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Good time this weekend, New 360 :O

Hey whats up guys and girls I have finally after years and years have a Xbox 360  I have a 250GB hard drive one with free, Darksiders 2 and Arkham City along with Black Ops 2 for free. I bought also Halo 4 and Minecraft and I have Xbox Live as well my GT is Revy my Engine so send me a friend request if you still play these :D Also today I finally saw Equestria Girls !!!  After the first time of trying to see it was a nightmare. The stream of the movie was corrupted and we could not watch it which sucked cause that was back in June on the 22nd. Overall the movie was well worth it just like I thought it would be :) Love the camo of Trixie in the movie. As a Brony I would watch again and own.....which I will when it comes out sense I have my order already on amazon haha See Ya Next Time Luckies Sorry for the short update.

The answers, Time is candy

I was going to give it a little more time. Hey its my off day so why not answer what I got. Hope you guys enjoy, I'll try to answer as best as I can. First up is nate1222 he asked Sonic, Mario, Crash, or Rayman? I would like to say Mario, but if we are talking about past games I'll pick Sonic. I played Sonic way more when I was younger than Mario. Plus I have never played a Crash or Rayman game :/ Strange I know. Elders Scrolls series or Fallout series? For me I enjoyed Fallout a little more than Elders Scrolls, but again Skyrim is the only Elder Scrolls I have played and I loved that game. I always enjoyed Fallout 3 and played that game like crazy and every dlc for it. I really doubt I'll buy Skyrim to play the dlc. Unreal Tournament or Quake 3 Arena? Neither I guess. Cause here's my problem I played games a little later in life. Also if its a older PC I have never touched it. Only now have I started playing some games on PC. !! Capcom's fighting games (like Street Fighter or VS Capcom series), Guilty Gear series, or Mortal Kombat series? Oh man now you are talking about my low points in gaming haha the few games I am just down right bad at are fighting games. I have played one Guilty Gear which was pretty good, but I think I'll choose Mortal Kombat. I have played more Tekken than anyone of these though, Tekken 3 arcade machine in Pizza Hut dude schooling older kids with Paul and Eddie haha. Gunstar Heroes or Contra III? Again two series I have never played so I really don't know how to answer. Streets of Rage series or Final Fight series? Final Fight I remember playing it a few times in arcades when they where still around. Nu Metal (Korn, Limp Bizkit, Deftones) or Groove Metal (Pantera)? Nu Metal cause back when I was a teen that was the big thing among my friends. System of a Down, KoRn, and Disturbed where the big band I liked back in the day. I still like listening to Disturbed and Slipknot and Mudvanye from time to time LD.50 still a awesome album. A newer follower Alchemist3001 asked me.... If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be? OH LORD. I don't really like these questions cause they feel like landmines, but I'll answer anyway. Less Media. To me the mind of the US and the world has been warped and almost destroyed by how much everything is covered today. Down to Hollywood and the White House. I myself live in the south and lets just say that a lot of people think one way and one way only, and they think you are out to kill everything they stand for if you disagree with one thing. I have wanted to talk more about stuff like this, but its hard to see how others will react. Cause some people on the internet love to start sh.t and the thing is I don't. Everyone has opinions and I love hearing them when they are not attacking someone. I'll stop now cause I may never shut up and get off topic. If you chose not to change anything, what would be your reasoning behind doing so? See answer above. For reasons unknown, you are now required to eat either a slice of mouldy bread or drink half a litre of milk past its expiry date. Which do you choose? Dude I about threw up just reading that no lie. I think I might choose the bread as sick as that sounds. I think I could fight though that better than milk. I do not drink milk pass its date EVER even if its one day. Only cause I have drank it before and the smell also has scared me for life. Ice lollies or ice cream? Younger me Ice Pops but now Ice Cream....Cookie Dough and Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream Forever. blackbladegr is back to ask the hard questions! Your most favorite Pony? AHHHHHHH!! The question that starts all the fights among Bronies everywhere. Truth is I love everypony, but if I had to choose. Rainbow Dash  Close second is Pinkie Pie. If I could say both I would. If you can be a game character, who would you be? I have never ever even thought of this. I will choose Kratos only cause I would like to be hardcore for just a while. Cause in real life that will never happen. Favorite game of 2012? Far Cry 3, this game ate away a lot of my time. Only things I wanted more was better DLC not more co-op and a better fight at the end not a bunch of QTE that if you miss one you have to watch the whole thing of them talking again. Favorite Anime female character? I will answer this as a tie. Haruhi Suzumiya and Tenshi from Angel Beats!   To E3 or to the moon? I guess E3 I think I would find both boring, but I rather be with other people than by myself on the moon. Down to the last few with benleslie5. Have you watched Attack on Titan yet? No I have not, I have been thinking of grabbing the manga before I get to far behind. Favourite Retro game? Pokemon Blue, my first game I have played that was mine. Played it on a black and white Gameboy as well funny thing is I still have my 150 caught save still on it. That took a long time. What do you suspect in Season 4 of MLP? I suspect more amazing stuff but I'll write what I want to see. I wanted episodes of Twilight learning to fly, but that was spoiled at the end of the episode where she flew at the screen with zero problems. It would have been great to see Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash teaching her cause both are so different. More episodes with Luna, she only really had one big episode but it was a great one with awesome quotes "The fun has been doubled". More Cutie Marker Crusaders with Babs Seed I want to see more of her character. The return of Queen Chrysalis with the comic making her character so much better it would be nice to see her again. Trixie being a background pony I mean shes not full of herself anymore so why not. I know a lot of fans want Princess Cadence and Shining Armor to have a baby, but I don't know how I feel about that. Umm I'll just stop this cause my fan boy is showing with all this. haha Thanks for your questions it was super fun answering all of them. Hope you didn't mind the text wall haha See Ya Next Time Luckies!!!  Thank You All!! I'm about to turn on my PS3 and play some.

