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Three Red RIngs

On September 16th, around 11:45pm, tragedy found me. I had rented Call of Duty: World at War, hoping I could try out the multiplayer with a few college friends. I find shooting your old college room mate in the face with a machine gun is a nice way to stay in touch. I wanted to get some practice in before I faced off with someone I knew. As the game loaded I found my first victim, snuck up behind them and held down the right trigger. Instead of the spray of bullets, a loud grinding noise came from the X-Box and the screen froze. 'Not again. Not like this,' I thought to myself. 'What if the other players leave me negative feedback for quitting early?' 'What does that feedback even do?' 'Do I even have any feedback?

None of those thoughts mattered when I tried to turn the 360 back on. Instead of the welcoming jet engine noise that usually greets me when I turn it on, there was silence. The reason the system froze dawned on me as I lowered my head and waited for them to appear. It seemed that Elitey didn't want to go down for the count yet. It might still have some fight in him. For a moment I was rooting for him. 'You can do it, don't be like all the other 360's I've had. Fight for me Elitey, Fight so we can finish the fight in ODST, live to see the day when they try to pass the Mutant Registration Act in MUA 2, keep on keeping on so we can Rock another day.' Alas, it wasn't meant to be. The three red lights of failure were here and here to stay.

Out of instinct I checked to see if the HDMI cord was plugged all the way to both the TV and Elitey, it was. Then I moved onto the power source, seeing that the light was the right color, I called support to get the ball running. This is the third time I've got the death lights and I'm starting to think it's my fault. Why do I keep killing my system? Or am I that bad a person that it had not other way out. After talking to customer service for awhile they told me to find a box and ship it out. So I did. Lucky I had a box lying around that was the right size. Went to UPS and that was that. Didn't have to pay for anything, which was nice.

A "new" 360 was returned to me today, September 30th. Not a bad turn around I must say. I love Rock Band. That might even be an understatement. So when Elitey died the first thing I thought of was all the downloadable content that I have for it. Microsoft's DRM is a pain in the neck. If file was downloaded on the system you are playing it on you have no problem taking that system offline and playing the song. That works out if you bring your system over to a friend's house for "Friday of friendship Rock out night." But now I have a new system and I will have to switch the license to the new system and re-download all the files.

I thought that was going to take a lot of time. Luckily, I was wrong. Switching the license took just a moment. You can now access your download history online and next to every item you downloaded there is a "add to queue" button. I added 30 items in an instant by clicking the middle mouse button and watching new tab after new tab open in Firefox. Turning on the 360 I was welcomed with 'download complete', one after another. In a way it became a race between the 360 and me. Could it download the file faster then I could middle click on the next song I wanted to add to the queue. It took about an hour to re-download all the game add-ons and arcade titles I wanted to attach to that system. I pulled the network cable and booted up Rock Band and the songs were playable offline.

Although it stinks that 360's get the red lights, it's nice to know that Microsoft streamlined the process of getting back up and running again. Now if they can make it so no one gets the red death lights again, that might be good idea.

Does Internet gaming, or the internet in general, have it's own Discourse?

My final paper for my first Grad school class has to be anything about the English Language. I was trying to write something about online gaming or message boards. "Leet Speak" seems to be a discourse for the internet and I wanted to write about how it came to be and if it will have an effect on the language at all. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Thought I would try to go to the source for quotes.

Thanksa lot.

R.I.P. Leroi Moore (9/7/61 - 8/19/08)

"Celebrate we will/for life is short and sweet for certain"

DMB will not be the same

A rep for the Band just gave TMZ the following statement:
"LeRoi Moore, saxophonist and founding member of Dave Matthews Band, died unexpectedly Tuesday afternoon, August 19, 2008, at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in Los Angeles from sudden complications stemming from his June ATV accident on his farm near Charlottesville, Virginia. Moore had recently returned to his Los Angeles home to begin an intensive physical rehabilitation program."

E3 Dreams...

Please Santa make these dreams come true.

Dead Rising 2 - More mini chainsaws and more zombies. The first game was great fun. There needs to be co-op.

Rock Band 2 Featuring The Beatles - The music rights could be up in the air. I hope they land in Rock Band and not their own stand along game.

Kingdom Hearts 3 - featuring The Incredibles and Sword in the Stone

More to come

What are they thinking...

From the start of the internet people have come up with a name to describe them. I choice "rentfn" because i am a huge fan of the Musical Rent and because some beat me to rentfan on AIM. Although i never saw them log on. Some people come up with long names with many numbers and letters. Some people just use their name.

When Mircosoft put Live out on the market they wanted us to pick one title for ourselves. But make sure you are proud of the name cause it will charge you to ever change it. A few months ago the powers that be had been receiving complaints from the community that the gamertag "theGAYERgamer" was not acceptable. They made the person who owned the account change their name. At least they didn't charge them.

Its not for me to decide if that name was unacceptable or not. They have a code of conduct and decided that the name might offend someone. Or at least they claimed that they received comments about the name. Last night they forced someone to change their gamertag. The gamertag in question – RichardGaywood.

This is someone's name. This person wanted his online persona to be him. He didn't want to hide under a clever nickname. Just wanted to be himself. Microsoft released this statement:

"We want the Xbox LIVE community to have the freedom to express themselves, but we also have a responsibility to create an inclusive, safe environment," said Microsoft's Stephen Toulouse. "While it may be clear to some that Gaywood is a legitimate surname, it may not be obvious to other Xbox LIVE members. In this case, a complaint was filed by a member of the community, requiring the Xbox LIVE team to examine the gamertag within the context of the Xbox LIVE Terms of Use. Based on the these guidelines, it was necessary for the gamertag to change."

Chuck Palahniuk's new book is out today...

Went to B&N and they had a special section for Chuck Palahniuk but they didn't have the new book. Very upsetting. So i had to go down the street to the Borders. They had it. It will be nice to read on the beach next week in Maine! Anyone else getting it?