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Free .9mm with PS3 purchase.

Sounds crazy doesn't it? But it seems after the recent launch of the PS3 people do need a way to protect themselves from jealous theives. Why not throw in a pistol with your PS3?

Also, where were the security guards, who seem to care more about the inside of the stores than protecting the customers from harm? Despicable!

What has the world come to? People being shot at while in line for consoles, two separate trucks full of 360's stolen in the UK. Have we gone mad? Never have we seen such stupidity. Speaking of stupidity, people who are willing to sacrifice their daily lives to wait in line for a product that will enable them to waste more time is just rediculous. I am a hard core gamer and I have enough patience to wait until sony gets their act together to purchase my PS3.

Now people will hopefully think twice before they decide to become transients and block the entryways of local best buys and CompUSA's to secure the chance of getting a console.

What was so rediculous to me were the ones in line that were far back stayed after being told the store only had 30 consoles. What were they thinking!?

All that waiting just to get home with their brand new copy of GUNDAM to see that it was all a big waste. IDIOTS!

Patience is a virtue and good things come to those who wait. remember this next time your friends try to talk you into buying a console on opening day.


I want my Life pod! Here is what I want...

I was recently looking through my bag when I realized I have so MANY electronic gadgets! From PDA's to Cell Phones, ipods to thumb drives, PSP's and DS's, the list goes on. The worst part is I like to have them all on or around me AT ALL times!

So I have decided to invent... no DEMAND the uber companies  listen to my cry and build my perfect life machine! Here I go...

It would have to be portable, with a screen the aspect ratio of a (ghasp) computer monitor. Something a little bigger than the ipod's screen. It would be easy to hold with ONE HAND for those late nights when I am watching movies or web content before I go to sleep. It would also be easy to control with one hand. I would think it would be no bigger than the size of a man's wallet.

I would like it to be touch screen to make easy use of the web as well as have a plethora of buttons that are fully customizable so I can craft my own hotkeys. The buttons would be arranged in a way that are comfortable and can be used to play games with.

This perfect life device would need to be an international cell phone and an IP phone using wi-fi connectivity as well as bluetooth. (for fun hacks and experiments), It would also need to have a webcam built in and easily access msn messenger's video chat. All this while being cross-platform with macs and PCs.

It would have 100 gigs of storage, (cause it just sounds like the right number), and it could easily sink with itunes, and media center. It would also play any music file I upload to the hard drive in its own player on its built in speakers. There would also be a video and audio line in and out built in the hardware to make use of it how I see fit.(Late-night, wanna-be DJ escapades!)

It would of course go online with either the cell, wi-fi or on its cradle with a browser that works Exactly how I want it to. It would play videos from gamespot, youtube, revver and any other place that has video. It would be fully flash enabled and the web pages would appear as they are intended to.

It would also be the baddest-ASS video game system to ever come out featuring every emulator software as well as its own vigorous game lineup as well as play PC games!

This sounds like a lot to cram into a little device. Well it is not. It is just all the manufacturers are so busy trying to figure it out they forget to ask us what we want now and for the future.

Well here it is. This is myLife device and I hope you all make me one.

I am willing to pay 600.00 for it and I am willing to pay 60.00 a year for the service and with that comes unlimited Downloads, Calls, emails, storage,  games saves or whatever.

If somebody were to make it, I could offload all the other useless crap I have and really enjoy my time with it. Is it to much to ask? You tell me.

Buy My Car!

Buy My Car!

If anybody lives in the Los Angeles area and is in need of a car please contact me. I have a 1994 pontiac Grand am my mother gave me as a graduation gift. It has Air, CD and power windows. It runs purrfect except that it eats power steering fluid. So the power steering will need to be replaced soon. I am asking 1500 or I will trade for a motorcycle. Or a dope PC. Or a super power.

Let me know!

Moving is painful!

I just finally relocated to Los Angeles...4 Days looking for a place, three to get ready and 4 to go. Then my wife arrives. Life gets better then.... Unfortunately on her way today she got stuck somewhere in Florida after our faithful little Ford Focus went kaput! Now she is stuck with our 2 dogs and a cat! OUCH! Oh well I guess I am happy we have Progressive insurance! and Best Western allows pets!

I am currently working for a visual FX house in Los Angeles, as well as a startup internet music channel called
I am also working scratch removal on an avid on the weekends. I currently am in charge of web developement at base 2 studios and our web projects are gonna be sweet!

