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Vista and Gameing

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I couldn't help but notice that I'm using over 1gb of RAM just to sit at the desktop on Vista. Also sometimes the processor or hard drive starts going unexpectedly, and of course none of it shows up in the task manager. I'm wondering how come there is so much stuff that happens under the covers when I got Vista. When I had XP you always knew what it was doing. So how do I turn off all this junk running in the background so that the ENTIRE system is focused on the sole task of running my game. I knew Vista is an enormous operating system because of all the features but I don't use most of them so how do I uninstall them or at least turn them off? I feel like my computer has a mind of it's own and it just does it's own thing instead of doing what I want to do.

My suggestion is there should be an option where it boots up the computer in "gaming mode" where nothing but essential drivers are running so you have the entire computer for your game. Of course there should also be a "gaming mode with networking" where it keeps the internet and firewalls/spyware blocker/virus protection on.

Thanks for reading.