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Kinect Achievement?

Did anyone get there achievement? I got all the other ones. But i am missing this one. I did post a comment, befor the cut off date.

MAG beta.

I got my Enrollment Form today in my e-mail. Hope i get in. For the people who think it's an invit, it's not. Only a chance of getting in. And for the people who did get in, what's the next step? I hope i get to play. Oh, and i'm not in GAP. And i don't have qore.

FF7 psn

If anyone does not know. It's now up in the osn store. Go to the E3 2009 tap. All the way on the bottom. It's only $9.99. Great price, for a great game.

best buy $10 game deal.

Got some good game deals from them today. For xbox i got infinite undiscovery, command and conquer red alert 3, TNA IMPACT, and rock evolution. And for ps3 blitz the leage 2. I just wish they had more games for $10 on the ps3. When i got there, most of the good stuff was gone.

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