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In case of danger swing a fist.

Hey there guys and girls of Gamespot.!! Hows been everyones March. Mines been pretty good. Lot of game playing and watching anime and working and working :| Gaming: Well I have hit a new Platinum #36 Batman Arkham City  In all honesty I think City was easier than Asylum. The combat challenges where very easy this time, stealth ones a little harder but nothing to crazy. New Game Plus is not to fear, yes bosses take long and more people get weapons. But with your upgrades carrying over...its not so bad just jump evade a lot. Difficulty is I say like a 5/10, but if you have trouble with the combat it would be a 7/10. !! Anime: I have finished some anime (finally) !! Dance in the Vampire Bund. Episodes #1-12  Overall..not to great really. !! Hayate the Combat Butler. Episodes #1-52  Glad I got these DVDs cause BANDAI has stopped releasing to the states. The anime was pretty good, but another case of the manga being way better. Sekirei Season 1. Episodes #1-12  Not for everyone as you can see by the cover. But if you can look past the fan service the story is pretty good. Now on the watch the second season. Princess Jellyfish aka Kuragehime. Episodes #1-11  Overall best one that I have seen this month. Good characters, good story. I enjoying every bit of it. This need to be on peoples must watch list. Plus the opener is not so much. lol The Opener I wanted this blog to be bigger, but I really I have no more ideas left :/ I'm serious thats why I don't post that much anymore I just dont have any ideas anymore...kinda sad. Well guys and girls I'm off to watch anime or play more of Yakuza Dead Souls. But if you guys and girls got any ideas for me that would be awesome, get me kick started. :P I would love to make a full time come back like before. See Ya Next Time Luckies!!  Temper - Attila

My Room...what it looks like now

After a while of saying I was going to do this again. I finally have the time to do so today. I have been working 8 straight days and today is finally a off day so HOORAY!! Get Ready for a bunch of Pictures :D My Room (again) sorry they look bad I took them with my phone.     Thats pretty much my room but heres some new DVDs I have picked up as well :)   If want to see whats all in The Puella Magi Madoka Magica LE set click the spoiler [spoiler]  Soundtrack  DVD and Blu-Ray  One side of the double-sided poster  Other side of poster  Sticker at Top and Postcards  [/spoiler] Well Ladies and Gents. I'm now off to play some SSX with my custom soundtrack heres some albums I'm thinking of putting on the game...what you think? Let Oceans Lie by A Hero A Fake Messengers by August Burns Red Suicide Season by Bring Me the Horizon Obzen by Meshuggah Apologies Are for the Weak by Miss May I Thegodmachine by Phinehas Burn This World by The Browning The World is Ours by Upon A Burning Body Lost Boy by MyChildren MyBride Arise and Conquer by War of Ages With Roots Above and Branches Below by The Devil Wears Prada Empty Hands and Heavy Hearts by Close Your Eyes An Ocean Between Us by As I Lay Dying There Will Be Violence by Impending Doom The last one I can't pick between Like Moths to Flames, Onward to Olympas, Sleeping Giant, Stick to Your Guns or The Word Alive. :| But as you can see SSX for me is going to be super heavy its going to be a blast. !! See Ya Next Time Luckies!!  Woe, Is Me Cover of Katy Perry's 'Last Friday Night' (TGIF)

Getting tricky on pure pure Rage.

Hello guys and girls of Gamespot!! How is everyone? I'm doing awesome cause I'm playing a game at the moment. Batman Arkham City!!!  After getting the Platinum on Arkham Asylum. I have moved on to City. The game is so good, the combat system is still tight and easy to get a hold of. I have beat the story and I'm amped for the next game with Hush as a bad guy and not just a side mission...they have to. Now the combat challenges are WAY easier on City but the Predator ones are a different story. I have about 100 more Riddler things to do on the map, then its off to new game plus. Then spending hours getting the 108 medals on the campaign challenges...which that's the hard part. I might go for the DLC ones as well with Catwoman, Robin (Whos awesome) and Nightwing. !! On the 21st the RAGE will rise in everyone cause Asura's Wrath comes out.  From the demo it seems to be mindless fun, which is alright with me. Then 28nd I got SSX and Hyperdimesion Neptuna MK2 Pre-Ordered IM SO PUMPED FOR SSX!! I loved the old games and I'm a new one is coming out. The only lame part to me is that the soundtrack is all dub-step :| Heres to hoping that a custom soundtrack will be put on it. So crazy metal can go now as I do crazy tricks :D Well thats it for this blog. !! Here soon I'm going to put up pictures of my room again...first I need to clean it and organize some stuff. Cause my room has changed sense the last pictures I had on here...and there is a lot more stuff haha. I also show some new DVDs and Blu-Rays I picked up as well. Look Forward to It. :) Here's my Trophy and Anime Cards.   Watching: Neon Genesis Evangelion, Ghost Hound, Dance in the Vampire Bund, and Serikei. See Ya Next Time Luckies!!  If you like As I Lay Dying or awesome mustache metal watch this