When I tested the waters by taking a week long trip to Los Angeles and Las Vegas for NAB I drummed up as much business as I could. Then, surprisingly, when I arrived ALL OF THEM worked out! My only regret that I wasn't there for E3...But thanks to Gamespot I got a cool Monster T-shirt and Live coverage from my Seat!

Well Back To Work!

On the Spot, GET IT TOGETHER!!

Ok I know I am not the only one who was appalled by the lack of professionalism in the 6/01 webcast of On the Spot. Sound problems, missed cues, overtalking, lag, and just about every other "no, no" known to man took place on this episode. If you expect to be respected as professionals you must act like one. If this continues some people may not return to watch. Shape up, or ship out!

Also how on EARTH was Wil Savage's video related in any way to being an undercover agent?! Wil, I expected more from you! That cool Resident Evil montage in your submission was better than that crap!! You should have used your credentials to get first in line at the Wii booth. You should have also talked to all the developers to get the inside scoop! You did none of that! What a waste of time and energy! Like I said before... they should have sent me. (Not Bitter...)

I'll say it one more time... Get your act together Rich Gallup!

Love you guys!

I cried for my Playstation 2...

After all the hub-bub of E3 has settled, I have had time to reflect on where exactly the gaming console wars stand. When I entered into this generation I received a PS2 from my girlfriend, now my wife,(for good reason!) on christmas morning. It was a complete shock because the PS2 was a luxury item I could not afford and I had not been playing games since the Super Nintendo. I was so jazzed and amazed at the complete freedom and interactivity of the console. I was instantly hooked.

Then during time spent in New Zealand I purchased an XBOX. I had brought my PS2 with me so I had both consoles with me. I seemed to be playing a lot of XBOX and the PS2 sat back for a while. Then the PS2 kept bringing more AAA titles worth playing and they were exclusive to PS2. So I went back and forth between the two regularly. Then the exclusivity stopped and I began to buy all my titles on XBOX.

When I came to Orlando I picked up a Gamecube during the price break and picked up 4 top-ten titles and began to experience the full glory of the Gamecube. However I was not impressed and quickly returned to playing my XBOX. I never stopped. I have continuously played more XBOX than the other two systems combined! Now with the 360 I would be playing all things microsoft if my XBOX games actually worked on my 360! Hands down the XBOX and XBOX 360 have taken the top shelf of my entertainment center and left PS2 and Gamecube in the dust. What was once my premiere interactive experience has been relegated to gathering the dust of the two microsoft monsters above it.

How can the PS2 drop so low on my list? It may be that the 360 experience has taken over my life, the graphics of the PS2 feel the same now as the PS1 did when the PS2 came out. Blocky, low-res and limiting. It could be because XBOX Live is the most fun you can have with gaming period. It might well be that I have not had a truely immersive experience on the PS2 since Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. There are many reasons why the 360 is and will continue to be the premier entertainment device/service in the world. All I need to say about this is Vista, Pocket PC, and 360. I have all of those already and I am ready for the goods!

Looking down on my PS2 covered in dust I remembered fondly all the time we had together....Before I bought my XBOX....and 360......and I cried.....I miss you was fun while it lasted.....

The War is over. Convert to Microsoft!

Gamespot needs a tech guy! ME!

I have decided that gamespot needs a tech personality. I think it should be me. Everytime I go to the tech section, which does indeed have its own page, there is just not enough info or features on the page. There are plenty of conversations to be had in this section that are not being had. Not to mention when Vista comes out there are going to be a million questions to be answered.

Gamespot, CNET, You need a tech guy and I have what you need. I have a degree in Digital Art and Design and a degree in computer science. HIRE ME!

Don't Pay Taxes! EVER!

This is the source for a documentary about how there is NO LAW that requires American citizens to pay a worker's tax! HOLY CRAP! Watch the trailers at this site now to be blown away!

My PC Could Beat Up Your PC

I have had such a good response to my video that I decided to make another one. This time it is all about my entertainment center. I know my TV is not the best but it works for me. I hope you all see how passionate I am about entertaining my mind, body and spirit. I have a feeling that many of you are as crazy as I when it comes to your entertainment center.

Make sure you watch it to the end because there is a funny outtake during the  credits. There were actually a bunch of funny bits when I was filming this. Most of them made me look entirely inept so I took em out!

For those of you that would like to start video blogging but don't have a camera. I suggest to go to Best Buy and pick up the Canon ZR 200. It is the cheapest and best camera for the money. Plus it is so small it can fit in your cargo pants pocket. Go Get IT!
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