tank). The greats the anime really overpower the weak points. Weaks points Honoka of couse like every anime character has a oath to not kill :| Its nice but shes too hardcore for that. Plus the adding of a yuri character was a little off base. But if you dont like yuri its ok, it does not go to far in it so you are fine watching this....its just that her character Paife hates men. Really though overall it was a lot of fun to watch and every episode was Blue Breaker (one of the bad guys) is pretty awesome. I would go as far as giving it a 4.5/5 Great, just little things get in the way. Trigun (Re-Watch....kinda)  A Comedy/Action anime Episodes - 26 I'm pretty sure just about everyone knows Trigun and Vash. I got to re-watch it with the release of the complete series. I forgot how great the characters are in the series and how much you can like them. The story is a little off, until they hit the middle when the gun ho guns show up. Also with Vash's brother Knifes and that he wants revenge on him. If you want to know Wolfwood is still my favorite character from the series, still get sad.....why T_T. The thing is I have never seen the final episodes until now....and the whole last fight the big one was..kinda lame and so was the ending really didnt see that coming...and how easy it was. (Plus another anime where the main character wont kill) Hey overall still a classic with good action and great characters to hold up the show. Also some pretty good bad guys as well. So the score from me would be a 4/5 !! 11 Eyes  A Fantasy/Action..with a touch of Ecchi Episodes - 12 with a special DVD episode. To tell the truth its been a while a I kinda forgot the story soooo I'm copying and pasting the synopsis. 11 Eyes in itself is a good series. Kakeru his a good lead with his childhood friend Yuka. In the crimson world where they have to fight they find more people like Misuzu and Yukiko both are the coolest characters in the show. Misuzu with her sword play and Yukiko is well.....wolverine she cant die (No claws though). The story is pretty good one of the stronger points of the show. Down parts like I said before the ecchi in it is very little...BUT if you watch the special like I did there is a lot. Well in the special the crimson world turns into the pink world and everyones powers...become dirty very dirty. Overall this a alright series to watch. So really it gets a ok 3.5/5 really it could be better. !! Mahoromatic: Automatic Maiden Both Seasons and the Special  A Action/Comedy with loads of Ecchi Episodes all together is 27 Mahoro is a combat android, that well turns in her gun to be a maid. You see Mahoro uses her life when she fights and she only has so long to live so she wants it as a maid. So this lucky kid Suguru gets a maid, and well the Ecchi stuff kicks in from there everything you have seen before. The HUGE plus for the show is that the action parts look amazing they flow really well. Also the real story behind why she quit is pretty deep. Plus you feel sorry for Suguru when you find out both his parents are gone and now Mahoro is going to die as well...and she never says anything kinda low. So the last few episodes in the second season are intense with fights going down a lot and Mahoro getting weaker. Then the next to episode hits and you start thinking how could they do that. Then it gets weirder with the real ending that just leaves more questions. So really overall it is a great story with loads of ecchi to make you forget the story. So it gets a ok 3/5 !! Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo  A Drama Episodes - 24 I will say this about this show, I did stop watching it at one point then finished it later on. The thing was I was upset about how much crap Albert got in the story, when he is such a good guy. Anyway the first thing you will notice about the show is the look of it, hurts the eyes at first but its beautiful. The story is about the count of monte cristo and his story of revenge. Its just a shame that the kids who have nothing to do with it get caught in the middle of it. The story is what this show is all about and it does a great job to grab you in. The characters are very well made, you will hate lots of them for how evil they are and you love others for how good they are....a good balance. This anime had a good ending I think, just lefted a question unanswered...but its ok to me. Overall the story is amazing and great characters gets this a well perfect score 5/5 (Plus Peppo a trap :P) Kampfer  Action/Ecchi/Gender Bending Episodes 12 First I was put off by this..but my "Who cares" part of me watched this. First part that made me happy only one of them is a guy that turns into a girl. The story that these girls are Kampfers and they change into a Kampfer with their bacelet. There are two sides Blue and Red and they have to fight each other, the thing is they never tell them why they have to fight. Now let me say I had a blast watching this, the lolz for me where never ending. The whole fact that Natsuru (Main Guy that turns into a girl) is in love with Sakura. But he saves Sakura in lady form and Sakura falls in love with his girl form...Oh it gets worse. Shi - uku (Who is the hottest character in here) says that girl Natsuru is going out with boy Natsuru..Yes he's going out with himself. So now Sakura hates the boy Natsuru...just crazy. The story does not pick up until it gets near the end. But the end was not great, its like they just wanted to leave it like that to make another one. Overall I had a blast watching, Laughing my butt it gets a 4/5 (from me) Well guys thats about it for me there. See Ya Next Time Luckies!  *Turn into a woman!!! OHHHHH that April Fool is TOO Intense*' Watch this and you win a cookie