2012 a year of face melting metal?? Why yes it will be.

Hello guys and girls. Is everyone out there feeling good? Well me Resi. has really not been up to much just playing games, blasting music and going to work. Guess what also I got 3 new Platinums now :D so now that makes 35 Platinums right now. Right now I'm on my way to try and get 50...yes 50 is year end goal I think I could make it.....maybe. Here are my new Platinums Platinum #33 - WWE12  Platinum #34 - Batman: Arkham Asylum !  Platinum #35 - WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011  I might try for AC: Brotherhood's plat if I can stand the online. Trying for NeverDeads at the moment as well. On the side I'm playing Hyperdimension Neptuna...if I get the Plat on that that will be just luck. Now to talk of METAL!!!!!  Now looking at the Year of 2012. The end of the world? Could be cause of all these awesome metal bands coming out with CDs this year. Now 2011 was pretty awesome with the releases of a lot of great stuff if I named them off It would take WAY to long haha. With the Metal starting at the end of February with I, The Breather and Impending Doom which could be Impending Dooms heaviest album sense Nailed/Dead/Risen. Then the rest of the year holds releases from these bands For Today, Meshuggah, The Word Alive, Gideon, Upon a Burning Body, Woe is Me, War of Ages, Miss May I, This or the Apocalypse, The Chariot, A Bullet for Pretty Boy, Bring Me the Horizon, Close to Home, Stick to Your Guns and A Hero A Fake. WITH all head just might explode and implode at the same time. !! Cont. talk to my metal-head friends. Should I make a Top 10 albums of 2011 Just asking Well See Ya Next Time Luckies!!  I will finally start watching Neon Genesis Evangelion this Saturday after a 8 hour shift at work. Virtue by Gideon

What I got! :D And Extras

Hello everyone!! :D I hope everyone had a pretty awesome Christmas. I'm back with a update and to tell what I got around Christmas. But first things first with Trophy news!! Ending this year. I have gotten 21 Platinum trophies just this year :O Which is totally crazy. So overall now I have 32 Plats. My new ones are these  Platinum #31 Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken  Platinum #32 Skyrim (After 100 hours and 20 hours of being pissed) With Christmas gifts all I got was money but my sister and friends got my some stuff. One of my friends got me chopsticks that look like Kanata Swords pretty awesome. Another friend got me a FYE gift card and a t-shirt. My sister also got me alot of t-shirts which was awesome but they all where too small :( Hot Topic is not a tall man or big man store. But I did get two awesome shirts I'll put them up later. The games I got was Assassins Creed: Brotherhood  Assassin Creed: Revelations  Uncharted 3 !  El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron  RAGE  With some left-over money and the gift card I got some CDs as well.  When We Don't Exist by Like Moths to Flames You Won't Be Missed  The War Within Us by Onward to Olympas Structures  Burn This World by The Browning Time Will Tell With all that also I have all your top 5s counted up for anime and this is the top 5 1. Neon Genesis 2. Clannad: After Story 3. Gurren Lagann 4. Hell Girl 5. 4 way tie for 5 Really I kinda knew that Neon Genesis would be number one. The truth is the first two are kinda serious so to get me ready for that I'm watching To Love-Ru first haha I have to get myself ready. So as you can see Christmas was pretty epic for me. ! !BREAKING NEWS! After months and months of being told by Vyse_Legends to watch My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic. I finally broke down and watched the first episode...then the second and then the third. Before I knew it I watched all the up to episode 5 in one sitting. I really don't know what to say...its not overly kiddy like so many would think. Its filled with humor very funny show so far. So yes thats right I'm calling it right now. I'm Joshua 23 years old and I'm a Brony and yes I own that t-shirt as well haha. ! Haters gonna Hate.  See Ya Next Time Luckies!!  Remember this one (Old-School) :D :D

