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A great game that nobody knows about. Brain Lord.

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During the Super Nintendo era my younger self was pretty busy playing games like the Legend of Zelda, Street Fighter, and Super Mario World but there was one game i had that for the most part i don't remember anyone ever talking about. I spent lots of my summer days playing this game because not only did it make you think but it was simply a great game and fun to play. The game I'm talking about is called Brain Lord. A great game that nobody seemed to know about.

When you aren't in the town of Arcs or Toronto You play in 5 dungeons called The Tower of Light, Ancient Ruins, the Ice Castle, Droog Volcano, and Platinum. You have to solve puzzles that make you think harder than any game I've ever seen. You use boomerangs, bows, swords, axes, and other weapons. You can get up to two sprites that follow you that can heal you or help you kill enemies. You can also level them up. This game also has some great boss battles that you will remember for years to come, I do.

My friend and I would bring our games to each others houses and i would always see this game in his collection but we would never play it. One day i asked him if i could borrow it because it was driving me insane that there was this game with this amazing box artthat was just begging me to see what it was all about. I liked it so much that he traded it to me for a game i had. I can't even remember what i traded for it but it was worth it.

I think you what happens next or i wouldn't be writing this blog today. Brain Lord is one of my top favorite games i have ever played. You can play it on some websites but nothing beats playing it on the SNES. I encourage you to look it up and if you still have your Super Nintendo laying around dust it off and give this game a shot if you have the ability to do so.

Thanks for your time.