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New vs. Used... are YOU supporting your favorite developers?

We all know that developers only get a profit from NEW copies of there games being sold to retail outlets, so what are YOU doing to support your favorite developers and gaming franchises? Years ago, there was no used market, so other than trading with your friends, or renting (still valid today), you had to buy a NEW copy of your next game. The used market is HUGE these days. Nobody wants to directly hurt a games sales, but quite honestly, for the sellers of used games, the profits are huge compared to the sale of a new copy of the same game. I would like to say that I think the big chains are doing a huge dis-service to the developers by shaving only a couple dollars off to entice you into buying used. Throw in your extra 10% from your "members" card, and you save a couple more dollars. The members cards are designed to keep you loyal to that chain... another cheap tactic that we fall for quite easily. (but... but... the free magazine?) Supply and demand should determine price. If you see 25 copies of God of War on the shelf for $10.00... then the price is TOO HIGH, and the demad has dipped low enough to justify a price drop. I'll bet you can walk into any chain store right now, and see 30 copies of Gears of War on the shelf, for $54.99. I just did. Will they sell them all at that price... no, but some people will pick it up to save only $5.00... you see my point. If your favorite developer launches the new "megaton" game, and you wait an extra week or so to save $5.00, you are essentially lowering the overall sales of that title, and NOT supporting your favorite franchise and/or developers. Do I buy used games? Sometimes. I'm not going to say I'm not guilty of it too, but I try my best to buy new when it's a game I want to support (which I do with music, by ALWAYS buing the CD!), but if I want to try and check out "CSI: Hard Evidence" for some quick achievement points, I may pick it up used. Which got me thinking... some of the not so "megaton" games are getting hurt even worse by this trend. I truly feel like some of the games that are only considerd a mediocre success would be hailed as a HUGE hit if every single copy that was sold was new. I understand that the first few weeks of a games sales won't be affected (Halo 3 would have made $300 million anyway), as the used market for that game isn't established... but a few short weeks after launch of any game, the used trade begins. All this being said... I think I will try my best to stay away from the used market, from today forward... wallet be damned. In closing... do you think that the used market is hurting the overall success of games in today's market? If you even paused for half a second to consider that question, buy new.