Ask me anything

So guys and girls, I was going to write a anime blog after I finished Clannad: After Story......BUT I have hit the half way point and I need a break from it for now. !! So.....why not a Ask Me Anything! I have not done one of these in a long long time. I've changed a little over the years so this could be good and nice refresher. Well. See Ya Next Time Luckies!  Getting hard to stay motivated here,,,,you know.

I'm now a master. Return of Resi.

Ladies and Gents! Boys and Girls of all ages! I Resident4evil05 has finally reached something that he wanted to do and that's Prestige Master on Black Ops 2 :D Now I now not a lot of people enjoy the game but I have been having a good time playing with friends and random new friends that I have made off of the game. Here's some (sad) stats Time Spent: 271 Hours played T_T Total Score: 3,967,125 Total Kills: 27,768 Total Wins: 901 K/D Ratio: .98 Score per Min.: 266 Looking at those stats is really sad, really that 271 Hours played and I look at my anime collection and just think how many could I have finished in that time :( guess we shall never know. Over the course of playing I do have many Golden Guns and only one group Diamond, which is getting gold on every weapon in one group. The Launchers I have Diamond, (Which took forever btw) Assault Weapons Gold: Type 25, FAL OSW, and M27 Sub-Machine Guns Gold: MP7, PDW-57, MSMC (Working on Skorpion EVO) Shotguns: R870 MCS, (Working on KSG) LMG: MK 48 (Working on Hammer) That's it I know these stats mean nothing and so does these golden guns, but they where a lot of fun to get. I have some crazy stories from playing with randoms trying to win domination without Killing us which was pretty strange. To the people making fun of me called me such and such cause of my Pony Emblems....then me rolling over them and never hearing them again. :3 Now to show you guys my Emblems right now I have 13 of them and I'm pretty proud of some. Shout out to MachinaeZero on Youtube for making awesome how to videos.              Which one do you guys like the most? I love my Fluttershy one of her saying "You're going to love me!!" I'll leave you guys be now I'm going back to playing Spec Ops: The Line and reading my new My Little Pony Comic got to find out how this story ends. See Ya Next Time Luckies!! With a Anime Blog next time! Look forward to it :)

Slowly wasting away my time.

Hello ladies and gents. Its been going so far so good for me up here. I have had some problems at the work place though. I have been getting in trouble making mistakes and getting wrote up for them. Its been bugging me for a while which is the main reason why I am not on here as much. I find it better after work or a stress filled day to load up a game or something and just play....instead of ranting and raving all over the internet. I'm taking everything a day at a time and not really thinking about what happened or why I was in trouble and just moving on. Besides all that BS lets just say in due time I have a big blog coming up for something I'm about to do.....If a lot are my PSN friends you will know that just about everyday I'm on Black Ops 2 well I'm almost Prestige master the highest rank. When I finally make it there I'll post up stats and such to show how much of my life I have wasted hahaha. Also I'll post my emblems as well, wished to site still let me upload pictures but oh well. Once I'm done I'll finish up Bioshock Infinite, Dead Space 3, Tomb Raider and RE: Revelations. I just finished the new Army of Two game which was pretty fun....but now I started on Insane difficultly and fun is slowly dieing haha :P !! Wish me luck Luckies! I'll be back soon!  I'm off to destroy some faces in COD now :D

