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Pony of Duty: Black Clops 2 Hoofed Edition

Hey there ladies and Gent long time no type. How has everyone been with the end of February and the start of March. March is looking like a awesome month for games, got my God of War pre-order already and I know I'll pick up the new MLB The Show just cause I love those games so much.!! !! But hey guys I'm doing really well, Playing LEGO Harry Potter and the Hitman Collection. BUT with those games, In LEGO Harry Potter I'm at the end and I have 1 student missing and 4 Gold Bricks missing which means hunting though Hogwarts again -_- Not fun. Playing Hitman 2 on Professional.......NOT FUN. I don't remember the controls and the game doesn't help with helping you at all. Its been years and years sense I played the old ones makes me remember why the new one is so good. Between all that to keep me sane I play Black Ops 2. I am having a fun time online. I have made it to one gold camo weapon and know I'm working on my shotgun. The thing I like is the emblem maker which I have some fun with with the help of youtube. Here's what I'm using at the moment.  Pretty awesome Filly Twilight :D I want to make more Pony ones. I'm thinking about The Great and Powerful Trixie next and make Apple Bloom cause some others I play with have Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo. The Youtube user who makes them is amazing. Here is his youtube his got some good anime ones as well I would really like to get my own Pony Clan going but I doubt that will happen hahaha. OH SHOOT I almost forgot!! Everypony remember about my minecraft project I was working on??? Well she is done and she looks amazing.  When I get bored I'll work on the rest of the mane 6 and maybe some others as well :P Well I'm off to my backlog watching Maria Holic Alive...Season 1 is still better so far. See Ya Next Time Luckies.  Something for the people at the end. [spoiler]  Me in all my glory haha [/spoiler]

So many colors.

Whats going on guys and girls. I have been pretty awesome. I got a few things to talk about. Few things I'm pumped up about and one of them is RWBY.  If you don't this, its going to be a internet series made by Monty from Roosterteeth (makers of Red vs Blue) Too trailers have come out and it looks pretty sweet. Here are the two trailers that have come out so far. Red Trailer White Trailer I can't wait to see the Black and Yellow trailers to see how the other girls set up. I hope you guys give the trailers a chance cause they are pretty amazing :D Remember my anime back log. Well I'm now at 58  I watched Kara no Kyoukai Movie 1: Fukan Fuukei (1 down 7 more to go)  First movie is kinda confusing. I feel like I need to watch the second before I give a real word about these movies. Lucky Star OVA  As a fan of Lucky Star I finally watched this after like....2 years of just sitting there. It was pretty fun to watch but just reminded me that Lucky star is no more :( I'm back into minecraft cause I found a great program called Spritecraft which takes the pixels in pictures and turns them into minecraft blocks. It also give a blue-print so you can make them yourself. So I'm making a giant mane six in minecraft I'm working on Applejack first. A little teaser for you guys and yes my Steve skin is Konata from Lucky Star :3  I know I just did the tail and boy it is going to be huge. Can't wait to finish the mane six and work on the cutie mark crusaders next. :) See Ya Next Time Luckies!  I'm back to working on my Applejack.

Space Ace

How is everyone doing today! Me pretty good I'm enjoying my 2 straight off days which feels super nice. Other than that lets get into what I have been up too. So a awesome new game is coming out soon.......DEAD SPACE 3!! So to celebrate I went back and put in my copy of Dead Space to play and try to finish it on Impossible cause I skipped it long ago. I loaded it back up and gave it another try which brings me to this! Dead Space Platinum #52  After 2 years of sitting around I finally put the game back in and made it through Impossible now I'm on to playing 2 I may not plat that one cause of Hardcore mode, but we shall see I guess. NOW I'm going to get a problem I have ran into. Now everyone on here knows I collect anime and watch my DVDs and Blu-Rays. So I wanted to see want I have sitting on the shelve that I have started watching and stopped or just never watched. So on anime-planet I wanted to put all the ones I haven't watched into my "Watching" list. And well I'll just show you how much I have in my back-log..  Yeah I have made it to 60 Shows just sitting around :O All I have been doing is playing games.....soooo It looks like 2013 might be my year to catch up on everything I just have laying around. So with all that being said I'm going to make a plan to watch as much as I can. Wish me Luck :P Just to tell you how behind I am...I just finished Is This A Zombie? Pretty good and a funny show. :P  Well I'm off to watch those 60 Shows maybe you'll see a lot of updates over this time :D

