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Am still waiting for a Monster Hunter sig and/or avy... :(
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If you can get one, I recommend a Sager laptop. Pretty cheap for the power and performance that it can provide.
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ND 5ever
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Desktop over laptop! Jk, Definitely need an upgrade on your gpu. Although I highly doubt that it would be worth upgrading. Better to buy a new laptop instead. I would recommend a Sager laptop.
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As a big fan of the series since Morrowind, Skyrim is probably my favourite. That said, there are still things to improve. Here are some of my ideas:

- Keep the main series singleplayer.

- Bring the arena back. It would actually be a cool way, to add multiplayer without killing the franchise. The game should be singleplayer, just like have been since the first one, but we should be able to fight other players in the in game arena.

- The information of miscellaneous quests should be more elaborated. After hundreds of hours accepting quests in Skyrim, i never remember who asked me for this, or why do i need to visit that place, etc. There are hundreds of quests in the game, so there should be a more complex journal.

- Companions should have visible characteristics: Attack, armour, magic, stamina, you could know exactly which gear you should give him/her.

- No more loadings between interiors and exteriors. You should be able to see the interior of a house, by looking through it's window.

- Make it harder, some places close to impossible until you are a really high level. I started my two Skyrim characters in the hardest difficulty, and while it started as a challenge, it turned like a walk in the park too soon.

- Night should be darker, more scary and incredibly more dangerous, at the point you feel the need to pay, to spend the night in an inn. To make that possible, some creatures (werewolves, vampires, ghosts, etc...) should be more active and powerful at night.

- Some dungeons, like, for example, a cript that has been closed for centuries, shouldn't have lighted torches.

- Dungeons without torches should be completly dark, to force you to use torches or magelights.

- Gold should be harder to find. I explore alot in these games, so i always end up with lots of gold and no use for it.

- Some rare items or properties, should be incredibly expensive. Only possible to be bought, after like 150 or 200 hours playing the game.

- Add a hardcore mode (no fast travel, need to eat, need to sleep, etc...).


There are more, but i'll post them later. And please, post your ideas aswell.

I like 'em a lot
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^That's a lotta love for the female population.
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I really don't care about the looks. I bet I'll only look at the console whenever I'm inserting a disk or something.
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I can only thank Sony so so much for taking out the eye. Easier on the pockets
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Playstation Plus is