Anime 1 on 61 is done. Dream Eater Merry

Hello there ladies and gents. Now I'm sure some of you guys remember I posted the anime I own and have never watched....ever. I was at 62 if I remember right I have watched 3, but then more have come in the mail thanks to pre-orders soooo I'm back at 60 haha. It will never end I feel. I have finished Dream Eater Merry  I really don't know how well known this is. This is a supernatural/action title with 13 episodes. The story mainly follows Fujiwara a boy who been having strange dreams about cats. He also has a ability to look at people and see if they will have good dreams or not, which plays a bigger role later on. Enter in Merry Nightmare a dream demon who is lost in the real world and looking for a way back to the dream world. Fujiwara teams up with Merry to try and help her get back to the dream world. Really that's how far I'll good into the story. Positives for this show is the look of the show and the fights. Its all very well drawn and animated I just love the way it looks. Also the show has very good bad guys and a nice plot twist I didn't see coming. Only bad things about the show might be there is a small plot hole that is never answered, but that can be over looked. Also there is a HUGE big up for this bad guy that's unstoppable and a terror...and they never face him....ever. Which just means there should be a second season or movie, ova or something. All and all I enjoyed watching the series but with just a few small bad points will just make this a avenge anime. 3.5 out of 5 for this anime. Still worth a watch though. Also with my anime non-sense out of the way. Now to something else I'm crazy about. With help from a friend I have downloaded a mod for my minecraft and it is.... Mine Little Pony  I wanted this not just cause I'm a Brony, but also cause Its just so silly. The only thing it gives me is over 100 skins of My Little Pony characters to choose from. Another thing with it is if I play with other people they see me as Steve and I see them as Ponies they spawn in with random skins. Its funny as crap to see a bunch of ponies just mining away haha. !! With all this said I'm at the ending of the blog. I'm when asking you the people "What do you guys what to see here?" I have a lot of different likes and opinions. Is there an old blog series I have done you guys want back? Or do you guys just want these same old updates over and over again? I would really love your feedback See Ya Next Time Luckies!!!  Say hello to Mistilteinn....this crazy lady will mess up your day...

Real Talk with Resident4evil

First off I want to sorry cause this will be a text filled blog. I just want to write about my life, whats going on and some other junk really. So Ladies and Gents I hope you all read this, or at least try to :) As I'm sure people know by know I live in a small city in East Tennessee. I work at a grocery store called Food City here. I love working there the people I work with and worked with are amazing. A while back I've tried to move up in the store and be a higher up. I tried for the video department, yes just like blockbuster we are the last of the breed. Well I didn't get it, but I got to work in there. I told my boss I wanted to work both front and video and that wouldn't bother me. After weeks and weeks of not working the front I found that weird but whatever you know. Only to be sideswiped with finding I was going to be the manger of video and they was training me. The problem I have is, no one told me it was kept away from me and I found out randomly. Not from the boss man of the store, just me asking questions getting my boss to crack. I like the video department, but lets say this there is nothing to do and the smarts of people you deal with is very very low. It is a very lonely job. People say how much they want to get paid to do nothing. WELL I don't I do nothing at the house enough I go to work to get away from that. I quit my last job cause it drove me crazy being alone all the time, also cause I was going to beat up my boss but that's a story for a different time. Also the problem I have with video is that its always 60 degrees in there doesn't how hot or cold outside is...its always cold and I have to sit in the cold for 8 hours fun :| Good news though I have given up that job, told my boss I didn't want it and now I'm back to working the front this week. I'm super happy I actually get to talk to people again. I can't wait :D Another problem is my friends here. Now I'm 24 years old and I feel like I'm doing nothing. All of my friends are getting really good jobs, and slowly all of them are getting married as well. Its getting super weird being that guy in my group of friends. Plus one of my friends as had a baby, which is awesome. Now though when we hang the baby is there to. There is nothing wrong with that, but they want me to play with him or hold me...which is me is strange. I don't know how to explain it, but holding someone else's baby scares me a lot. Its like I barely trust myself and now you want me to hold this baby where If I do one thing wrong that's it......I can't handle that. Plus in my family when someone has had a baby we have never really seen them. Only my cousin's child is who we have been a part of. I held her as a baby once....there was lots of crying haha. She's now in elementary school and actually thinks I'm cool I guess, she really likes my drum set haha. Also with my friends my friend I have had for years and years wants to hang less and less. He has a new friend and picked up social drinking. We still hang out, but its weird hanging while they drink a beer or two. That being said I don't drink I have tried wine and it might as well be cough medicine. Really Its my choice not to drink and I feel he should respect that. Lately he just talks about it and stuff I might like, I'm just like I got my water and root beer I'm good. I understand he likes it and like to unwind, but I want no part of it. Its just how I am, plus after my two years of stomach flu I'm scared of the damage to my insides like my kidneys and such so I'll just play it safe. I have been stressing a lot lately as you can see. A lot of different things going on. I know my problems are not HUGE, but its very different then what I was dealing with 2 years ago. I would like to start waking up early and going to bed early...which isn't working so far. I've put some good running music on my phone I would like to start running after breakfast, just to wake up and get rid of some mourning stress really. I'll find a way around this crud and get myself better. !! I hope you all will stick by me though this, I'll post some stuff every off day I have. I have had 4 straight off days this week I really needed it. Tomorrow is back to work :) !! See Ya Next Time Luckies!! Maybe by next time I can give you some nice anime updates :D