Question for anime watchers

Hello guys and girls! How is everyone so far Hope everyone is good this Christmas season. ! I'm here to ask you all a question. Well first off with the memory bug in Skyrim making it impossible to play for 10 mins without freezing. :| So I'm going to put up all the anime I have not watched or finished and I want you guys to pick a top 5 for me and what I should watch. Even if you don't know them I'll leave links to them so you can read up what they are. So....heres my list. Last Exile Boogiepop Phantom Claymore Karin Gun & Diebusters [Movies are too old to find] Noir Saikano Jinki:Extend Neon Genesis Evangelion Blue Gender Noein Kiddy Grade Samurai 7 Soultaker Hell Girl Silent Mobius AIR Movie Perfect Blue Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind Tsubasa Chronicle Princess Tutu Gurren Lagann Utakata Strawberry Panic! Ghost Hound To Love Ru Allison & Lillia Oreimo, My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute Dance in the Vampire Bund Katanagatari Clannad: After Story 5 Centimeters per Second Kodocha As you can see there is a lot to choose please look through and pick a Top 5 for me please :) Put in down in the comments. This will help me pick the next series I should watch. Plus I also finished K-ON! its put that spark but in me to watch anime. See Ya Next Time Luckies!  Merry Christmas :3 Please put a top 5 :D :D Something to listen to while you pick

This is one long update...

Hello guys and girls of Gamespot :D How has been everyone. I'm writing a huge update to catch you guys up about whats going on so far. I have a bunch of days off so I gots time to do this haha. First off I can tell ya I have been super busy playing A LOT of different games. Plus a lot of you know I like getting trophies. With that all being said I do have 2 new Platinums to go to my collection.  Plat. # 29 God Of War: Chains of Olympus  Plat. #30 Saints Row: The Third I know I have finally made it to 30 Platinums...and I never thought ever I could get this many. So now I'm looking forward to making it to 50 haha that would be crazy.....crazy awesome. If you want to know anything about Saints Row: The Third you can ask if you want. I'm not good at explaining a lot but it is a good game. BUT there is a game that has came over the horizon and taking everyones life away...and that is Skyrim. While I was playing Skyrim I thought about all the games I have and have never played or never finished or finished and never played again. Shadow of the Colossus/ ICO collection Neptunia Batman AA God of War: Ghost of Sparta Resonance of Fate Vanquish (Making a custom soundtrack to play again on Hard) Dead Island (To Level 50) Knights Contract Fallout New Vegas Shadows of the Damned EDF: Insect Armageddon Red Faction: Armageddon This kinda sad I have all these and ONE game is taking away all that time. I'm going to try and control my playing time between these and Skyrim...keyword is try. With anime and manga. Nothing really has been watched or read. :| I'm falling super behind cause of work. With these 3 days off I'm hoping to at least watch some. I really don't what to watch first but I know I'm going to finish FINALLY Dance in the Vampire Bund and start K-ON! after thats over...maybe K-ON! will help get me watching my anime like the old times. I have a lot of manga also to catch up with......ugh I'm so far behind on my favorite ones it drives me crazy. Cause I opened the new Negima! and said "I don't remember any of this..." Then I remembered I never read the last one I got :| I am re-reading Kimi Ni Todoke so I can remember what happened in it also. Shame Shame on me.  Other with all that, also I have joined a poem/poetry reading group. I just really joined and I won't read anything yet untill next year in January. I'm working really hard so far to write some....its not been easy. I have about 3 I have wrote out and kept. Lets hope this goes well, It will be the first thing that I go to outside of work. I'll get to meet new people and slowly get over about being around so many people. Also with work which is going great, Its been super busy with Thanksgiving...which is cool. The people I work with are still awesome. Out of all of them there is one girl I'm strongly crushing on. I have been trying for the longest time to hang out with her, but she has school also which takes up most of her time. I really do want to ask her out, but I want it to be away from work you know...just seems better. I have been waiting for a long time for a girl I'm alittle attracted to....its just going to take longer getting that Yes or No.... :| Wish me luck when all that happens. (My goal was to not be single by the end of this year...Im running out of time on that) With all this text and words going on I'll finally leave you all now :) !! See Ya Next Time Luckies!!!  The best weapon...blinding in Battlefield 3 Plea for Purging - Heart of a Child

Something awesome is coming up soon

Hello guys and girls :D Something truly awesome is coming up and No its not what your thinking :| For Shame on all of you. Tomorrow will be my 23rd Birthday :D :D :D  I really don't know what will happen that day, but I'm happy I don't have to work that day. I have been working all week about. The only thing I know that we are doing is watching the movie Number 23...cause I'm turning 23. Never seen I could be scarred forever haha. ! Well guys and girls that all I really wanted to write hooray to short blog Woo! !! See ya Next Time Luckies!    When its time to party we will Party Hard!!