#51 First Plat of 2013

Hello there Guys and Girls! How is everyone on this site GS. Really don't know if you guys know but Im doing nothing. Just wasting time playing games and really thats about it. After getting my 50# Platinum, I'm back on the hunt to get more. Plat. #51 Far Cry 3  Far Cry 3 is one of the better FPS games I have played. Single Player is great from start to finish. The trophy list is pretty easy, but a lot of collecting is in this. Also Shout-Out to Hanzoadam for playing some of the co-op maps with me. Online is the only problem with this, if you play with someone across the country it will lag and drop out. Also leveling up is hit and miss. I played 3 co-op maps and stayed level 16 even if the game said I leveled up....kinda weird. Major Update. Really though I'm getting kinda bored with this wedbsite very slowly. I really don't know what I could do to really really want to make me want to come here and type out stuff. I would really like to try video blogs, but I really don't know if I have the motivation. Cause not going to lie I have zero motivation...I might just giving it a shot someday. In the mean time I'm going back to playing Borderlands 2 and Resident Evil 6 and COD:Black Ops 2. ! See Ya Next Time Luckies!  The Mechromancer is a total glad I downloaded it. :P

Christmas Blog, Had a magic Christmas filled with friendship

Hey Guys and Girls!! How has been everyone's Holidays?? I have been doing pretty good. This Christmas for me was been pretty awesome. This year we actually got presents my sister Colmillios (Shout-Out) Said she wanted presents this instead of money like every year we have been doing after we got past 17 years old. My haul was pretty good so I'll show you whats up! My biggest thing I got was a PS Vita :D with Gravity Rush. Two new PS3 games Far Cry 3 (Which is amazing) and Playstation All-Stars also :) which I haven't played yet. [spoiler]  [/spoiler] Got the full first season of Adventure Time :D [spoiler]  [/spoiler] My Sis. got me some awesome gifts this year, she got me some manga to go into my collection. And some figures so I can put all over my bookshelves :D It was a nice surprise. [spoiler]  [/spoiler] Also got me this amazing blanket as well, 20% better than my old one. [spoiler]  [/spoiler] Now onto the other surprise gift with my new controller that my parents got for me to go with my blue one. [spoiler]  [/spoiler] I'm off to play some games before bedtime cause I have to open at work. Waking up at 8am sucks on the weekend. I'll be back soon guys and girls See Ya Next Time Luckies!!  Party Time!

I have finally made it soooooo now what?

Hello ladies and Gents. How is everyone this Holiday season? I don't know if you guys remember but I had a challenge to make it to a total of 50 Platinums this year. After a while now I have finally made it to that 50 point. It took a long while but I'm finally there. So now what? Do I try to make it to 75 next year that might be a long shot. So where the last 3 that I got. Tomb Raider: Underworld #48  I have this game for a long time, but poop controls and lots of treasures to get. I finally put it back in after sometime. I re-started the game on Hard so I have to just play it once. Thanks to youtube I have finally made it though this. Really the game is really simple, just the treasures are way to many to get.! Hitman: Absolution #49  Maybe one of the harder ones I have. Hard mode if you don't have a good walk-through. Its a great game but if you can make it through the last level without getting spotted you are a lot better than me at this game. All I know is after playing this I can't wait for the Hitman HD collection to be released. !! Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 #50 is the only reason I have made it though this. Cause the online play is crap and there is so much lag it just makes it not fun. Glad this game is out of the way. Well I'll be back after Christmas to see how everyone is doing. :) See Ya Next Time Luckies!!  I'm off to watch more anime :D