Ghost Town of GS

This is a very short blog just saying whats up with GS lately there is not a lot of people on here anymore which makes me super sad. If you all are alive and still around here please leave me a comment below, I want to see how many people are still around before I switch this profile soon. New content on here and junk. ! See Ya Next Time Luckies! No Pictures sorry :( (Well I'm off to play Blops 2 and then a Lan Party for Minecraft at a friends house.

Little sisters to take down the God of War

Hey What's up everyone in GS land I hope everyone is doing super awesome today. Me I have been super busy with work and trying to find a way to get out of the place I work at. I'm stuck in a video store alone dealing with the stupidest people you have even seen in your life. It's getting old I have asked to finally moved down and let someone else take my spot, but that will take some time I guess. Other than that video game time.  I got the God of War! Hooray right? Well let me get to that. First off let me say I love the God of War series I have played every game. I love the story to death I think its amazing. God of War 1 was the first game I bought as a 17 year old (Cause parents wouldn't let me play it till I was old enough, but whatever) So to my surprise another total BA crazy over the top game is coming out. What have they done to God of War? Now if people think that I'm going to rant about online they are wrong..I don't want it so I won't play it easy. First problem..Who the hell thought it was a good idea to change to controls around? Every God of War grab to O, but not in this gem its now a awesome kick button, which also controls weapons you pick up off the ground. Grab is now R1, now its awesome that grabs are easier to pull off and do a lot more...but why change a system that isn't broken. Now let's get to the camera. The first boss of the game is amazing and huge and the fight to totally out of control. Problem you're fighting on a small small platform and everything is already moving around. THEN out of nowhere the camera does a super pull back for effect about the monster about to eat, but the action is still going on. Now on my screen is Kratos to size of a fly with 9 enemies just beating the crap out of me and I have no idea whats going on. This happens multiple time though the game I'm fighting and zoom there goes to camera to show me how awesome the background is while I'm trying to fight people. My biggest problem of all is Blocking.  Now in every God of War good blocking is the key to winning. Not anymore. In every game you learn parry at the start so to my surprise when I got no parrys at the start from block I was like WTH? I look at the upgrades oh I have to upgrade to get it..ok I can deal with that. So I upgrade finally get parry feeling great, but parry is still not working.......Lets look at controls OHHH you have to hit X with block to parry now......WHY??? Parry was never broken it worked just fine before why the change. Thanks for taking to key thing I use and making it trash....Thanks. Also let the record show these are my opinions and now one elses and I won't get into text wars with people that think I'm wrong. Now to escape my craziness lets get to some manga I've been reading.    I have been enjoying both Oreimo and Fairy Tail. Can't wait to watch Oreimo after I get done watching Bakemonogatari which is pretty good so far kinda slow at fist but I knew that would happen. With Battle Angel Alita I have been wanted these books in my collection forever, but said thing like Black God :/ some are out of print now :( But with these new omnibus collection I can finally own it and read it :) Now Ladies and Gents here is something else, soon well maybe not really soon. I am going to have my sister help me start video blogs that I'll post on here from time to time. Now I'm a much better talker than typer some I think this will work out. We need to first one to be a big one guys and girls It would be awesome if you could give me a topic or something? Anything thing at all maybe something about me? Day in the life or if you just want to ask me questions that's awesome too. So anyway I'll see you sometime soon. See Ya Next Time Luckies!!!  Erza Scarlet proving that strong girls are sexy :D