I promise I'm not dead...just busy. Oh whats the difference haha

Hello guys and girls. Its been a long time sense I wrote on here again :| I'm doing good about forgetting this site. Well really all I do is work, come home, eat and then play some games till I go to sleep. !! But with all that I finally have new bookshelves for my stuff, which when I finally put my stuff away I will reput up my collection on here. !! Guess what world I'm addicted all over again with Fallout :O They need a program for this game.  After playing all the DLCs of Fallout 3 and trying to plat more games like WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011 with the endless grinding it has. I wanted to finally play it. I'm glad I finally started it, I'm in love all over again. I did not start my first game on Hardcore I saving that for way later. Just the thought that you get hungry, thirsty and sleepy in a game is crazy. Who did I side with?? With myself of course haha. I am a one army with Yes Man. So far I'm just doing a lot of side missions, before I cont. with the story finally. I need to get playing Hyperdimension Nepuntia and EDF (grinding endless) with other games. I'm about to good download Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken haha The Demo was pretty fun. Plus play the demo for Okabu also and see how good it is. Some great news I heard is Sailor Moon is back...with the manga not anime sadly too much red tape.  :D :D :D :D I have already read this and I know this Tuxedo Mask is 17 and he is in love and stalks a 14 year old girl :| BUT remember its just a story....still weird though. Other news with my job. Our store was in a contest for friendly service and we won :D that means we all get 25 dollar gift cards. Waiting to spend it on Root Beer haha. Also with that we great a pizza party if I remember right. With the Halloween and we get to dress up as well....Nothing scary or slutty (I cant do that haha) It might just dress as a rocker maybe even get a wig as well. Thats all if I work that day. Well I will finally leave you all alone..for now Mwha ha ha ha See Ya Next Time Luckies!!  Question? Whos your favorite Sailor?? Mines Sailor Jupiter! Tom Boy FTW

...Blah Blah I hate titles

I just thought that I would give a update or something along those lines. Right now everything is pretty good, work is going awesome. Yes work is boring sometimes and it sucks working afternoons, but hey I gots a job right?? I found out with Halloween fast coming up that, everyone is aloud to dress up...but we have to dress to the theme they pick. I hope and hope its a good theme cause if I work that day, I want as little shame as I can get lol. Other than work right now my life is pretty boring haha. :P Gaming News: Sense last time I have wrote on here I have a lot of progress and playing and plat'ing games. Sense last time I have got 4 more platinums :P Sad and good at the same time. Those games are Spare Parts, Alice: Madness Returns, Fallout 3 (finally) and No More Heroes.  (Stupid fact) (On I am the 33 person to get the No More Heroes Platinum :D ) But right now I'm playing Dead Island  Mix Fallout with Borderlands take away all the guns, but only some and load it with zombies and you got Dead Island. A good game with some problems. Mainly that there is no save function :| only auto-save which I have no idea when it saves...just everyonce in a while it does. Also I have a question for RPG players out there. I'm wanting to play a RPG again to keep me indoors lol (mainly to save money) I have the choose from The Record of Agarest War Zero or Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland or Hyperdimension Neptunia. I have all three but which one really should I really play first. (I stock pile RPGs don't ask why, even I don't know) Anime News:  (My Quest to 200 lol) I went on a watching craze for the past few days lol. So far I have finished Angel Beats! Arakawa Under the Bridge Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu MM! So-Ra-No-Wo-To The biggest one is....The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya  The movie is amazing words can't do this justice, blu-ray is so pretty :) Plus the movie is over 2 hours long :O crazy but worth it. Well friends guys and girls, I'm going to go and get ready to watch cartoons haha and wresting as well. !! See Ya Next Time Luckies!! (Don't open if you have not seen the movie! !Warning!) This is a very sad part. [spoiler]  [/spoiler] The Devil Wears Prada