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its all the damn GMO's in our food

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I wish I could have ideas for a channel. I may have the good looks, but I have nothing interesting to say and I'm not that entertaining.

it's easy just talka bout shit

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jenna marbles isnt hot and without youtube they would be no ones

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If you sign up at Autodesk as a student, you can get the full version free of cost.

good for 6 months. just pirate it like everyone else does

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You been friendzone. she is not going to leave her bf for you

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you're trying way to freaking hard. please go out and get some fresh air

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is it a perma ban or temp ban

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@Fightingfan said:

Dude! That's nothing....

Have your heard of FEMA camps?

Sorry i don't believe in crazy conspiracy theories. Take your lunacy somewhere else.

but what you posted is a conspiracy moron