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Well, Gamespot just saved me $19.95

In theory, they saved me a whopping $39.95, though *that* might be a stretch. Oh, why? For firing Jeff Gerstman. Bye-bye, Gamespot. I'll miss On The Spot. Before I go, let me just remove Kane & Lynch from my wish-list. I have no desire for it anymore.

Colin McRae killed in chopper-crash

Colin McRae and his son Johnny (5) were killed in a helicopter-accident close to the family home in Scotland, Saturday afternoon. Also killed in the accident were a friend of Colin and his son. Colin was piloting the chopper at the time, and was known as an experienced pilot. More information at TimesOnline This is a terrible blow to the world of rallying, was well as the world of gaming.

Somebody should do something...

... about this heat. It's just not natural 25C (77F) are seriously unhealthy! :)

Oh, by the way; Finally got hold of Forza 2 -- actually one day early, according to the release-date -- and that doesn't alleviate the uncomfortable situation.

 Someone, please nuke the sun or something. Omgplzthx!

I had a break-down...

Ok, so I finally broke down and bought myself an Xbox 360. Phew. That's a load off my chest. I feel better now that I've said it out loud -- or written it out, in this case. Until now I've just been dabbing into the art of points-gathering. Now, I got to get serious about this. I even got myself a month of Xbox Live, just for the Live-related achievements in games. Too bad I hate Xbox Live...

Motor Storm

I've spent a few hours playing Motor Storm on the PS3 now, and I have to say it needs another patch. The game is fun and all, but the bugs takes most of the fun right back out again. The voice-chatting is usually choppy everywhere except when you select cars, the lobby is substandard, the way the game behaves when the host leaves should be redone, information about the game-settings should be more available to other than the host. (..Breath) Too much time is wasted when you crash. Sometimes your car can be upside-down or somewhere unaccessible while nothing happens, or you spend several seconds staring at a slow-motion video of your burning wreck flying into the sunset. Some time lost - fine. This much is ridiculous. Other than that; Pretty fine game.

First experience with the Playstation 3

A friend of mine aquired a PS3 yesterday, and we spent some time late last night tinkering with it. First impression is that it's very, very quiet. Where the Xbox 360 would sound like a small jet taking off, the PS3 was as quiet as, well, something very quiet. Initially I didn't like the design of the PS3, but it has grown a bit on me. The fact that you can replace the harddrive with any 2.5" drive, coupled with the fact that peripherals use USB or Bluetooth is a good driving-point. No need to get branded stuff, as the case is with the Xbox. I have a PS2-compatible wheel somewhere, and I think it's compatible. We did the initial setup with the original firmware, and we came to the conclusion that we hated the keypad-thing. The v1.6 firmware sorted that out, though. And since it supports standard USB keyboards and -mice, it's all very dandy. The interface is definitely geared towards High-Def TVs as the text wasn't always easy to read on a regular TV - especially the text in games. The 42" 1080p LCD is on order, and will hopefully arrive today or monday. Hehe. Dragged the console over to friend #2 who has a 37" 1080i LCD, and got to see the graphics how they were meant to be seen. Tried two games - Motor Storm and Resistance: Fall of Man. Motor Storm was fun, Fall of Man, not so much. Linear games such Gears of War, Call of Duty etc, are a bit yawn for me nowadays. They feel a bit too constricted - I like to roam. :) Also, we downloaded Gran Turismo HD Concept, which looked nice. I think I'll have to play some more. I can't wait for LittleBigPlanet. We also saw the BlueRay version of James Bond: Casino Royale. Very nice, but for me the higher resolution isn't enough of a driving-point for me to get BlueRay-versions of movies. Conclusion. Nice, but not worth $950 for me, though. The ting is $200 overpriced, so I'll wait until the price drops, or the 20 GB version is released. If I need a bigger harddrive I'll buy and install one.

Euro PS3 and the PS1 / PS2 game-support controversy continues

When the Playstation 3 is released in Europe the bits in it that support PS1 and PS2-games will be significantly different from the current US and Japanese versions. This will, according to Sony, manifest itself as an inability to play some PS1 and PS2-titles as the Emulation Engine has been removed, and the support now has to be emulated in software and part hardware. German website Cynamite claims they've aquired the very PS3 that will be released, and have tested some of the top titles for the PS2 on it to verify if they work or not. Their findings, if accurate, are not boding well. Of 12 games tested, only one worked.
  • * Eragon - Worked!
  • * Final Fantasy X-2 - Failed..
  • * God of War - Failed..
  • * GTA: Liberty City Stories - Failed..
  • * Guitar Hero 2 - Failed..
  • * Lumines Plus - Failed..
  • * MGS 2: Sons of Liberty - Failed..
  • * MGS 3: Snake Eater - Failed..
  • * Okami - Failed..
  • * Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones - Failed..
  • * Ratchet & Clank 3 - Failed..
  • *Shadow of the Colossus - Failed..
However, US website 1UP contacted Sony about the findings, and they responded that Cynamite used an outdated firmware (v1.5) and a newer version of the firmware (v1.6) will be available when the PS3 is released on 23. March. Cynamite promptly fired back stating that the test was accurate as the PS3 will have the old firmware installed, and the new firmware has to be downloaded by the owner which might not even have a DSL-line. I'm not going to buy a PS3. At least not at once. All the stunts pulled by Sony lately have left a sour taste in my mouth. The PS1/2-game support controversy, the high price, and the late release, have made me want an Xbox 360 and a Nintendo Wii even more.