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Toyz Fair 2011 and HelloFest 8 (2012)

It's about time.. I was busy with work and stuff I can't manage myself to visit this site... but nowI'm back :D

I'm rarely making a blog about myself but I'll find it nice to share some cosplay info here ^ ^

and now I'm reporting from Jakarta, here it is :

Dec 4, 2011

I went to Toyz Fair event with my friend ^ ^ I'd love to see a cosplay cabaret (by Machipot) too bad my friend borrowed my camera and he's gone somewhere so I can't took the cabaret picture..

oh.. I bought small figurine. it's Konata Izumi from Lucky Star and I bought it for my friend and Azumanga Daioh t-shirt for myself ^ ^ I couldn't find any interest in collecting nendo at that day so i just move around and taking photos of cosplayer and hang around with my friend.

and I cosplaying as Hetalia girl asia version.. just for fun.. seriously.. i'm cosplaying just for fun..

Here's the pic

from Voice song.. Miku and friend.

Shiro from Deadman Wonderland

Not a fans of Tokusatsu.. I think he's Kiva lol.

Original costume i guess

Me and my friends.

Feb 4, 2012

I came to big event for cosplayer and movie competition. I had arrived at 1 and the building almost full by cosplayer and photographer..I didn't watch all movies.. I mesmerize by cosplayer appearance lol. Too bad I borrow my sister camera. Dang, I didn't see the date and when I put in my computer.. all date is 2007!!

-ignore the date-

Akito n random ?

I forgot this one.. is anyone know ?

I think she's Alice

We have army too!

Cirno from Touhou

I think she's a game character.. I.. didn't play any good games nowadays..

Karas.. I'm arguing with my friend.. he says it is not Karas.

Rin and.. I forgot.. character from Vocaloid.

Sorry for pic quality..


=ignore the date please..=

thanks to nii-chan, i manage myself cosplaying as Misaki Mei. First time I think I will not cosplay but then it would be too normal if you just stay around and watching everyone having fun?? so I asked nii-chan which character has normal apperance but still like i look like i'm cosplaying and he told me to become her 3 days before the event. lol.

Many cosplayer (about 1000 cosplayer) and my sister camera is low battery after 3 hours.. nice. I didn't stay long.. it was too crowded.. they even invited JKT48 kinda like girlband with many personnel *refers to AKB48 and you will know who their fans* I've got headache and went home earlier. Good thing I meet my old friend there, it's a nice event tha

and that's all my report, will make other blog soon, thanks for reading ^ ^

Toyz and Comic Fair!

Minna everyone..

I need to catch up new anime here! where's nii-chan ? :P

I went to Toyz fair and meet Linda Lee as one of cosplay judges :o

She's hot >_< I managed myself getting Fate Stay Night Nendoroid ^ ^ and a small Shana figurine ^ ^ oh and I'm cosplaying as Kaho Chikumaen from Mayoi Neko Overrun! It's 2 day event and since it's near from my house I visited 2 days long >_< sorry for my English.. see everyone later ^ ^


Been long time I haven't visit here... How's everyone doing ? Hoping you're all good ^ ^

I've been kidnapped :P

hahahahaha, just kidding :P

It's been a while since my old post and I decided to make it this time... Actually this story happened in first May but I'm too lazy to make a blog so here it is...

8 May 2009 : at midnight I ate something that I shouldn't eat...

9 May 2009 : I woke up in the early morning *at 4 in the morning* cause my stomach hurts and I couldn't sleep after that.

9 May 2009 : about 7 in the morning my friend suddenly came and forced me to accompany them shopping and meets a friendsin Bandung * they didn't accept my sick reason!!!*

so they're kidnapped me...having a sick person in your car wasn't easy at all:lol:after 2 hours (all i know it takes 2,5 - 3 hours to drive) *that's like a REAL need for speed* thanks God we're safe when we arrived in Bandung. After we pick an old friend, they're going to shopping while I just sitting and watching them go grabbing stuff and moves from one store to another store...

While they have fun shopping, I found myself sitting in a beautiful area and taking photo with a cam *now this is my important travel stuff :D * here it is...

just a statue but they're really looks beautiful... I really love it

just a fish pic... never knew the reason but every time I saw a fish swimming it looks peace and really calm...

and my friend joking *Hey, you can pose like man from Deadliest Catch?? and he forced me to take out the fish... => makes a lot people in that area looking at me *I was really really embarrassed*

and the last picture....I can't say anything but it's really awesome for me...

that's all my last visited to Bandung, hope I could visit again sometimes *with my fit condition*

no idea for the title

just writing what's in my mind.

1. I've got my internet connection problem = solved :) *thanks popo*

2. My office program : Error. (I have no idea why it can't be operated) *white flag from popo*

3. I need to re-install my galileo on next Saturday. *come on... it takes a few hours*

4. There's a biggest cosplay in Bandung on Saturday. (to San, I know you live in Bandung, please come to the event and tell me a whole thing about the cosplay oh don't forget to take some picture. thanks)

5. I want to start made some comic *Ganbatte*


15 Nov '08 : We (whole family) went to Indocomtech (Computer etc expo) My brother got a new laptop... hooray... *it's mean I will use it first since he's still love his old laptop... hihihihihi...*

oh, and in the same building, there were Cosplay competition... wanna share some pic..




that's all, hope there will be another cosplay competition in December...

Indo - Japan Expo 2008

I went to Indo-Japan Expo 2008, I saw alot things but I FORGOT to bring my camera... :(

here's some pic (using my old cellphone, and here it is..)

~ tatami stuff


~ samurai stuff


~ Cute Robo (and his color is yellow... i like that robo..)


I took a lot picture, but most of them is bad... :( especially cosplay picture!!!)

And the same day,

I went to Toysfare too...(and bring some camera... :) )

Jreng. Kamen Rider... huahahahahha :lol:


Star Wars




I bought some item (Kujibiki Unbalance)


and this cute one


~ Sha la la la ~ *big smile*

My laptop is back :P... *dance like Shincan* and I found some cheap anime too.. hohohoho... *happy face* oh, and I've got cute Eeyore pillow... *free from my friend* ooo, I love this week...

mmm... nothing to say when I'm happy, so it's done!!! hehehehehe :D

I miss you but I hate you... hahahaha *evil and angel mode on to you ka*

I like my house atmosphere.. It changes since my brother came for vacation...treat me on Sushi-Tei (sorry for ocha incident ka!! :P), paid my phone bills, etc.. always full of happiness... *flowers everywhere* but... since he came, he broke my TV decoder (I can't watch animax about 3 days), my analog stick ( R1 button) and my laptop... :katana: *full attack*.. *status=enemy fainted* *evil laugh* (just my dream!!!) thanks to his kindness, now I'm using my cellphone to browsing internet... really ka, you are my LOVELY brother!!!!!

note : all *...* and :...: stuff made by my brother, he teach me to say what is in my mind...

see you next month ka!!!!

I'm home

hhmmmm.. home sweet home... wonder why I miss my home... I really enjoy my vacation but something missing... wonder what.... (keep thinking..till sleepy...) okay.. done...(still don't know the reason...)

yay.. new day, new hope (huh?!) and new resolution...(guess not a wish list.. but witch list.. hehehehee) evil mode : on...just keep the spirit... yay..

nb : i miss my friends... Ike, Tata, Andie,, Nisa.... kangen banget niy...

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