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Is this going to be the gamecube game or the one that came with a link to the past on GBA?

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1. I am a former wwe champion although when I held the title it was not known as that.

2. A wwe hall of famer used my nickname, as well as my look, attitude, and finishing hold.

3. I was also very skilled at drawing heat during interviews, with a smug "to a nicer guy, it couldn't have happened" being my catch phrase of sorts whenever I was victorious.

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Is it Glacier?
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So the Colons split up and a triple threat for NoC... woo... Orton vs. the two Gods... let's hope the result is the same as the last time this match happened.

...Also, looky-looky, in less than 5 years Orton and HHH will be fighting each other for the 20th time on PPV.


20th Time? That's just ridiculous!

And when did Orton vs Cena vs HHH happen? I don't remember that

Wrestlemania 24, Orton won.

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So does beating Randy Orton make Mark Henry a face?
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I just noticed that edge doesn't have a match yet. When is the last time that has happened when he wasn't injured?
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My goodness 'E, you want to be PG but you're going to let The Miz shoot Hornswoggle with a T-Shirt-shooting gun?Redders1989

Its okay because the king was quick to tell everybody that it wasn't a real gun

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I haven't had much time to play video games lately so I was wondering if there were any fun short games that could be completed in a few days?

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So, what exactly was the point of giving to Jeff, if the WWE was going to Yokozuna him?


Maybe as an incentive for Jeff to resign?

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Its CM Punk!

Edit: CM Punk is the NEW World Heavyweight Champion