My Weekend of Pure Hell... :(

Hello everyone on Gamespot its been a while :) You all good? Well I'm about to tell what happened to me this past weekend :| !! WELL....  *Nothing like this happened... :P As Picture above * I got really really with a stomach virus that was going around. I woke up sick Thurs. the 17. Nasty details in......3....2...1....... Well I could barely eat anything. I went to the bathroom about every 10 mins...just dooing water. Finally dehydration set in and I started throwing up the Powerade and Water I drank. Well I had to go to the hospital. To tell you all something about me its RARE I get sick, but DAM. I was completey out of it, barely walk cause of how weak I was...i felt I was going to pass out any second. Worse part I had to wait for the doctor for about 2 hours......worse also a CRAZY OLD LADY was in the waiting room..and she talked and talked and talked and NO ONE! She gave like a 20 min. speech and then repeated the whole thing again... :| !! After that hell I finally went back and got a awesome IV inside on arm. Because of dehydration my white cell count FLEW though the roof. OK a normal person has 10,000 White Cell count...mine was 22,000 and they said it could harm my because of that I stayed at the hospital. 3 Days later I was let out. Yes 3 days in the hospital, lots of pain, taking blood 3 times, and 6 IVs later IM ALL BETTER NOW. I will say though I still feel weird, but I have not really did anything for 3 whole days. I'm just glad its all over now and I never want to do that again.......ever Besides that junk. I gots a new game and thats YAKUZA 4  SO far its been pretty good, just like Yakuza 3.....which is not a bad thing. The new characters so far have been great characters. The first one play is Akiyama a loan giver. BUT Akiyama is a nice character giving money to people down on there luck with no interest and no well as you pass hes tests. So much to helping in the old folks home or working in the red light :O Akiyama was homeless and the events in Yakuza 3 made him rich so he wanted to help other people......totally awesome. Now I'm playing as Saejima who a Bad-A$$ in ever word. His rooted with the Tojo clan and where I stopped I have to meet Kiryu :D (You can't kill a awesome character). So when I play more of the story I can spill about it some more. Plus the hostess clubs are still in as well as the weird massage parlor :| Table Tennis is fun and Pachicko WELL I really don't know how to play it. I did notice one thing, they made bowling harder to get strikes :| LAME. Well I guess thats enough.. :P !! Also I have finally Played Resident Evil 5 !  Just beat the game the other day. Well I have to say I enjoyed it. I really had little trouble playing the first time, just the parts where I needed Help from your partner :| Sometimes shes a awesome shot....other times she just looks at you being killed. Its a good thing that don't make so bad, at least she knows when too ran away from the BIG ones. Also they buffed up the Chainsaw guy doesn't ever fall down if you hurt just.....shakes back and forth. And whoever made the Reapers, needs to be hit those stupid things killed me like 3 or 4 times. Also the ones with the big mouths... :| I know a flash kills them in one hit, but sometimes I didn't have one. Cause of those I'm having a hard time getting all S-Ranks. I will press on though. Well I'm off to play or watch Tsubasa R.C. See Ya Next Time Luckies!!  Close Your Eyes - The Body *I missed the concert cause I was sick....but Stick to Your Guns and Close Your Eyes are coming close :D *

Pokemon...Pokemon...It's like I'm 13 all over again :D

Hello world of Gamespot. Hows everyone feeling today, me I feel meh right about now. I have though been wasting a lot of time of Pokemon White. Totally into this game, I feel like I have not played a Pokemon game in a while. I really like all the new 150 well its really 156 or something like that. This time though I like the puzzles and the looks of the Gyms that they made. Having Rollacoasters and Cannons that shoot you around is pretty sweet. Plus the fact that It is like 20x's more easy to level up. The item Lucky Egg lets you get double the exp. from a battle, thats great. Well enough about that. In gaming last month I finally got some Platinums that I have been shooting for those are...!! Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions !  Difficulty: 5/10 Hard mode is not a pain, but getting the best ratings on the levels on Hard are. Overall its not really a hard game, after you beat it first on easy....believe me. ! Enslaved: Odyssey of the West  Difficulty: 6/10 Problems this game is a time killer, You will spend Hours and Hours trying to find Tech orbs you missed. Good thing someone made videos on Youtube. Plus catching the Rhino in 35 secs, cause It does not go by time...It goes by you have have to catch it after you hit the first boost on the long run at the hit the second one you dont get it. Next I hope is Battlefield Bad Company 2, If only I can get my friend to play with me one day so I can knife him 5 times. Problem is he's busy a lot which is ok with me. I will get it in time. :P Well I don't want to make it all sound like I'm bragging so I'll leave you all now. I'm going to go watch The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye now, which is pretty good I might add. !! See Ya Next Time Luckies!  Well?? You Gotta Catch'em All Right?? Impending Doom (Wow this was short) :|