Long Time Update

Hey there Ladies and Gents! Yeah I got my Laptop and its mainly been used for trophy guides on youtube. Being pretty busy at work as well. Well this will be alot of text. The Unshakeable Tour!!! Well the tour in Greensboro was pretty fun. Only downside was the club it was at It was super small there was zero moving room. Finally seeing Impending Doom and For Today finally was pretty awesome. I had a first during Impending Doom set, they was soooo heavy my teeth and fillings in my teeth started to hurt. I have never had that happen ever before. Impending Doom is one of my all time favourite metal bands ever, and I got the meet Brook Reeves the screamer for the band and take a photo with him (which will be uploaded later). For Today was pretty amazing as well and I have never seen that many people stage dive during one set. Overall a fun time, could have been better if I could move -_- Gaming has been going forward. I have been playing. Assassin's Creed 3 - Just finished the game, now I'm working on all the grinds ugh WWE 13 - Only things left are online, but the online ranks are jacked up and re-set when you quit the game. COD Black Ops 2 - Trying for all the challenges I'm at 62/160. I'll never finish the zombie trophies cause of "Obey the Voices" The Walking Dead - Finished the game. Tomb Raider: Underworld - Platinum run on this game after sometime not playing it. Super Meat Boy (Steam) - Very close to Rage Quit cause its not easy with a keyboard. Now I know I have been lazy of late, back my backlog of games, manga and anime DVDs have grow so large I'm way way behind. Back to reading Pandora Hearts, Fairy Tail, Soul Eater and Negima! Watching 3 other anime and trying to hit my 50 Platinums in this year. I just need 3 more to go and I can just feel it. Sorry for the short blog and the long time waits. See Ya Next Time Luckies!!! [spoiler]  Me and Brook Reeves of Impending Doom [/spoiler]

Happy Birthday to Me

Hello Ladies and Gents!! How is everyone. Today is a great day cause Its my Birthday!! :D As of right now I'm 24 years old and I still feel pretty good haha What I'm I up too today well I'm going to a movie later to see  Wreck It Ralph. :D This seems like such a good movie it might be the only good video game movie haha. Also I was suppose to see this with a girl I know, but shes really sick right and can't really go anywhere. Found out she's got gall-stones I don't know what they'll do for her, I'm hoping she'll be ok. !! I now have a Steam account as well. (its psn_resident4evil05)  I got a Steam Account to play Binding of Issac cause my friends play it also. Plus my friend that plays it the most as finally got a 100% on it which is crazy. Binding of Issac is from the guy who made Super Meat Boy so the game is super hard. Cause once you die you start over from the start again. I have only beat it once, but once you beat it after that the game gets harder. If anyone has a Steam Account you can add me and maybe recommend me some games on there. !! Now to talk of a present I'm giving myself.  Thats right another concert!! This Tour looks amazing cause its the first tour I have seen to have Impending Doom and For Today on the same card. I'll be going on the 11th up to Greensboro NC. As you all know I'll fill you in on how amazing it is. Well I'm back to playing Assassin's Creed 3, which will be a pain to platinum cause you have to 100% everything :/ at least online is fun this time. See Ya Next Time Luckies!!!  RIP Mitch Lucker

Early Birthday Presents.

