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Split-Screen Co-Op on PC Games

Why the HECK wouldn't anyone not want to have split-screen Co-Op on the PC? It is the best campaign feature a gamecan have. I love to play co-op with my little brother all the time but he usually gets stuck on my old crappy computer over LAN when we want to. WHEN ALL THE CONSOLE VERSIONS HAVE SPLIT SCREEN CO-OP AND THE PC VERSION DOESN'T THAT IS A FRIGGIN' INJUSTICE! Not all PC gamers want to play alone. And I don't want to have to settle for a worse resolution and graphics (and higher price point) of buying the console version of the game just beause I want split screen co-op!

All PC games with campaigns (story permitting) should have some kind of split screen co-op (and multiplayer) mode. How come only console games have those features. That is just stupid because there sure is no technical reason! (of course in getting split-screen co-op there should still be the on-line and LAN co-op modes because those are cool and essential to.)

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