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Kinect Achievement?

by on

Did anyone get there achievement? I got all the other ones. But i am missing this one. I did post a comment, befor the cut off date.

MAG beta.

by on

I got my Enrollment Form today in my e-mail. Hope i get in. For the people who think it's an invit, it's not. Only a chance of getting in. And for the people who did get in, what's the next step? I hope i get to play. Oh, and i'm not in GAP. And i don't have qore.

e3 emblem update.

by on

I just got the other 3 i was missing. Nintendo, sony and ms. I now have all 4. Most of us, should now have them.

FF7 psn

by on

If anyone does not know. It's now up in the osn store. Go to the E3 2009 tap. All the way on the bottom. It's only $9.99. Great price, for a great game.

best buy $10 game deal.

by on

Got some good game deals from them today. For xbox i got infinite undiscovery, command and conquer red alert 3, TNA IMPACT, and rock evolution. And for ps3 blitz the leage 2. I just wish they had more games for $10 on the ps3. When i got there, most of the good stuff was gone.

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