How is everyone doing here on GS. Myself I'm doing ok I guess, but even better with my birthday only 8 days away. In 8 days I'll be 24 it really doesn't feel like it though. With my birthday coming up I have already got my first present from my parents which is super nice of them. Here it is...  A new laptop computer at which I am using right now to type this out. I have always wanted my own computer to play minecraft on (which I now have as well) and have things like skype and steam. The main reason for the computer is youtube collectable videos. Used to I would have to walk back and forth every 10 seconds not no more, trophy hunting is going to be a little bit easier now. !! I also finally have my own banking account (again) after sometime. My first ever debit card as well at which I used for the first time of the internet to buy new anime DVDs that came out and was on sale.  Funimation saved both Texhnolyze and Haibane Renmei and I had to jump all over the sale they had. Aria: The Scarlet Ammo is a impulse buy really along with Ghastly Prince Enma: Burning Up. Though the Prince Enma series is sold out at whole-sale level and they doubt they will release it again so I swooped in and grabbed one while I could. I also made same pricey pre-orders which I'll talk about when I get them. In other news: This is about my job. Right now I work at a grocery store called Food City. Its only in the US and only in the states of Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee (where I live). I really love working here it might be the first job that I never thought of quitting. I have been working there for over a year and next year will be 2 years. I have move up a little, I'm no longer around the front like working as cashier and bagging groceries. I'm now working in the video store of Food City which is kind of like Blockbuster. Right now I'm the Back-Up Manager to the video manager. I'm learning the ropes to running the thing bymyself. Out of now where though my Video Manager says to me shes moving down sometime Next Year and I'll take her spot. So I have a Manager spot waiting for me next year. I'm not going to lie I'm nervous, but I'll cross that bridge when I get there. MORE NEWS: Birthday Plans So I have this girl I kind of have a thing for that I work with. So I thought why not ask her out to a movie or a Birthday present to myself. So I asked her to go see Wreck It Ralph and she said yes. Now I know something can come up and stop this from happening but right now I'm feeling pretty good. So heres to hoping that no school work gets thrown her way on the 5th :D See Ya Next Time Luckies!!!  BTW I did pre-order this series :P

I'm late. MY HATE! #1 (Online/Co-op gaming)

Hello ladies and gents. Now I know I am very late with this. The thing is Friday got super busy and the rest of the time I was around work. My hours have gone up cause I'm moving "up" today has been my first ever real off day in a while. So next time I'm not putting a date just the next is in 2 weeks. First the good that adds fuel to this. Platinum #45 - Sniper Elite V2  After going through hell playing the hardest difficulty first. I made it through the story so after that I had online trophies to go and get. I found boosting partners on a website, but because I work i can't play as the same time of these people. SOOO I had to play with randoms lots and lots of randoms. I needed to complete only 7 more bombing runs and it took 23 randoms to do 7 runs -__- Ok first off with Sniper Elite V2 the game is very different from every other shooter. Its about taking time and making shots count. First issue: If you don't know how to play the game or never played the single player at all, don't just jump into co-op first. In bombing runs if you shoot during noise to not alert the enemies. If you get spotted more people spawn making the game harder. People would start and just run towards the first guy and start opening fire. Most of them dieing a lot, me having to walk them through the game. One time I played with one that just held his piece you need to win and never put it on the car. 5 mins went by just to lose. The facts that it happened a lot just drove me crazy.  Online Multiplayer is slowly killing good co-op and split-screen with friends. Split-screen has a few gems and really the only newer one I can think of is Borderlands. Anyone remember the days you brought over friends and played Street Fighter and Goldeneye? Timesplitters??? Timesplitters is my biggest one I remember playing capture the bag with my friends. Having hardcore matches on Soul Calibur. Yes I know we still can play with friends online. A lot more people complain now about spilt-screen, frame rate issues and horrible set ups. When it comes to online there are different people in the world that you will run into. "The Music Guy" this guy is very rare but is super annoying. You're sitting their on your headset and then a random joins in and blasting music. This guy doesn't help send good info he just thinks he's music taste is soooo amazing the WHOLE world must hear. Thank God for the mute button. With the world of gaming tournaments where people who sit around and waste their lives playing one game all day everyday. We all have lost the sense of fun in gaming. I want to jump in play some rounds and just be done. I don't need to hear repeatly about how bad I am or how great you are. Listen you're bragging about being good at a game -_- Having a 2.00 K/D looks really good on a resume right?? Online trophies!! I have zero problems with some online stuff, but the whole Reach Max Level or get 10,000 Kills or win 1,000 matches need to die. Bad Company did their stuff well, as I didn't have to hit the max level to get my Platinum. I know this will never happen, but with COD selling millions of copies and the selling point being online. More companys see this and want to cash in on these people. Really why did Assassin Creed need online?? A lot of people have said its fun, but probably only with friends my first and only public match was just a bunch of jack-a$$es running around like idiots. But whatever what do I know. Well ladies and gents I'm going to go grind in Wolverine Origins, maybe start Splatterhouse. See Ya Next Time Luckies!!!!!!  Reading Toradora! Vol. 5 :P